Unfortunately for all of us who love choosing which one of our friends should be eaten next, Telltale won't be releasing Season 3 of The Walking Dead (TWD) [Free] in 2015. However, don't despair yet because something else seems to be coming (shambling, crawling) our way this year. Job Stauffer, Telltale's PR Director, had originally said at SXSW in March that while Season 3 wouldn't be coming "super, super, super soon," something else TWD related would be.

Yesterday, Stauffer clarified on his Twitter account that TWD S3 won't be starting in 2015 "but what I am seeing this week will be, and it is insanely cool." Now, I'm wondering whether what Stauffer will be checking out is related to Fear the Walking Dead, the upcoming spin-off  set in Los Angeles. Or, perhaps, it could be another special episode like The Walking Dead: 400 Days. Personally I still love TWD Telltale games so anything related to that is fine by me. What are you hoping to see?

The Walking Dead



  • http://facebook.com/Aurhiro Our Hero

    Looking forward to it; Walking Dead is a great series and Telltale has done nothing but good by it.

  • benjitek

    Hopefully not another endless loop of a plot that is the zombie genre 😉

  • jgeirge

    First one was excellent emotionally captivating adventure. Could not get Into the second one....

  • JP Falcon

    In WD Season Two, there was too much of a disconnect playing Clem...I would have preferred playing another adult who comes across Clem as Lee did in Season One...still enjoyed it despite this quibble..

  • JP Falcon

    On a related note, I have not been as engaged with the GOT title as much as I thought I would be since I am a fan of the books and show..in fact I did not even complete Episode 1, but since I bought the season pass, I should give it another go...

  • fxgogo

    How about a Star Wars game to release in time with the new movie this Xmas?