Released in North American markets in late 2014, Fantasy Life is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive that it seems like everyone I know with a 3DS owns. If this is the first you've heard of it, gameplay is that of a simplified action RPG which almost feels like it has light MMO elements with the inclusion of some really great multiplayer functionality. The lives found in Fantasy Life are what the game refers to the different classes players can specialize in ranging from combat-oriented lives like hunters and paladins to crafting-centric lives like blacksmiths and tailors or even gathering lives like anglers and miners. It's really cool how it all goes together, as in Fantasy Life there's always something to do no matter what play style you prefer- Which is why at times it felt more like an MMO than a simple action RPG.


So, anyway, Fantasy Life is/was awesome, and like all awesome gamers, people have been clamoring for a sequel. This is where today's crazy news comes into play. According to Siliconera, Fantasy Life 2 will be skipping the 3DS and heading straight to mobile. I think this will be a great change, as the 3DS felt like a weird place for the original Fantasy Life. In my opinion, it really felt like a mobile game, or at least, a game I'd really want to always have with me in my pocket. It'd also work really well as a free to play game.

Details are few and far between other than the game having a greater focus on building up your town, familiar characters will be returning, and it'll launch in Japan sometime this summer. There was nearly a two year delay between Fantasy Life being released in Japan and in the US on the 3DS, so hopefully things are a bit more speedy this time around.

  • SwipeNova

    So excited for this πŸ™‚ Loved the first game

  • cmmc38

    Is there any chance whatsoever of this NOT being free to play?

    • curtneedsaride

      Probably not. But we can hope.

    • sivad

      With the success the free to play market on mobile, I would bet all of my bitcoins that this will be free to play since its skipping 3ds... πŸ™‚

    • Jesse_Dylan

      I'm not sure people would want to pay $40 for it on iOS (plus the add-on content for $5 or $10).

      The 3ds one is still in my backlog!

      • Ubisububi

        No, they wouldn't; which is why we can't have nice things.

      • Jesse_Dylan

        That's why I have a 3DS. πŸ™‚

      • komrath

        yeah and with 3DS you get a more immersive experience and rather certainly not the "free-to-p(L)ay" experience πŸ˜‰

      • komrath

        Would you pay 40 bucks for a mobile game? Because you know, phone is not a game console πŸ˜‰

      • BaronKrause

        True, but they could just sell items flat out like mini DLC. Just because a full retail price game might not do well doesn't mean they are forced too do that greedy scammy BS where all the top items are behind some $5 random roll where odds are you will get a POS instead of anything useful (and forget trying to get any specific item).

      • Eli Hodapp

        Have you played Fantasy Life 2?

      • BaronKrause

        Naa that was more in response to what has to be the model over 99% of free to play games use. If they don't use a gambling system for items then I will be very pleased as I have no problem with anyone charging flat honest prices for items.

        But Eli, in your oppinion, what do you think the odds are of that?

      • Eli Hodapp

        I think it'll be like basically any free to play game where if you're willing to spend what you would have spent on the console title you've effectively got a "premium" experience. But, the cool part is, you'll likely have the opportunity to play through the entirety of the game without paying anything!

        But, again, this is 100% speculation the only details that have been released are that the game is coming next year. The internet salt machine is on overdrive this morning.

      • BaronKrause

        I dunno, You can easily spend $40 in most free to pay games (thats a measly 8 random rolls in most systems) and get nothing. Just because you can get through the game doesn't mean they should be off the hook, who wants to play a RPG where you cant get any of the cool top items/characters/etc because their walled away.

      • Jesse_Dylan

        I think FF: Record Keeper is a pretty good example of a game where you don't have to spend any money if you don't want to. It's also unfortunately rather shallow (at least in my opinion), and if they made Fantasy Life 2 as shallow, I'm not sure how that would role...

      • Eli Hodapp

        No free to play game that uses gacha mechanics designed by anyone with a brain requires rare rolls to keep playing.

      • BaronKrause

        So just squeezing through a game is why you play? When playing console RPG's you don't get enjoyment in getting the most powerful gear? Just finish as fast as possible with as minimum as possible then move on?

      • Eli Hodapp

        The older I get and the less time I have to enjoy all the games I want to play, the less I care about having the ultimate items versus just having fun.

      • BaronKrause

        Yeah I can see that. Just hard to get the bad taste out of my mouth when your playing and all the cool things you normally would unlock is not obtainable in game, or through standard DLC.

        Its like they don't even want normal DLC amounts for things, the entire purpose of the game is crafted around a whale hooking mechanic.

      • Eli Hodapp

        It seems like you're falling into the classic trap that so many people who are extremely vocal when it comes to anything to do with get caught up in- It seems like you've got a bad taste in your mouth from what amounted to free to play games in 2011-2012. Back then, developers could get away with being super abusive to their playerbase with pay walls, zany IAP options, and all the other things people who hate free to play use as primary examples as to why free to play is the worst.

        The problem with this line of thinking is that reality has significantly shifted from where you think it is. The App Store has no shortage of choice, and it's easier than ever to say "Well, screw it" to a free to play game and try one of the other tens of thousands of free to play games out there. Because of this, developers have shifted their strategies around building games that are genuinely fun that make people want to play them, and in turn, maybe spend some money if they want.

        In 2015, pay walls don't really exist, and the only things that are ever locked away behind the hard premium currency are totally optional cosmetic items or supreme game-breaking stuff which essentially amounts to cheat codes as IAP. Are there still examples of bad free to play games out there? Of course, but no one plays those games and they quickly fall into obscurity.

      • BaronKrause

        I might just be playing the wrong games, but everything seems to be following the Puzzle & Dragons model (usually right down to the UI too, paid items being second icon from the right on the bottom). That game can be played and beaten without spending a dime, but there is no mistaking that your working the a second or third rate team as all the effort goes into the gambling rewards.

      • Eli Hodapp

        The Puzzle & Dragons models is a very specific type of game, the App Store is filled with tons of games. There's not much reason to think that Fantasy Life 2 is going to be a Puzzle & Dragons gacha game because that just really doesn't make sense in the context of what the original Fantasy Life was at all.

      • Quazonk

        I'll tell you what has left a bad taste in my mouth. Multiple-currencies on a HUD. If I see a counter for both "gems" and "gold", I cannot help but roll my eyes. Timers. Consumables with pop-ups. Immersion-ruiners. It seems like people are FIRMLY on one side of the fence or the other, but things aren't always as they seem, not everyone thinks like that. Like what has been said before, there are literally thousands and thousands of games on the App Store. Some are F2P with unobtrusive monetization models, like full-game unlocks or level packs, optional character upgrades (costumes etc), "coin" doublers, etc. Here's looking at you, Punch Quest. But some games seem to be designed around their pay models, to basically use their games as a distraction while they rummage through your pockets looking for loose change, and fiddle with your junk. Constantly tapping on your window holding a cup. Here's looking at you....tons of games :/ These games aren't showing up quite as much as they used to (thankfully), but let's not pretend they're gone, that's far from true. Regardless, not everyone views F2P as one evil whole, and some people are even able to *gasp!* judge games on their individual merits and designs. That said, let's wait until details on this one surface before we pick up our pitchforks and torches. Who knows, it might be totally premium and IAP-free and cost $15.99 for all we know. Unlikely though it may be, we just don't know yet. Let's wait and see.

      • Mess

        The wisdom of experience.

      • Jesse_Dylan

        Well, that's still technically free to play though, right? I'd imagine what might happen would be the standard energy/stamina sort of system where you have to wait for a while before you get to play again unless you want to pay money.

      • BaronKrause

        Those aren't to bad at all, this is thscenario I hate:

        "Top end items are through premium currency"

        So you figure the game was free, I have no problem buying items, how much are they?

        "Ha! Hold on there, you cant just BUY our items, its $5 a ticket, good luck"

      • Intendro

        I can't stand timers. They prevent the game from even being played. So I end up playing a different game. And never coming back.

      • Intendro

        Down-votes for a comment that disagrees with someone saying "timers aren't too bad," when the only thing timers do is literally remove fun. Games are supposed to be fun, and played. You don't want timers.
        You can't not see the point... so I'm convinced this is just more random Internet hostility. You're up-voting timers.
        I'm out of here.

  • one.sixty.four

    So this is what the types of things nintendo will be bringing to mobile will be like. I'm not surprised, But I am glad the nintendo is retaining it's franchise's reputation by not bringing a "Super Mario Brothers with timers to get lives every time you die!" Sort of thing to mobile.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Level-5 is an independent developer who has released games on basically every platform including iOS already.

    • Alexythimia23

      I dunno, give it time.....wait n see... And you might just wake up to a touch arcade alert for the new ios mario bros free to playgame. It really wud not surprise me, regardless of how much u think nintendo will never do that lol

  • Talaen

    I think this is a brilliant move. I enjoyed the first Fantasy Life so much I would have paid a subscription for ongoing content to give me reasons to keep playing after maxing all of the lives (and I am by no means a completionist in general).

    As long as they maintain a solid action-rpg element and don't limit the gathering/fighting elements of the game too much, I'm in. I can fully see timers on buildings and crafting, which feels ok for a mobile game. I can also see bringing friend characters into the world instead of npcs, although real-time multiplayer would of course be better :).

    Looking forward to more news as it develops.

    • Bloodangel

      There is extra content you can buy to download

  • Bloodangel

    I have the original since launch, and love it!... Just don't get enough time as if like to play on it.
    There is purchasable DLC on it that gives you a new area/island once you complete main quest

  • JCman7

    This is horrible I loved fantasy life on 3DS πŸ™

    • SwipeNova

      and whats stopping you from loving it on your iphone/ipad?

      Im sure they wont sully it with too much freemium stuff.

      • JCman7

        No 3D, poor controls

      • JCman7

        And look at the picture it already has a ton of freemium elements diamonds, coins etc.

      • korossyl

        Um? Those are stars, coins, and hearts. The first two existed in the 3DS FL.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Shh, don't let logic or facts get in the way of the anti-freemium brigade. (Also, hilariously, Level-5 hasn't even said anything about the pricing of the game. This is all sheer rage speculation.)

      • JCman7

        Looks there's diamonds with a plus sign that's obviously a free to play element. You as a 3DS fan Eli should understand my feelings about this, Fantasy Life on 3DS is a fantastic game I don't know how many hours I put into that. You can't tell me that it will be better on iOS you just can't cause it won't. No port/sequel with physical controls is better on iOS and I've been a loyal iOS supporter since 08. Even Layton 7 looks like garbage... I'm saddened by Level 5 they are only looking to make quick buck on the AppStore.

      • Serenityinaz12


      • JCman7

        Yeah you are right except for the diamonds, but I'm sure you can pay to get more coins

  • zergslayer69

    While we are rejoicing here, the salty tears flood the console boards.

    • Jesse_Dylan

      Yeah, I guess that would be pretty crappy for someone who has a 3DS and doesn't have and/or doesn't want to own an iOS sort of device...

      • zergslayer69

        I suppose you're right, although I have both, so I just take it as they come and do not participate in system wars.

      • Jesse_Dylan

        Yeah, I hear you. It's tiresome to read and depressing. I don't think any good ever comes of it.

    • AdamBoy64

      It is astounding just how strong the aversion to mobile gaming is.
      It's hard to fathom.

      • zergslayer69

        The way I see it, console gamers are to mobile gamers like how pc master race is to console peasants. (In terms of how each category views each other)

      • AdamBoy64

        Hmm.. that's a good observation. Well said.

        There's just so much hate in gaming communities.. kind of sad, really.

      • zergslayer69

        Yea. But pc is still better than consoles though. *skips away*

      • AdamBoy64

        Haha πŸ™‚

        I've played a bit on PC's in the past. They're certainly a lot more versatile.
        I think as I've grown up with consoles, I traditionally favour them.

        But, wherever my favourite developers go, I'll follow them.

        I think for anyone who is following gaming news, we've had plenty of time to prepare for what's ahead in gaming, and the shift towards mobile.

        Sure it'll take some getting used to, but it's all about the games I'm playing, not what device I happen to be playing them on.

      • Serenityinaz12

        How is it even remotely hard to fathom? While I am a part of the mobile gaming community, I will freely admit it can't stand up to other systems. And, minus a few exceptions, the mobile gaming market is engorged with half assed games full of micro transactions and cash grabs. It's no wonder there is a huge diversion to mobile gaming.

      • AdamBoy64

        Yes, mobile gaming has it's issues, just like console gaming does.

        The next-gen console systems started to a flurry of just ports of old games.

        There are few good new games out there on consoles -
        But a lot of them need to be propped up by interesting DLC, microtransactions, online passes, those sorts of practices (including on-disc/cut content DLC) to stay viable.

        Perhaps monetisation is inevitable in all forms of gaming as the costs of development keep going up and up.

        Basically, yes, most mobile games are shocking, and there's a lot of questionable practices happening - but that's happening on every platform.

        If you're saying mobile 'can't stand up' to other systems,
        I'm guessing that's probably due to the games you like being on other platforms.

        There wouldn't be a lot of games that wouldn't work on mobile platforms - including the odd game with super-powerful graphics that mobiles aren't capable of just yet.

        Barring a few specific genres, the developer will choose whatever makes them the most money, as you'd expect.

    • Stormourner

      that's why I ignore the comments of mobile game articles on IGN or Gamespot because there's always hatred

  • speetz

    It's so funny how portable game systems aren't even considered mobile anymore. Portable and mobile are two very different things, not that I am complaining, but I remember when not to long ago the only and closest things to mobile WAS portable.... Did that make any sense? Anyway, never heard of this but it seems very intriguing! I will have to watch it

  • Ubisububi

    Got to remember to plant the seed for my son to save his pennies and buy the original for his 3DS before this releases on iOS. Even though he always regrets vaporizing the contents of his piggy bank on Freemium currencies, he can't resist the siren's call of "free games" on his iPod.

  • skatter

    This just depresses me. I love the 3DS Fantasy Life, and seeing it'll be mobile only just makes me wonder how many timers, pay-to-win and other annoyances are now going to be added to a series that didn't need it. Sigh.

  • spader623

    RIP fantasy life, RIP.

  • scratchohey

    Fantasy Life was a fun and unique little thing, shame to see it turned into more freemium timer management garbage

  • bored2death

    I hope this doesn't set in motion a chain of events that lead to more games jumping ship from their dedicated consoles to washed up free to play mobile games on the AppStore... It's just sad. Like seeing a young lass who was once such a unique and and bright individual full of hope and potential suddenly spiral down a road of drugs and prostitution only to end up amongst the plethora of working girls who all share the same kinds of broken dreams having to sell theirselves in order to bring home the bread...( I've got no Idea where this metaphor is heading best to just end it)

  • Kirs

    Annnndddddd...........another one bites the dust.

  • arr4ws

    Fantasy life franchise is now dead for me. No way in hell id play FL1 on ios.

  • jamesgecko

    I'm kind of confused. That image doesn't look very much like Fantasy Life at all.

    • TJF588

      Even having not sunk on Fantasy Life 3DS (yet?), the middle section of the bottom images has that zoomed-out, 2D, isometric "town 'management'" look to it that I immediately pass on (as well as most any game that sells itself on a crafting element). Longest I ever went in something with that appearance was Skylanders Lost Islands or whatever, and that amounted to tapping everything without a filling bar enough so they all having filling bars again... And not the RPG pub kind of bars, neither! (I mean, unless you wanna count Bravely Default's Norende side-thing.)

  • nicoper

    I bought my 3DS (the original first one) a few months after its release here in Sweden, I have never heard of this game... (until now)

    • Serenityinaz12

      Grats on living under a rock??

  • Gatada

    Game could be free to start: first life is free, every new life cost real money.

  • AdamBoy64

    Fantastic news.
    Seems like a series that will be right at home on mobile.

  • Rocker

    The original had the look and feel of a cheap mobile game so this doesn't shock me,I always thought they may have owed the publisher a 3ds game and just figured screw put fantasy life on it.It never used the 3ds power the best

  • komrath

    Hmmm... I have the 1st on 3DS and I think it is the perfect medium for the game β€” since I have 3DS I no longer play on my phone in anything else than Threes, thanks to battery life, loosing save data and stuff... So if it's only on the mobile, I will pass

  • Beau Allred

    I think that's lame. They should make a good sequel that's on 3ds or even possibly wiiu. I'd love that, and I'm sure a lot of others would too, but ok.

  • EZ Ice

    The first one was great! This one i'm feeling will fall into the F2P trap and be crap...

  • Trevor Jenkinson

    I think that it would be good if they had mobile and 3DS availability because I know I for one had a jolly good time on the 3DS version