WrestleMania 31 is on Sunday, and it's going to be a huge spectacle. Brock Lesnar, who affirmed that he's sticking around with WWE and not returning to UFC, is fighting in a title fight with Roman Reigns, there's an epic battle royale planned, and John Cena will try to take the United States Title back from Rusev. This should be amazing. If you're in the mood to play some wrestling games before or after WrestleMania – or if the show gets boring and you need something to do during it – here's five rad wrestling titles to slam on your device.

WWE Immortals, Free The Injustice formula gets mixed up with fantastical versions of your favorite WWE wrestlers here. Even if you never played *Injustice*, you'll find this is a fighting game that lets you do a ton of cool stuff without having to mess with virtual controls, and watching splashy moves happen. New WrestleMania events are available now too.

WWE SuperCard, Free You love card games, right? Well, why not have a card game with WWE wrestlers? Well, this will hit the spot for you, with a bunch of wrestlers available across the game's many cards. They also just added a new WrestleMania rarity level just in time for WrestleMania 31.

SLAMMED!, $5.99 And now for something a bit out of the ordinary: a gamebook about becoming a professional wrestler. Written by Paolo Chikiamco, you can take in over 250,000 words of this wrestling interactive novel. Want to be the next John Cena? Live out your story here!

Wrestling Revolution Pro, $4.99 Want a wrestling game that's acutally got you fighting in the ring? Or sometimes out of it? Well, this will hit the spot. You can fight with a ton of wrestlers in the ring at once, and make your own rrestlers if you want. Fight in your own WrestleMania Battle Royale if you don't like the results of the real one!

Wrestling Manager, $9.99 Maybe being the wrestler isn't your thing. Maybe managing wrestlers' careers is your thing? Then go for this game, where you can take wrestlers to the top. Oh, and you can edit everything in the game. Create your own factions and storylines! If WrestleMania makes you mad when Roman Reigns probably wins, create your own alternate fiction here. Do it!

  • RomanReigns

    Come on Roman Reigns ❤

    • RomanReigns

      And Undertaker aswell though Bray Wyatt is my new favourite..This might Taker's last Mania

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        I liked Bray Wyatt way more when the Wyatt family was a thing. I'm not sure Bray is strong enough by himself, meanwhile I'm not sure where Luke Harper and Erick Rowan really fit in outside the fam'. I am excited for whatever they do with Bray and Taker though.

      • RomanReigns

        Bray Wyatt i think became much more stronger without Luke and Rowan..he kinda remained unbeatable in every solo match you know..But I doubt if Bray will win tomorrow because he,Kane and Big Show made Roman Reigns look much stronger in yesterday's smackdown just before his match against Taker at Mania....

      • RomanReigns

        The way he cut promos,his mic skills is unbelievable...

      • NickyNichols

        I say Wyatt wins and Undertaker makes a grand exit, like the legend of the dead man has come to an end. There will be caskets and Druids and fire and just a true spectacle for the final match of the legendary Undertaker. Meanwhile Bray is on his knees with his arms spread wide soaking it all up.

      • RomanReigns

        Hell no!! I mean Undertaker should be handed a win in his "maybe" last Wrestlemania..2 consecutive defeats is something WWE Universe wont agree..And yes,Bray got whole career ahead ov him,one defeat will make no difference to Bray because he will bounce even stronger but 2nd Wrestlemania defeat for Undertaker makes huge difference..

      • RomanReigns

        But yes,WWE knows how to screw people's excitement like they did during Royal Rumble...

      • RomanReigns

        anyway's sorry for late reply Eli..i live in UK so,we got different timezones..its currently 6:05 am here

      • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

        The only thing I don't like about Bray Wyatt is that stupid Spider walk thing. I'd rather he just do the old "Raven sits in the corner because goth" thing.

      • RomanReigns

        hahaha yeah,i mean that spider walk is really so weird..it just doesnt suit Bray's personality

      • Dan Bradshaw

        I'm really torn here, because one the one hand I'd like to see Taker hang up the boots soon enough to not spoil his legacy. On the other hand, there are two potential dream matches next WM, either Taker/Sting or Taker/Kane in a double retirement match. Taker/Bray is really the only match tomorrow that interests me (well, that and the ladder match).

      • RomanReigns

        It seems this is sort of complimentary match for Sting..there shud of been stipulation that if HHH loses,The Authority no longer exists or if Sting loses,he wont return to WWE again...As for Taker,i guess this match was really un-necessary,but its either for Taker to retire or to give Bray a mega push....So,only 3 match intrests me,Taker vs Wyatt,Roman vs Lesnar obviously and Cena vs Rusev....

  • Shiro

    It's in my backyard. Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara

  • Sexy Pirate

    Don't forget the new wrestling revolution 3d, the more I play it the more I'm loving it over the 2d version.

  • NickyNichols

    Thanks for the SLAMMED recommendation. I had no idea it existed. I am a sucker for game books and especially one about wrestling!

  • dudeguypal

    You left out the best wrestling game. Wrestling Revolution 3d