Noodlecake had a lot on their plate at GDC, but that just seems to be how they roll. The first thing they showed us was their upcoming Slots of Farwater, which seems to be their spin on combining slot machines with something a little deeper. Add RPG elements to anything and it seems to get better, that definitely seems to be the case here (sorry about the audio):

Slots of Farwater is still super early, they haven't even decided on what the title of the game will be yet... So stay tuned, particularly if you're a fan of noodles, cake, and Noodlecake.

  • Bigperm9

    This peeks my interest. I'm excited to see where it goes as the gameplay looks more in depth than a simple slot game mechanic. I'm a bit bummed about free to play though. I never pay in those sorts of games and I always find myself walking away from a game because of how intrusive the pay model seems. That's just my opinion though, I'm sure I'd still try it, despite having rather pay premium price as opposed to free with IAP. At any rate, I'll be keeping an eye out.