Kobojo's Zodiac. The game features story and audio by Final Fantasy veterans Kazushige Nojima and Hitoshi Sakimoto. While the story is obviously difficult to judge from a short demo, the artwork is fantastic. It's all done in detailed hand-drawn style, and Kobojo has done an amazing job at making the game come to life with the colors and animations. Seriously, check out the game in motion:

Combat is your standard turn-based fare, where each character takes a turn in combat with a particular order in play. The game does try to simplify things in some ways. Character damage isn't persistent between encounters on the game map, instead each battle starts with everyone at 100% health. Moves all operate on cooldown timers instead of using mana or magic points.

Zodiac Screenshot

Kobojo is really not sure what they're going to do with the game – the demo had hints of free-to-play mechanics, and things like bringing in friends' characters as allies. But with the game also coming to Vita, they're still sorting out how they want to sell this, and paid is an option. Either way, this game should be worth keeping an eye on given the people behind it and the fact that it looks utterly amazing.

  • Alexythimia23

    Wow... Just wow, this will be mine!

  • famousringo

    Looks Vanillaware-style pretty. Pretty enough that I'll give it a chance even if it's FtP.

    • daftman

      Yeah, it looks a lot like Dragon's Crown.

      • Nickolaidas

        It's being drawn by the same people.

  • brantov

    awesome art style. i wish this would be premium, so i can spend my 15$ for it. insta.

  • Joe Burkett

    now that is what i am talking about!

  • djstout

    Premium please please!

  • Based Xatu

    The team behind mutant gladiators? Their art is great, and their gameplay abilities are pretty good. I think the iOS version should be free with a paid unlock or something like that.

    • Catacul

      Free+paid unlock is a suicide for any dev. Either FTP or premium.

  • chaos_envoys

    Just wow!!! Anyone should tell them to make this a premium game without iaps and internet connection!!! Anyone knows how to contact them? It's a shame for this to be a freemium game....

    • Gamera Love

      what's wrong with ftp game? i really don't understand. there are tons of freemium out there that so much better than premium. im sure it's not about the price because premium feel cheaper than ftp, so i really don't understand. Maybe they should make it premium with iap so everybody will be happy like kingdom rush. i think it's a good idea.

      • chaos_envoys

        What's wrong with freetoplay? If it's done right like kingdom rush, maybe there will be no preoblem.. But with Paywalls, Constant need of internet connection, and cannot play anymore when the server shut down, i cannot came to love freetoplay.. I cannot feel that Chaos Rings 2 is cheaper than Bloodmasque.. Even Bloodmasque, we cannot play it anymore because the server shut down...

  • darkelite

    It's almost a child of light version 2.0

  • Goggles789

    Looks pretty awkward, as far as animations go. I remember when I used to get excited by stuff like this, but it just doesn't pay to get hyped up on a freemium game.

  • T-REZ5000

    I would have no problem paying $15-20 for this if it is a full length RPG (being a vita title I'm guessing it is on the meaty side).

  • Ultima12

    Wow!! Just wow!!!!

    • Ultima12

      Lol!! Just realized the dude below me said the same thing.

  • Exact-Psience

    Woah this actually reminds me of Valkyrie Profile more than it does final fantasy.

    Really good looking. Crossing fingers thisll be premium!

  • ImJPaul


  • philodygmn

    Visuals recall Odin Sphere but fully animated and a proper RPG w/ plot. Looks excellent except the damage numbers in battle really clash…I guess there's not room for them to hover over the characters, but it sure is ugly right now, IMO. Everything else, though, wow stunning.

  • Guest

    this look really nice. i hope it's ftp so there will be no end and more update.

  • Chungston

    Looks sweet

  • eventide

    Keeping both eyes on this one

  • https://twitter.com/RinShirika RinShirika

    stunning looking

  • speetz

    Breathtaking. Plus interesting concept. GDC this year is shaping up to be my kind of awesome fest; RPG galore, and interesting ones.

  • Xeno

    Love the art style!

  • Carlos Fagundes

    Im feeling thats gona be fremmium, but i hope im premium mode!