DeNA has just announced Marvel Mighty Heroes, an upcoming game that on paper has a rather cool premise. It's a game promising 4-player real-time brawling as players fight against enemies with their friends or in competitive multiplayer, building up a team of Marvel heroes to use. Unfortunately, we don't have anything in the way of actual gameplay, but here's a trailer that shows off some of the heroes, and shows that you'll be fighting off a bunch of enemies at once, possibly?

The lack of any gameplay footage has me curious as to just how this is going to turn out, but, again, the idea sounds interesting enough. And games where there's real-time multiplayer are always welcome in a world of asynchronous PvP. A whole host of Marvel heroes are going to be in the game, and you can vote on the website for who you want as a special bonus hero at launch: Hulk or Rocket Raccoon. It speaks to how well Marvel has pushed their lineup of C-listers that Rocket Raccoon is currently beating the Hulk, or that it's even a contest. No concrete launch date has been set yet, other than "soon."

  • Brendan Charles

    Don't know much about this dev or game- but I sure do hate the art style. It as if the people who make the Bratz toys got a hold of the Marvel IP.

    • Toasty_Cat

      It's the same kind of style as the recent Transformers game they did, I guess they're going for the chibi style?
      Looks alright to me.

    • scottsoapbox

      Yes. I'm so over the large head little body animation style. Is this the Avengers as toddlers?

      • mcdogmeat

        Yeah I didn't really care for the big head little body look I n the guardians game either.

    • rawhide

      The last time a Marvel iOS game looked like that it tanked. I'm still upset over the few bucks I splurged on it. And now they're making another one albeit from a different dev.

  • Based Xatu

    Wish DC would get to work like Marvel has been, lately. I want a mobile action game where I can play as Deathstroke.

  • sivad

    This will prob be the same format and reskin as transformers and their tank battle games they have, I am surprised that marvel would put their name on this kind of garbage when they have some good ios titles with other companies

  • justcallmedewey

    DeNA? Hard pass

  • Jake

    Wonder if we're going to get any X-Men or FF characters, or if it's just the properties Marvel has the movie rights to.

  • rewind

    I don't like this recent practice of Disney licensing out their IPs to other developers... It's just bad for the long term.

    • rewind

      ---Ignore this one, I double posted.

  • rewind

    I don't like this recent practice of Disney licensing out their IPs to other developers. Don't care if it's Marvel or Star Wars or regular Disney... It's just bad for the long term and doesn't allow them to have full protection over the brand. Cheesy graphics, inaccuracies with the characters, and now giant heads, are just a few of the issues I've seen.

  • Joshua Woodward

    I'm down!

    • Stormourner

      I'm up

  • curtisrshideler

    Blah. Back to Avengers Alliance and LEGO Marvel.

  • mcdogmeat

    I am hoping for an xmen legends marvel

    • mcdogmeat

      Ack the discard does nothing

  • mcdogmeat

    I'm hoping for an x-men legends / marvel ultimate alliance type game.

  • RunningWild

    Pfft! Agreed. Back to Marvel Puzzle Quest for me.