Cave fans, this is about to be a really awesome Friday morning for you. According to a new teaser site, Cave is on the verge of releasing their nest shooter titled Mahouotome. Eagle-eyed forum member Strivemind points out in the forum thread that this seems to roughly translate to "Gothic Magic Maiden." Knowing Cave's previous releases, that sounds about right. Here's the trailer, which likely won't make a whole lot of sense unless you can read Japanese:

It's coming to Android and iOS, but like all things revealed via a Japanese teaser site and trailer, it's anyone's guess as to whether or not it's going to be localized for western markets. I mean, it'd make sense, since Cave stuff seems to be pretty popular on the App Store... But it could be a while. Either way, it's been a long time since we've seen a new Cave release so I'm just going to get excited for this one anyway.

Update: Well, I woke our own Japanese-speaking Shaun Musgrave up to give us some more details. More accurately, the title translates to Gothic Is Magic Maidens. It was suspected in the forum thread that the game might be free to play, but that isn't mentioned anywhere on the teaser site or in any of the promo images. Some key staff from older Cave shooters are working on it, and it's due out in Japan on April 16th. Will we see a US release around the same time? Well, our man on the other side of the Pacific couldn't help us on that one.

  • magicmikezero

    I love Cave shooters! I have muchi muchi pork and pink sweets coming in the mail! It's one if the only cave shooters I haven't got a chance to play, so I bit the bullet and purchased it on eBay.
    I'm excited about a new release!

    • Goggles789

      There's a cave shooter called muchi muchi pork and pink sweets??????!!!

      • Holsety

        Sadly for you, these are two seperate shooters.

      • Goggles789

        This is sad for me because I do not own a 360!

      • japtor

        Very sad! There's a bunch of Cave releases on the 360 and many are region free, with a few western localized versions even. And while Muchi Muchi Pork and Pink Sweets are two different (arcade) games, they were released together on a single disc for the 360 release (...although I've heard it's getting harder to find these days).

      • Goggles789

        That's awesome! I guess I have been fortunate to enjoy some of them on my phone though!

      • magicmikezero

        Thanks for clearing this up for some of the folks who aren't in the know 😉 ^^^
        Yes you're right it is hard to find for cheap anyway. I knew it was a 2 game release on one disc too. Again thanks for clearing that up for the guys that didn't realize that up above. That's the only way I could justify paying 111.00 for it...LOL. I just looked at it as buying 2 rare games 🙂
        I been looking for months for a copy to show up on eBay in the US so I wouldn't have to wait forever on shipping from Japan.

  • Goggles789

    Awesome news!!!

  • Devok

    Wait are there's ports or brand new made for iOS? They make so many bullet shooters for iOS!

    • japtor

      Looks like a brand new game, but from the screens and video I fear it's more like Don Paccin (designed to be a F2P mobile game) rather than their previous arcade games. I forget if it ever got localized but I downloaded it from the Japanese app store, can't say I enjoyed it myself but I know at least some people that got into it.

      I'm curious who the staff is cause I heard a while ago a lot of the main talent went to I think M2, so everyone thought the Cave of old (that did arcade games at least) was effectively dead.

      • Nergal

        I guess that's why the newest Dodonpachi game was so freaking hard. I tried that game hundreds of times on iOS and could never finish it, very frustrating

  • Intendro

    That FTP Bug Princess game required an Internet connection. This better not.

  • armilla

    I seriously hope this comes stateside and is not F2P; I've been really bummed that they haven't released anything in years, and was surprised to see this at all!

  • NPeart

    I hate bullet hell games.

    They all look and play excactly the same.

  • imcookie

    Ha ha at last it's been a while since they released a title for the iOS but if I'm wrong about that it feels as though it was ages ago.

  • magicmikezero

    Any news about this game yet? If it has a western release date, or if not, how can I set up a japan account to download from Japan Apple Store? 😀