Candy Crush Saga [Free] is the game that just doesn't stop when it comes to raking in ungodly amounts of money for According to The Guardian, Candy Crush made 1.3 billion with a B dollars in 2014 on in-app purchase alone. That's millions of extra lives, gold bars, candy hammers, and all the other stuff you can buy in game.

That's just... An insane amount of money any way you slice it. If there were ever any doubts that freemium gaming is huge, well, I'm not even sure what to say anymore. Personally, I'm a Candy Crush purist, I never buy anything.

[The Guardian]

  • pajman sarafzadeh

    for shame!

    • cofunguy

      Makes one to put out a free app with tons of useless IAP to get a small share of even 1%!!

    • melvin2898

      Why? It's good that they're making money.

      • pajman sarafzadeh

        Its a company that takes advantage of peoples addictions by slowly milking them through what in my opinion should be illegal psychological and visual hypnotic trans. Gameplay fires lights and lighting that create a strobe effect, slowly hypnotizing the player while the risk rewards make sure you fail at key moments to encourage spending. So while your brain is falling asleep and you are less able to make rational choices, the game cheats in a way to make you feel the need to spend to keep the game play going.

        The same mechanics and tools that video lottery terminals use to milk people into gambling away there fortunes. Its nefarious, but at least in Video Lottery Terminals, the game tells you in advance that you will lose 75 cents for every dollar you bet. Its built into the game. Candy Crush is marketed without even the ethics of a VLT machine.

        equally, the company has a terrible legal record, suing small companies to prevent competition, despite the fact that they hardly invented connect three gaming, they act as if they do, they also act as if they own words like Candy and Saga and mercilessly sue or threaten to sue anyone, (ie Banner Saga) who uses a similar sounding name.

        In short, they are the worst type of company. ruthless, cold and evil. Yes evil is an appropriate term for what this company represents and its a danger to the future of all video games because as these gain popularity and as increasing middle class citizen lose there fortunes, (people are selling off there homes to keep there games going) then increasingly there will be a call for regulation of the industry as a whole. And that would be a tragedy for the entire industry.

      • melvin2898

        You're crazy. Stop.

      • Alexythimia23

        Hey melvin.. I i was thinking the same thing! Great minds think alike lmao

      • pajman sarafzadeh

        You ask,
        I answered.

        Why be rude about it just because you don't like my answer.

      • Alexythimia23

        Sorry, you just sounded quite intense, i don't agree with your view but i did not mean to be rude buddy ✌️

      • fearlesskk

        The life is about making money get over it or die alone in your carboard house

      • pajman sarafzadeh

        Its not the making money part. Its the unethical business practice part.

        I believe that all games and game maker should profit and I do pay willingly for games. I am also in the games industry and get paid by people who get there money by selling games.

        But this is really an ethics question

        I wouldn't be on there case if they didn't have such a horrible and aggressive legal policy and if they didn't bully competition or monopolize by force

        This company has, in my opinion, several ethical issues and for that reason is not a respected member of the game developing community.

      • pajman sarafzadeh

        You enjoy your life and i will do the same. If all you care about is being taken advantage of by business, enjoy it. i chose not to. But you are correct, as long as people are willing to be taken advantage of, someone will always do so.


    Are you freakin kidding me?!?!?!? WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!!!!!!!

  • Alexythimia23

    Holy ballbags thats a lot of doe!! More than a billion!! No wonder freemium is so popular, and no wonder there are so many clones all waiting for a piece of the pie lol cant stand the game, but thats impressive whatever way you look at it......damn wish i come up with the idea lmao id happily create a freemium game if it was going to make me cash like that, so once i got all that money i could start developing some real kickass premium games..... Who am i kidding id retire to my own tropical island!

  • Ragn4rok 74

    The sad state of mobile gaming.

    • negitoro

      Is this really sad?

      10 years ago, the entire mobile gaming market wasn't even $1.3b combined. The fact that mobile gaming is now a real thing, let alone a lucrative and profitable industry, is amazing - even if we don't like the games that are doing well for themselves.

      It only proves that games have the ability to reach out to customers and demographics that enjoy games like this and finally having their wants and needs catered to. Having new developers and new customers in an industry long catering to just the enthusiast niche should really be nothing but positive.

      I do wish core game developers also see more success in mobile, but I think that the casual market being strong should not be seen as a sad state.

  • markaman

    That's gross

    • Stormourner

      that's yummy

  • Goggles789

    Like I said earlier, this proves that mobile gaming is a fad.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Please stop trolling before you lose your ability to post on front page articles.

      • Goggles789

        Yes, Eli. 🙂 I apologize!

      • Alexythimia23

        Look up what fad means lmfao going on 6 years for mobile gaming is not something you can call a fad.... There u go... A bit more attention just for cooochi coo

      • Goggles789

        Where's my troll face when I need it...

      • Alexythimia23

        Haha i love how you are trying to imply you know you are trolling, who u kidding lmaooo anyway ive given u enough attention, u have had your fix, come back tommorow and we might pay you some attention for your next douche bag statement of the week ✌️

      • Goggles789

        Want some wah-burgers with your french-cries?

      • andrew9oh7

        Yawn so original....

  • Touchmint

    Not surprised but It's really too bad what they are doing to mobile gaming. The future is only going to get worse and worse.

    On the upside they have introduced a lot of people to gaming I guess. It's just too bad they are changing it for everyone.

    • Alexythimia23

      Why do you all look at things so one dimensional?! This has done no damage to gaming whatsoever! What part of you does not understand that when iphone and smart phones in general were released, they opened a wold of gaming to the MAJORITY of people who DONT game, it has NOT taken your consoles away, it has NOT stopped production of console games. We are so lucky because mobile gaming originally when the first ios games were out was for quick flash games, but now look where we are! We have amazing ports, amazing games that give us hours of joy and escape. I just dont understand how you can make that comment, it just amazes me how quick people are to make silly statements, these freemium games have done no damage at all to us REAL gamers as some of you put it....put thinks in to context man lol

    • negitoro

      Worse and worse is a really weird perspective.

      The mobile game industry is less than a decade old and the industry is growing leaps and bounds.

      Yes, as the industry branches out to more casual and less discerning customers, we're not going to like many of the products that are being produced... but so what?

      Let's face it - before Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Dragonvale, etc, it's hardly like we were drowning in a surplus of quality premium games. Just 3 short years ago, what were the must have premium games on the app store? Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut The Rope? We probably have a higher quality library of great games in the last two years than ever before, F2P games be damned.

  • Jake7905

    That's an embarrassing amount of profit for a match-3 game. Do these people realize that there are far better, and cheaper, premium offerings on the App Store?

    • fenderbendr

      I don't get how people can spend that much on a ftp game and won't pay a couple dollars for a premium game. It doesn't make sense.

      • Agkelos

        Because the target audience is completely different, Most of the people that has inputed hard currency into a game like
        Candy Crush aren't "gamers" in the sense the majority of the readers of this site are. The game that those people has ever spend time playing was probably minesweeper, etc. They are unlikely to consider premium games such as Monster Hunter, TWEWY, etc. since they probably has never even heard of them.

      • Alexythimia23

        Exacta mundo! But i dont think many TA readers realise this, its just a different audience, and a hell of a lot bigger in numbers compared to the more matured gamer ( by mature i mean wanting a deeper more complex experience from a game)

      • Stormourner

        well I play freemium games and I pay for premium games

  • Papa Deuce

    People's stupidity never ceases to amaze me....

    I am not 100% IAP adverse, either. But to pay to play this game is just nuts.

    • melvin2898

      You're just a cheap loser.

  • BJorn_LuLszic

    What's wrong with that. Why are you guys hating when the game is really a success.

    • Kenan2000

      Because this kind of a freemium model is a plague that spreads across the appstore,this game has no in-depth,there is nothing unique in it yet it has tons of IAPs and energy bars.

      I despise anyone who plays this game and spends money on it.Such people,such games ruin the gaming.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Very sad for gaming. Deleted the game ages ago. People must be rich & plain stupid.

    • melvin2898

      No. Maybe they like the game.

  • Ultima12

    That is nuts!!!

  • melvin2898

    I'm glad they're making money.

  • AKA James Bolton

    That is a HUGE amount of money. When I first played CCS I was astounded at how distasteful it looked. It was like a drunken clown had stolen an ice-cream van and crashed into a Barbie toy making factory!

    So I deleted it and moved on.

    Unfortunately King don't appear to bring any originality to mobile gaming and I wouldn't be surprised if they did a version of Tetris and made even more cash-o-la.

    However, their titles, alongside other popular freemium games have brought games to the masses which is a good thing. They have also created a lot of jobs, I just hope they pay their taxes unlike Amazon and give to charity regularly.

    I was a console gamer in the late 80’s and 90’s but now I'm a mobile gamer which I thoroughly enjoy. It’s a lifestyle and practical choice for me. So I consider myself a gamer who understands arguments from both sides of the fence. King got one thing right. They skinned an existing mechanic of a game (albeit with dross, distasteful, eye puking graphics) and added a layer of monetisation which worked - $1.3 billion+ proves it was a big success. Hardcore and traditional gamers are for the most part purists, (we) they like narratives, solid production, good graphics and audio. Mobile games have definitely caught up since the inception of the AppStore and I’m enjoying myself as much as I did playing Mario Kart or Golden Eye back in the day. I would go as far to say I’m enjoying it even more. I tend to stick to paid indie titles or serious grinding if it is a freemium title and avoid IAPs.

    So does King produce games to a formula without spirit or passion? Are they churning out unoriginal games solely to drain cash from mobile gamers? I don’t have the answer to these questions. The best thing to do is not download one of their games or leave negative feedback if that’s how you feel. And even better than that, is to release a game which knocks them off the chart - impossible I know 🙂

    I think the freemium model is maturing and there is a definite shift to paid premium titles which was fuelled by indies and their audience and will soon be picked up by mid sized studios and developers. I am optimistic for the future.

    Don’t eat sweets (as we say in the UK), they are bad for you!

  • Guest

    Fair play to them but like Transformers 6 or Katy Perry, they won't get a penny from me! The guy who made Columns back in the day must be burning with rage now 🙂

  • Guest

    Fair play to them but like Transformers 6 or Katy Perry, they won't get a penny from me! The guy who made Columns back in the day must be burning with rage now 🙂

  • rewind

    And I've never spent a penny on the game... but I love it. Great news and congratulations King.

    • Stormourner

      see everyone? some people spends real money on the game while the others like rewind doesn't spend real money, think twice

  • Rip73

    It's impressive that they can earn that kind of money.
    It's equally impressive that people can also enjoy the game without paying anything at all.
    If Eli can do that, we know he likes the game a lot so it's safe to assume he plays it plenty enough, then I'd imagine anybody can play it away for free.
    I dunno but that sounds more than a bit of a fair F2P system.
    The developer earns plenty of money to keep developing.
    The players gets more than enough updates to continue enjoying.

    Don't really see why so many "gamers" have a problem with that as it sounds like a dream scenario for everybody. If every game could do it, even those alleged "real" games, would people still have a problem?
    Just because it's not everybody's kind of game doesn't make it wrong.

    As for that comment about them being "evil", well, their a company that wants to makes money and does just that. Shock/horror. How absolutely terrible.
    Apple must be the devil himself then.
    Ridiculous. Any company at all anywhere dreams of being in the same situation.
    And if they worked hard enough to achieve it, well then, great they deserve it.

  • Nightxx

    Not sure if this type of gaming models exist outside of mobile, but if it do its just plain disaster. I'm all in for paying for DLC that developers put effort into but I would never put a dime into the pockets of consumable thieves. And yes , I called them thieves cause this is no different than money laundering. The only reason apple is supporting this type of model cause they get a share of the pie and are making money out of it. Pretty positive if this was risen in the court of law they would layout rules banning this type of mockery.

  • Toronith

    I'm not totally against freemium games, but games like this:(King's 'sagas' in particular) earning so much is truly unfortunate. Their FTP model is horrible, the match 3 system they use every game is unoriginal, and the company itself is unfriendly. This money needs to go to GOOD freemium games that deserve it like Crossy Road, or better yet premium games. I have played Candy Crush Saga and know many who do so as well, and I can personally say that neither I nor any any of my friends and family play(ed) it for fun, except maybe one person. I played it at the suggestion of a friend, and was stuck to it for months before I finally deleted it. Not once did I ever have genuine fun. I'm betting one of the reasons this has made so much profit is because it's addicting. You can't stop. I've told my friends they should stop playing and supporting this game, and they reply that they know it sucks but they "just can't stop". Video game addiction is a real thing people. Though I'm sure most players do enjoy playing, there are certainly many who don't, yet can't stop. Screw you, King.

  • mebored81

    Clearly this game is not aimed at us but that's a f***ing insane amount of money. And it's not even remotely the best f2p out there. Doesn't always make sense which games people get addicted to!