Survival crafting games have been popular for a few years now, what with Minecraft [$6.99] really throwing things into high gear. Games that have gone past the voxel style have come in vogue as well, taking the same principles of the genre, and adding more realistic graphics, and usually zombies. While DayZ and Rust are doing this on PC, we're finally seeing these games pop up on mobile: Radiation Island [$2.99] really kicked things off, The Wild is a forum darling, and another game is aiming to hit this particular niche: Barren Roads. Made by Force Quit Applications, they recently posted a video of the game that shows off some of the combat in the game:

In Barren Roads, you try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, and have to deal with other survivors and raiders who may not want the best for your survival. The developers are making this one for mobile as well as PC, and are even talking about multiplayer. The game features permadeath, so die once, and that's it. There's a large streaming map, where the game will load in new sections of the map as you travel to them, with day/night and weather cycles to contend with as well. These kinds of games are awfully ambitious to do on mobile, and Radiation Island really sets a high watermark for those trying to contend, but it does show that these kinds of games are doable on mobile. And given the genre's popularity elsewhere, maybe Barren Roads has a shot at living up to its promise. Check out the forum thread for the game where the developers are posting updates.

  • mzinn

    Wow. I'm in!

    • Jamesrooney27

      It really good game with loads of potential not quite finish product how ever but the devs are working so hard on it and the devs are so kind

  • Freedom_Train33

    It even Has some vehicles and Building interiors.

  • bombakid

    I love to test it out for free!

    • Quazonk

      Yes, we iOS gamers want something for nothing, am I right you guys?!?

      • RampageDeluxe

        Well, I would never pay to beta test.

      • IceMan7

        I better not see u on steam early access lol

      • RampageDeluxe

        Hah! My video card keeps me away from steam.

  • Rip73

    Very much a no brainier instabuy when it comes out.
    The progress they have made over the development time from pre alpha to what we see now has been very impressive and I can't wait to se the final one.
    I love Radiation Island, I can't wait to get The Wild and I'm gonna absolutely have this one as well. This one might even be the one that fits what I'm looking for the most after seeing that video.
    And funnily, I wasn't sure this was a genre I'd enjoy on mobile. Obviously I was wrong.

  • KosMos005

    Im so buying this when it gets in the appstore

  • speetz

    What up with perma death in every game now? I play games for basically one reason, or at least most games - character development. This game looks great by if I don't carry skills and shit around I just dunno... Dungeons of dredmor was great cuz you could turn it on or off so you could have one toon that you actually put time into... I dunno a lot of RPGs or games with RPG elements that I would really like to ge into but don't because they for whatever reason wanna be a rogue like or something, this looking like on of them, but I'll keep some open mind definitely, we will see... Watch list I guess lol

    • Kenan2000

      No,this one is particular.Remember that it is a DayZ-like game where surviving is the most important thing and you can die ridiculously easily.

  • Eseres

    Please don't be a freemium!!! Im so looking forward to this, and I hope the devs take their time and work out as many bugs as they possibly can before launch. I promise that I WILL be one of the first people to buy this one on launch day 🙂

    • Kenan2000

      Ofc it won't be freemium,even the developer has stated so.

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woodrith

    Awesome shout out Carter, the Dev is definitely working hard to make this game very much possible. It's definitely more in the vein of dayz, less about crafting, more about finding food, ammo, and killing other survivors. If you guys post anything in the forums, the dev is definitely receptive.

  • theforkfactor

    So please clarify permadeath for me - like you just lose all your stuff and stats and re spawn or what? Or do you actually have to begin the entire game over from the start?

  • Alexythimia23

    I love it when i open my touch arcade app, and i see an ambitious game in the works

  • FootSoldier

    This looks great. Hope they are using Apples Metal API. Its starting to make IOS games look insanely Amazing.

    • Woodrith

      The dev sent an email to current testers, he's likely only going to support metal devices, game looks good. Some rough spots, but he's working on it hardcore.

  • Tommmy

    It looks like shit. A turn-based survival game would perfectly fit handheld devices, not this kind of crap.

    • Woodrith

      Then make one! 🙂

      • Tommmy

        Nope, I better make a first-person open world zombie survival game with "unique" craft system on Unreal engine because I think the world just needs another game like this!

  • João Paulo Miranda

    The game is really AMAZING! Keep the Great job!

  • FunkDoctaSteve

    cant wait to try it out. the guys arms look huge compared to his body though!

  • Ultima12

    I'm just blown away at how amazing games are getting on mobile!!

  • ObeyMeh21

    When will the game most likely be released??? Looking forward to this amazing game <3

  • Mr.Ace

    Sooo when is this game coming out?

  • Eyebee44

    Please when will this game come out?! I told some friends of mine and we are all so excited

  • Mr.Ace

    Is this game ever gonna come out?