The cult mid-90s horror game Clock Tower is getting a spiritual sequel, formerly called Project Scissors but now known as NightCry. The game is being developed by Nude Maker, which is comprised of former Human Entertainment employees who worked on the original Clock Tower. Just about a month ago, Nude Maker released a live-action teaser for NightCry, and this week they've put out the first gameplay trailer showing what an early version of the game is like in action. Set on a cruise ship, the protagonist must escape the creepy Scissorwalker–a direct nod to the Scissorman in the original Clock Tower–by running, hiding, and using ingenuity in order to not get caught and scissored to bits.

NightCry was originally planned as a mobile game only, but recently Nude Maker developed aspirations to bring the title to the larger screen of the PC. In order to do that they're trying their hand at Kickstarter. No matter which way the crowdfunding campaign goes, NightCry should still be coming to iOS, Android and Playstation Vita. Unfortunately no release date has been set, but NightCry looks nice and scary so we'll be keeping an eye out for more details as they come.


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  • lyace21

    Bet it'll be out before Forgotten Memories :

  • Exact-Psience

    Niiiiiiiiice. Eerie as hell. I need to have this.

  • RomanReigns

    The Scissorwalker just freaked me out :/

  • Alexythimia23

    Yes.. Defo need more games like this instead of slender clones e.t.c looks promising, but in the mean time i got the epic Farenheit to play

  • Anonomation

    What's the name of the game where the guy chases you with giant scissors?

    And why is the Alone in the Dark port so crappy?

    • Anonomation

      Oh wait this is the game...

  • C. Stubb

    The first I'd heard of "Clock Tower" was JonTron's ridiculing of it on YouTube, and I've never been able to take the game seriously.

    • Lightning Storm

      JonTron is life

  • Jak Constantine

    This is better than the dumbass live action garbage we saw last month.

  • stonekeep666

    What a rack.

  • Anotherkellydown

    Five Nights at Freddie's, no thanks. This on the other hand looks like a refreshing take on the horror/suspense genre.

  • speetz

    Click tower was scarier to me than RE1 was, hated when my friend would play it. Had nightmares at age 7 about it. Silent Hill 1 tho...

    And yes, those breasticals would make decent real life implants.

    • HarryWarden

      LOL, yeah. The character gives Lara Croft a run for her money in the well-endowed category.

  • HarryWarden

    That looks quite good. I hope we see it on iOS before the year is through.

  • Jacob Gehman

    Wow, that looks fantastic. Grim, gory, with an on-going sense of menace.

    That said, I suck at sneaky/hiding games. I'll see how the reviews pan out on it and whether it controls well enough to make the stealthiness feel natural.

  • Devok

    Wow unreal engine is it? Great graphics on the iPhone!