Aside from pasting imgur links to cat gifs and talk about wrestling, we do actually discuss a lot of super-relevant things at the virtual water cooler of the TouchArcade war room. This afternoon we got on the subject of what yet to be announced games we're likely going to see on the App Store in 2015, and it seems like we're just overdue for a new Grand Theft Auto game. Stay with me on this.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [$6.99] was released on December 11th of 2013. Before that, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [$4.99] hit the App Store a little more than a year before that on December 5th, or 371 days apart. Prior to that was Grand Theft Auto III on December 14th, 2011- 357 days before GTA:VC. Chinatown Wars [$4.99] hit the App Store on January 17th, 2010, creating a 696 day gap between GTA releases. That puts us at an average of roughly 475 days between GTA releases. As of this writing, we're 420 days out from San Andreas- That average gets even lower if we take into account the HD version of Chinatown Wars.

Yes, we have Metal now thanks to iOS 8, but I really think it's going to be a while before we see a proper GTA IV port. It'd be awesome to think it's possible one day, but I don't think we're there yet. All that leaves is us Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories. Both games are from an era of GTA games that already are running on iOS, so it makes all too much sense that they'll eventually appear on the App Store. With the existing GTA games all fresh and updated, what else could Rockstar's mobile team be working on?


So what do you guys think? Do we have enough data here that our average makes statistical sense? If so, it means inside of the next two months we're going to see another GTA game. However, Rockstar seems to definitely prefer releasing their games around the holiday season. Is this going to be a year we're going to see a two year gap between releases like we did between Chinatown Wars and GTA III?

I don't have any inside information on this (Or ... Do I?) but it seems interesting to think about. 55 days from now would be March 30th, but given the fact that iOS games are technically released on Thursdays, if our math is correct Vice City Stories and/or Liberty City Stories will be released on March 26th or April 2nd.

I mean, I wouldn't bet money on either of those dates, but it's going to really amuse me if I'm right.

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        All of the above

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      • lezrock

        He's right.

      • Bliquid

        He's left.

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        Not necessarily

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  • Kenan2000

    It is possible to release "Gta stories"on ios?Yes,I am like 100% sure about this.Are rockstar working on this right now?Either no or not sure,many people prefer Gta SA over any other gtas including me,it still beats Gta 5 for me but my top 3 is probably gonna be like this:

    1.Gta San Andreas,2.Gta 4,3.Gta 5

    Gta 5 has nothing fun in it except the multiplayer.

    • Qw3rTYz

      nothing fun? seriously?

      • Kenan2000

        Except the multiplayer,yes.

        It has less interiors than Gta SA and Gta 4,they have decided to expand the idiotic underwater area that nobody gives a crap about instead,less mini games than Gta SA and Gta 4.Shall I go on?

      • dudeguypal

        Seriously? How about the amazing story/strangers and freaks? The awesome and gigantic open world to explore? Who the hell cares about mini games and less interiors? Most of the interiors in gta sa and 4 where generic safe houses and stores. Gta 5 is by far the best of the franchise. They created a fantastic world to ex poker with many interesting things to do in it

      • Haha

        The multiplayer is not the only fun thing in gta v.

    • D. Bida

      GTA 4 over 5? Seriously? Nothing fun in GTA 5? To each their own but... You're sure one odd person. There's a million things to do in GTA5. Especially considering all the hidden missions and the missions you can get from websites (keflom brother brother). GTA4 just lacked any depth to me.

      • Haha

        I thought the storyline for 4 was a little better than 5 because 5 seemed all over the place with 3 main characters. Also some of the missions in 5 were kind of boring compared to 4. But overall the feel of the game in 5 was better.

    • DuckyShot

      I do like San Andreas over 5, but I wouldn't put GTA 5 over GTA 4. There's just not as much to do in GTA 4 IMO. Mods are what saved GTA 4

      • Kenan2000

        I prefer gtas with either more content than Gta 5 or more serious,realistic,dark story like Gta 4.I am not an odd person,guys.But imo Gta 5 sucked,they have spent way too much time on this pile of dirt.

        And do you really want me to count non store/safe house interiors in Gta SA?It'll take me hell of a time tho.

      • D. Bida

        Like I said to each their own. I just can see why many people consider GTA 4 to be one of the most over rated games of all time. It was fun to start but once you got hours into it you realized it wasn't everything it was cut out to be. And I disagree about your interiors comment. It was generic stores that did nothing (even tho you can rob the stores in gta v) and safe houses.

      • Rawk GWJ

        IMO, GTA IV had a better story than GTA V. GTA IV also had better humor and social satire, which is what I like most about the GTA series. GTA IV also had WAY better music, DJ chatter, and commercials. GTA V on the other hand is a technical masterpiece. No game developer has ever done anything as impressive. Hats off to Rockstar.

  • Anonomation

    San Andreas has more features than the two psp games. I rather then make a tailor made ios GTA

  • HungarianUrinalCakes

    I'd like for them to come eventually. I mean, I'm not going to say 'no'. However, I think we need to see a port of "Bully" before we need anymore GTAs.

    • orangecan

      That would be fantastic

    • Nekko

      I second this

    • brantov

      this is my dream man.

    • Haha

      Yes. Bully is such an underrated game compared to the rest in rockstar games' catalogue.

  • Xenomorphking

    Most of the mobile ports are made by a company called Wardrum Studios not Rockstar. Either Rockstar asked them to make the ports or they asked Rockstar to make the ports (most likely it is the latter). Wardrum has done GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, and Max Payne mobile. Max Payne's AppStore page has something about Wardrum in it (at least it did when I got the game). Go to Wardrums site to se all the games they have worked on.

    • Xenomorphking

      Since it is Rockstar's IP they stamped there name on it but they weren't the ones who did the work of porting the games I listed above.

    • Kenan2000

      Not sure about gtas but the original max payne was not even made by rockstar,it was made by remedy,rockstar is just a publisher.Like EA or LJN.

      • Haha

        DMA design was the developer for 3, rockstar north was for vice city-5.

    • Xenomorphking

      Go to the AppStore page of any of the Rockstar's games and you will see Wardrum studios website in the description (they were the ones behind the recent update of Chinatown and will be the ones working on it from now on).

  • MarleySaege

    Porting those titles would be redundant, as we already have all 3 titles & the psp games were just mobile additions. If anything, please port Bully & Max Payne 2. Also update GTA III & Vice City

    • Sam

      'Stories' were both released on PS2/Xbox after the initial mobile launch. Perhaps they'd work well as IAP for the existing parent apps... Help to drive sales of those older apps.

      But yeah, I'd love to see Bully next

    • Lightning Storm

      What if they release these two as add-ons to the base game?

      • Zendorphin

        It's all about the base...

  • SpoomMcKay

    I think if they port another game to ios it should be Bully.

    • Haha


  • Super Blue

    Every gta is fine to me biggest fan .... But come on now ....Mafia city of lost heaven needs to be next over any game hands down!!!!!

  • Edwin Ramirez

    All I want is GTA V for PC.

    • ImJPaul

      With you

  • Death Lord777

    GTA ChinaTown wars 2 Would be great. If Rock Star makes it.

    • Anonomation

      Of they made that I'd like it to be 3rd person with the same graphics style


    Good god... 420 days...
    Look, someone had to make that joke.

  • InTheAir

    Someone needs to make a family-friendly GTA. You know, an open world environment with a storyline without guns and all that other stuff.

    • conscript

      You know, I played each of the GTAs without killing anyone, obeying traffic signs and signals and I have concluded that it is darn neigh impossible!

    • scottsoapbox

      A) That wouldn't be GTA. B) They already have: Disney Infinity: Toy Box

    • Haha

      Ewww NOOOOOO! I'm not sure if you were serious but still...

  • Jeremy Price

    Just give me controller support for the original GTA 3 and Vice City

  • Zendorphin

    Or maybe they'll do a GTA: Los Santos Stories set in an isometric version of the new Los Santos/Blaine County. The size of the Disney Toybox app may allow for this given how this would sell iOS devices and make Apple a lot of cheddar from its fee alone. Could have some areas compressed a little like Chinatown Wars lacked Alderney. How good would this be? We could have it as a prequel and focussed on Franklin or one of his friends...

    • PHUCKO

      They need to make GTA Star Wars. So much could be done with it. The sales would be unimaginable.

  • skylined87

    That would be awesome if they do! Until then I will have to settle for my copies of the PSP versions...and the incredible GTA5, of course! And to those of you who hate GTA5, you must be loco, ese! I have never had so much fun in a GTA game!

  • epik5

    I wont see a GTA IV port sooner or later, if my high end pc cant hold the game too well. The game has very very high graphics which i wasted more than 15GB to play the game. Then how much will it be on iOS?

    • Anonomation

      From what we have now I can say now it's POSSIBLE to run on iOS, although we can't say for sure a high graphic remaster that Rockstar usually does would run on an iOS device. San Andreas alone stutters sometimes. But who knows, maybe late this year, maybe in 2016, or even in 2017 we will get a port.

      • Magnegro


  • Mekklesack

    Oh yeah!! I love me some GTA! Gimme!

  • TheMerc

    I seem to recall that, last year, someone on the forums found some info that suggested that a port of, at the very least, Liberty City Stories was being planned. I have no problem believing that: when you consider the sheer magnitude of some of the games Rockstar/Wardrum Studios et al have already ported to mobile, doing the same to the PSP spin-offs doesn't seem, at first view, to be that daunting a task. Let them come, I say!

    Personally, while everyone else is waiting for GTA 4, 5 or whatever, I only want some Red Dead Redemption: whether a port of the mindblowing original game (if 2K could port Bioshock, why not RDR? Rhetorical question only, mind you) or a spinoff, I'd really dig a quality, non-F2P western game.

    • Xenomorphking

      Thank you for knowing that wardrum works on these games. I thought I was the only one.

  • Karim Maksoud ن

    "I don't have any inside information on this (Or ... Do I?)"

    Oh Eli, you sly dog...

  • Brendan Charles

    We won't see a GTA IV on iOS. Considering how bad the PC version is, especially in terms of minimum requirements and stability I don't think we'll see mobile version coming anytime soon.

  • Tanc24

    This is just me throwing out wishful thinking, but is there any chance rockstar will release red dead redemption on ios???

    I know it's a ps3 game so probably not, but that would be AMAZING!!!

  • ltcommander_data

    The issue with the GTA Stories games is that they were built for PSP without a PC version which means that their core assets are very low quality. The polygon count in particular is very low, which is notable because while Rockstar/War Drums Studios has put effort into making improved textures and new shader effects when they remastered GTA III, VC, and SA they didn't bother upgrading the underlying polygon models and they still seem to use PC/XBox character/vehicle models. So remastering GTA Stories for modern mobile devices may actually take more effort and be more expensive than the previous GTA remasters.

    The one thing the GTA Stories have going for them is multiplayer support, at least in the PSP version, which would be a great selling point on mobile.

    Personally, I'm hoping for a made-for-mobile new GTA game for this holiday season. Or perhaps some type of GTA Online mobile spin-off. Rockstar Leeds would presumably head such a mobile game and they continue to hire mobile developers, but their near-term project is supposedly helping with the GTA V PC port and contributing GTA Online content.

    And as for when GTA IV will be feasible for release on mobile I'd guess holiday 2016. If I'm not mistaken the CPU and GPU in the iPad Air 2 is already fairly comparable with the Xbox 360 now that Metal is available. By holiday 2016, they'll be a large number of A8X, A9, A9X devices in the wild and A10 and A10X devices will have just been released making things technically and financially viable for GTA IV mobile.

  • LiberachiX

    We already have the real PS2 era GTAs, why do we need the psp knockoffs?

    • Magnegro

      Because some of them are better than the originals

  • Ramzey93

    I would love to see a port of Max Payne 2 or The Warriors come to IOS but I don't think that will ever happen

    • Ramzey93

      Sorry I was supposed to say I think it will never happen

  • VeryDirtySqueegee

    Most likely the ios version of lcs will release this year in december. Seeing as how its been ten years since lcs was released. We could save vcs for december of next year to celebrate that tenth anniversary.

  • disqus_fyy1HxoUzu

    next halloween is gta vcs 10th. .

  • UncleVenom 04

    Liberty City Stories is now on ios and soon android so probably Vice City Stories too.

  • disqus_fyy1HxoUzu

    next halloween is gta vcs 10th. .

  • disqus_fyy1HxoUzu

    this halloween is gta vcs 10th. .

  • Haha

    I have 3, vice city, san andreas and liberty city stories for iOS. I'm still waiting for vice city stories.