When Apple added widget functionality in iOS 8, it greatly expanded the kinds of cool things you could do with the lock screen on your iOS device. Most widgets have offered some sort of utility benefit, but there's a small number of developers who have brought gaming to the lock screen through widgets. First we had Overglide, which allowed you to play a simple cave flying game on your lock screen. Then there was the inevitable arrival of a 2048 widget. Widget functionality was even added to one of our favorite "non-game" games, Godville. Now, Overglide developer AA Mather is back with another widget game, and this time they're bringing a PC classic to the lockscreen with Minesweeper - Widget Edition [$0.99].

minesweeperwidget minesweeperwidget1

As I've mentioned before on our podcast, I'm not a big widget user, gaming or utility. I just don't really gain any benefit from them, as for me it's just as easy to unlock my phone and do what I want to do using an actual app. That said, I do find all this widget gaming business pretty cool, and if you've enjoyed previous widget game experiences, and you like Minesweeper, you'll likely enjoy Minesweeper - Widget Edition. More info and discussion can be found in the game's forum thread.

  • FrehleyzComet

    Ok, dumb question. What's a widget?

    • skidz26

      Widget, the World Watcher is an animated television series which debuted in syndication on September 29, 1990. The series ran for two seasons; in the first season, it aired once a week, and in the second season, the series expanded to 5 days a week. Wikipedia

    • Pheebers

      A widget's an add-on to an operating system. On the old PCs they were things that stayed on the edge of your desktop like clocks, calendars, and the weather. For iOS they're basic apps.

    • garbul

      A widget is like if a gadget and an application had a baby, and the baby was an app. But the widgets were really applets made of JavaScript, and that's why eating near a volcano is a bad idea.

    • cofunguy

      A widget is a basic item to sell if you take any type of business class dealing with selling items.

      • cofunguy

        Also....something considered typical or representative,as of a manufacturer's products:
        the widgets coming off the assembly line.

    • dancj

      Okay - I'll put the you out of your misery and tell you what you need to hear.

      Some apps provide functionality that you can add to the Today View in the notification centre. If you scroll down the bottom there's an option to add more widgets. There are a bunch that come built in to iOS and others that come with apps.

      Most seem pretty pointless as they're not really much less effort than opening the apps directly. There are a few good ones though.

    • JosephWelke

      It's the thing you hear rattling around an empty Guinness can.

  • Pyroknight

    Back in my day, we had to play Minesweeper on our bulky IBM machines while climbing uphill through 3 feet of snow

  • stolenlogic

    Wonder how long until apple pulls this

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    Those screenshots convince me of two things:

    1. I don't want games in my Today notifications.

    2. I miss Minesweeper and want a good version for iOS! (There are plenty to wade through in my quest.)

    Maybe I will port my old Amiga game Sweep.... Nah. I'll let someone else do the work so I can just play!

    • Mess

      Exactly my thoughts!

      Just a nice Minesweeper game would be good. There is the online one, a billion tiny squares (or something like that) which is ok, but it's not the same as the windows 95 one.

      Also who remembers 'columns' on old PC's. A bit like Tetris but you had a stack of three colours which you had to line up to make 3 in a row, you could cycle throw the colours deciding the order of them. I used to play that game for hours!

      • trackside

        I got a fake megadrive with a load of built in games for Christmas. Columns must have got about 15 hours of play out of my wife and I.
        Sonic, altered beast, shinobI etc all felt a little tired and not nearly as much fun as you remember them but columns was as good as ever.
        It also had dr robotniks mean bean machine which was another top quality Tetris-like blast from the past.
        Great fun

      • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

        I do remember Columns--a friend had the old DOS version and it was fun. There have been many clones... maybe some for iOS?