Developer Beamdog is working on a new Baldur's Gate game and they're planning on unveiling all the grisly details sometime in late spring, according to a new post on their blog. Beamdog has made mention of a mysterious new game dubbed "Adventure Y" in the past, which will be a brand new Baldur's Gate game that bridges the gap between the original Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II. This new game will use the team's Infinity Engine, which powers the contemporary remakes of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition [$9.99], Baldur's Gate II [$9.99] and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition [$9.99]. While no other details exist for Adventure Y, there are some images that were "leaked" in the Beamdog forums that may or may not portray the actual game.

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In addition to the new Baldur's Gate game, Beamdog has another project in the works which they're calling Project: Beartrap, and they'll be letting details fly on that one sometime in late summer. From the blog post, "Right now all we can say about Project: Beartrap is that it exists and it’s a departure for us in terms of what we’ve done in the past. Also, the project might involve sharks. Maybe we should call it Project: Sharktrap? Either way, we’re looking forward to giving you more details mid-year."

Finally, the blog post addresses the many requests from fans to make a Baldur's Gate III based on the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. Basically their answer is that they'd love to do something like that, and they may in the future, but currently there's nothing in the works.

While platforms for either Adventure Y or Project: Beartrap have yet to be revealed, I'd bet dollars to donuts that we'll at least be seeing the new Baldur's Gate game on iOS at some point in the future. We'll keep our eye out for more details on Beamdog's new projects as they become available.


  • speedyph

    This is really good news im so happy to see all the support for iOS

    • AllieGoremaa

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  • NoodleBear

    Noooo Way :3

  • bigred447uk

    Best news all year. A shining premium torch for the platform in these grim dark ages of freemium. Rejoice

  • vapourtrail

    If I can only have one new game, any game from now until this is released, I choose this.

  • Alexythimia23


  • rewind

    The graphics look like I'm playing a game from the "turn of the century." They aren't retro-y, in my opinion, they're just not good. And definitely not worthy of a $9.99 price tag. I'm far more intrigued by Project: Beartrap.

    • alfrank1984

      That's because they're using the infinity engine, the same engine the original games ran on.. Did you even play Baldurs Gate I or II? If not, then this is probably not something you should be interested in in the first place. Now, move along. 🙂

  • Bool Zero

    I never thought I'd see the day that the classic Baldur's Gate would get a true sequel! Count me all in! Can't wait!

  • r618

    Neat! maybe it's out at the time when I'll finish my current solo char BG I playthru )

  • Devok

    Well I hope controls will work a lot better than the other ports... Looking forward to this one.

  • Devok

    Also the price won't be a problem, if it gives 80+ gameplay like the rest I'm all in!

  • hervin89

    Whaaaaaat! Insta buy!

  • taiga97

    I really want a dark alliance port, both 1 and 2, that would be an insta buy for me.