Nachobeard is a solo developer who last made the rad iPad game Hookball [$0.99 (HD)], which was basically the currently-unavailable Ziggurat with grappling hooks – though I think anything with grappling hooks is rad at some innate levels. I love games with grappling hooks. Sadly, Nacho's next game doesn't involve grappling hooks, but Cerulean Moon looks interesting enough. This is a 2D platformer where the game is controlled by sliding the world along with a finger. Nacho posted a video showing off some of the early gameplay here:

The art is all placeholder art at the moment, and Nacho is looking to work with a pixel artist very soon, so it should hopefully be looking very good. There's a thread on the forums where you can chat about the game with the developer, who is also looking for testers to try out the game and give feedback on it, if you're up to it. This concept sounds interesting enough – this should be worth keeping an eye on as it progresses.

  • demod1

    Definitely interesting control scheme. Seems more like your moving the world around the character. I look forward to your progress! Virtual controls in platformers usually lead to a lot of unnecessary falls. And poor control should never contribute to a games difficulty level.

  • collider

    That looks like a great control scheme. I just grabbed Hookball, really well done - looking forward to this one.

  • brantov

    some brilliant ideas here, man. good luck with this one. instabuy for sure.

  • Nacho

    Thanks for the support guys, glad you think it's a cool premise. The game is still a ways to go but this is quite encouraging 🙂