You forgot about Pocket God [$0.99], didn't you? Sure, it has been a year since the last episode, "Apocalypse, Ow!" But that's no reason to forget about the game that made the "apps with free updates" concept a reality. Well, the app refuses to die, as Bolt Creative has announced episode 48 is coming soon, entitled "Call of Booty." The big new feature in this update is the ability to dive in the sea and explore underwater, hunting for treasure, while avoiding deadly sea creatures. There's twenty total pieces of booty to get, and a golden oyster idol, because why not? Check out the trailer for the upcoming update:

It's good to see Pocket God still kicking it five years after release. The app updated on a near-weekly basis back in 2009 and was a huge deal just because it kept changing, and it had a major influence on how iOS games eventually operated. Bolt Creative has been kind of quiet for a while – working on contracts and a new game – and it's nice to see they're still around and still updating this legendary title long after its heyday.

  • the_rebel14

    Can I get a woohoo?


  • Wubba

    My dream has come true.

  • Raki_Saeki

    I'm really happy to read Bolt Creative are still working on pocket god. I bought it the first day on my iTouch and has been on my iphone 3gs, 4 and iPad 2 since then and has always kept a special spot there for me. Truely a legend of the appstore.

    On a side note I'm the lucky one who won the fanart contest and got the awesome 3d miniature and t-Shirt. (: