A little more than a year ago, id Software updated two of their old iOS portsDoom Classic and Rage HD– with 4-inch widescreen support and support for Apple's then-new iOS 7 software. Both games had quietly disappeared from the App Store at least a month prior to the updates, which was scary for me as I'm a massive fan of the Doom iOS port. I was delighted to see them return with updates, and hoped that id might see fit to update some of the other games in their iOS catalog.

Well, over the summer, Wolfenstein 3D Classic [$1.99 / Free] was also quietly taken down from the App Store. My first thought was "I hope they're doing for Wolfenstein what they did with Doom and Rage!" Well guess what? That's exactly what they did, as just yesterday Wolfenstein 3D Classic returned to the App Store with iOS 8 and widescreen support. Even the lite version of Wolfenstein has received the same love.



Both Wolfenstein 3D and Doom are absolute classics and the granddaddys of the first-person shooter genre. Their more simplistic nature also means they work incredibly well on a touchscreen, and I've always loved having portable versions of each with me at all times, just in case the urge to blast some Nazis or hell demons struck while on the go. I'm very happy that both are in good working order now. I guess all that's left for me to beg id Software for is iOS ports of Doom II and Quake, and I can die a happy man.

  • HungarianUrinalCakes

    You hear that, Activision? That's a company who cares about its classics! Freakin' update THPS2!

    • falco

      Will they update Doom Classic for iPhone 6 ?

  • godofodd

    I hope there's controller support.

    • jarland

      Nope 🙁

  • dezign999

    I can't remember, but is circle strafing possible with this control set up? I've always hated that they didn't have walk left/right buttons on the right side of the screen.

  • Yoda UI

    The Gameception app is better than Doom iOS. iPhone 5 widescreen support, and you can play most wads on it, including Doom 2. It also doesn't have the annoying bug that Doom iOS has where after you shoot the shotgun, the 'chuk-chuk' sound of loading another shell is gone.

    Circle strafing is awesome, but you have to remember that Doom and Wolf were made well before the mouse and keyboard implementations of WASD were common and popular. zDoom and the like have thankfully brought strafing to Doom, but it wasn't part of the original design. You had to hold the shift key and then you could strafe.

    • dezign999

      I didn't really have a problem circle strafing on my old 386dx, I just dislike that it's not present in the iOS version, or at least when I tried it out years ago.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    I hope one day Apple adds a "compatibility mode" to settings to simulate older versions of iOS, so apps like our beloved Voolfenshteen never have to disappear again. Alrhough I'm sure they won't since that would be antithetical to Apple's philosophy of "Always push forward, never look back, and never let users do anything manually on our devices".

    • Yoda UI

      There's always Android for that.

      • Jake7905

        But then I'd have to buy a crappy device and use a barren app store.

      • Yoda UI

        I agree with that. I'm sticking with Apple. But you do miss out on the mame emulators and the gba4ios without the hassle and tricks. First World Problems.

    • Guest

      So true. Hey Apple, good luck with that push into Enterprise. Big business loves it when their apps break after every iteration of an operating system.

      I didn't think that this would be in Apple's Dictionary application, but it was!

  • replicanttheory

    I would love to see ID port over all of the Dooms, Quake 1 & 2, Heretic and Hexen... Those games were my favorites back in the 90's.

    • gaga4gadgets

      Yes, all those, especailly Heretic and Quake!

  • pauldavidmerritt

    A port of Quake is a beautiful dream. iD, please turn this into a reality for us.

    • falco

      And Unreal it was my game! Not Quake

  • slammajamma28

    Nothing like some good old fashioned motion sickness!

  • GhostMaker

    "Blood" as well...still eagerly waiting for that one at some point.