Mobile gaming is no stranger to the throwback, pixel art platformer, and soon there will be one more to add to the pile with the upcoming Huey from developer Fragment Two. As the developer has explained in our forums, Huey is a "classic 2D platform game combined with puzzle elements" and will feature more than 30 levels of platforming across 5 different worlds. You can see all this in action with the official trailer for Huey below.

That trailer definitely gives me all sorts of vibes from different platformers over the years. A pinch of Mario, a dash of Sonic, and perhaps even a bit of Wonder Boy/Adventure Island as well. The point being, Huey definitely hits all the right notes for me, and I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on it.

Huey is already available on the Google Play Store for Android, and is coming to Ouya next month. The original plan was to launch the iOS version early next year, but according the latest forum post from Fragment Two a lot of people have been asking for the iOS version so they may move up the release. I'll go ahead and cast my vote as someone who wants to see the iOS version sooner rather than later, and once we have a more specific release date for Huey on iOS we'll let you know.

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  • Maglor

      \\ Λ_Λ
       \(´∀`) It's !N$TABU¥
        > ⌒ヽ
       /   へ\
       /  / \\
       レ ノ   ヽ_つ
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     ( (ヽ
     | |、\
     | 丿 \ ⌒)
     | |  ) /
    ノ )  Lノ

    • sakara214ever

      Ehen i see you instabuy it i nstabuy it

  • the_rebel14

    The background kind of reminds me of Goblin Sword which is great because that game was fantastic!

    • Chris

      My thought exactly. Anyone know how the gameplay compares?

    • Dailon Huskey

      Agreed! Goblin Sword is NES nostalgia at it's best.

  • JCat_NY

    Hope this is just a youtube/video capture thing -- but the scrolling is not smooth at all?

    • Echoen

      Runs at 60 on my Android device. It's Free btw with Ads you can pay to remove for $2

  • paulkane

    This looks promising and the backgrounds are reminiscent of Goblin Sword, but Raby has got me really pumped and should be out later this month.

  • Fade to Slack

    How you could watch that video and not say Donkey Kong Country is beyond me.

  • raruano

    This is a diet version of Sonic, Mario, and Lion King. From the snes and sega era