I've mentioned this before, but I have a list of games that I'd do practically anything to have them be updated for modern screen sizes and iOS versions. There have been a lot of amazing games released on iOS in its fairly short history, but not all of them are in a position to be continuously updated to keep up with new iOS software and hardware. Some of those games aren't even available anymore, probably for that very reason. One of the games that was very high up on my update wish list is Venan Entertainment's Space Miner: Space Ore Bust [$3.99 / $3.99]. Well, I'm very happy to say that Venan has posted in our forums that an update is in the works for Space Miner that will bring support for all the different iOS screen sizes as well as iOS 8.

Long-time TouchArcaders should be very familiar with Space Miner: Space Ore Bust, as we loved the game in our original review and even chose it as our Game of the Year way back in 2010. Basically, besides having an amazing pun in its subtitle, Space Miner took one of the most well-suited genres for touchscreens–top-down dual-stick shooters-and fleshed it out to the max with an RPG-like progression system and a very interesting story. It felt like a game built with mobile touchscreen gaming in mind, and not just a quick "coffee break" style game (though you can definitely play in short bursts) but a full-blown game that would feel just as at home on a portable system from Sony or Nintendo as it does on Apple's mobile devices.

In late 2010, about 9 months after the launch of Space Miner, Venan released a breezier, more arcade-focused version of the game called Space Miner Blast [$0.99]. It was originally intended as an ad-supported free taste of the full Space Miner, with some optional IAP for buying different style ships. Well, iOS gamers are a fickle bunch and didn't take kindly to Blast, so about a year later Venan ditched the "free taste" tactic and updated Space Miner Blast to be Universal while also removing the ads and IAP. Now it's simply a 99¢ arcadey version of Space Miner, which is just fine by me. Venan didn't mention whether Blast will be getting a modern update or not, but I have my fingers crossed.

Finally, while Venan has mentioned a few times over the past few years that a Space Miner sequel is in the works, they again confirm in the post in our forums that the sequel is still on its way. We'll be prodding and poking at them for any details about that, but in the meantime get geared up to experience the excellence that is Space Miner once again (or possibly for the first time) when its new update hits. We'll definitely give you a heads up when we get a release date for the new update or any other Space Miner news.

  • Sterling Archer

    This has been on my iPad since it released, and is one of my all time favorite iOS games in the 4 years I've had my i devices.

    I will support them without hesitation even though I may not be able to play it. Very happy news, this.

    • PoloBaquerizoH

      I want to buy this game, does anyone know if this game doesn't work on ios 8 ?

      • Woodrith

        Works fine with iOS 8 on my iPad Air.

      • PoloBaquerizoH


  • Vicente Ragal

    Omg, my heart literally skipped a beat. This is my all time favorite iOS game. Please, please Venan, don't make it freemium.

    • Brown Cow

      Literally? You may want to see a doctor about that.

  • troyster

    Awesome! My favorite iOS game ever

  • JCho133

    *simultaneously screams and poops*

    *cries tears of joy*

    • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

      You've got a lot going on there.

    • Tomate Diseño

      Just hope you're not on a commute while reading…

  • vectorarchitekt

    It's always encouraging to see that it's never too late for some great games.likenwhy hasn't Zynga updated Drop 7 yet? Or that asshole that created Dungeon Raid, what could be possibly be doing that's any better??

    Will have to pick up SM after the update.

    • Sterling Archer

      Dungeon Raid has been dead in the water for quite some time. The developer was a lone man operation and clearly it wasn't fiscally feasible for him to keep working on it.

      He hasn't developed anything else, I think he really struggled with it, no need to be an ass about it.

      • vectorarchitekt

        I suppose that was harsh, sorry. it's just that he could stand to make some serious $ since he essentially founded a genre and after seeing how many people still love the game and pour the praise onto it it's just a shame.

    • VirtualBoyFreak

      I clicked on "like", but it was a mistake. Can I "dis-like" a post I clicked on "like"?

  • Kagarn

    Can't wait!

  • Chris1a

    Space Miner by Venan was the very first game I played through/finished on iOS (on an iPhone 3GS). Amazing asteroid/shooter/rpg blend, that holds up with the very best games iOS has to offer even by today standards. It didn't do too well if I remember correctly, perhaps it was ahead of its time...

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    Space Ore Bust (more so than Blast) is an awesome game. I'm often ambivalent about dual-stick shooters, but even I couldn't stay away.

    It's the only game that, when I finally finished it, I went back immediately and started it over from the beginning in the same sitting!

    I'll sink some hours into a sequel, no questions asked.

  • bnagel1976

    Is it worth the extra dough for the HD version? Never played it. Should I skip the .99cent blast and go with the original? Regular or spend the 5 bucks for HD. I will not be playing on phone. I pad only.

    • broeken

      Get the original. It's got a funny story line and its a much more satisfying experience IMO. If you have an iPad, spring for the HD version.

      • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

        I agree, the original is better, and HD is worth it.

    • Tomate Diseño

      Get the HD version - if only because Venan deserve your money.

  • broeken

    One of only two iOS games I've never removed from iPad. This is great news!

  • lll Anubis lll

    So... You would do anything huh? Anything? Hmmmm...

    On a serious note, glad to hear this is being updated! I used to love playing it all the time.

  • TSP

    Best iOS news ever!

  • Boopero

    Venan has been too busy with their cash cow, free to play Book Of Heroes.

  • http://www.onebagtravel.com/ OneBagTravel

    One of my favorite iOS games.

  • Sabaki

    If there's a game I would LOVE to be completed, it's King Cashing 2.

    The developer posted that he couldn't afford to complete the game as he was outsourcing the artwork and sfx.

    • vectorarchitekt


  • imcookie

    If I were to name the best game ever made for the iOS Space Miner would be it. The game had that perfect mix of pick up and play gameplay with a deep progression. It's a rare beast indeed.
    I have downloaded and completed Space Miner multiple times. I can't think of many iOS titles I've done that with.
    I just hope Space Miner 2 doesn't stray to far away from the tried and tested formula that worked so well last time. Can't wait

  • uahero

    That is just amazing news! Can't wait to replay it on my brand new iPhone 6. And hoping for some extension as we

  • Taeles

    One of those few that is always on every device I ever own along side World of Goo, Bastion and Little Inferno.

  • Hottar

    This is a great game! Good news!

  • Wilbair

    Best news ever... For me spaceminer is the best iphone game ever!

  • NapMan

    Wow, this was one of my favorite games and I was just thinking about it a few days ago, wondering if they would ever updated it again!

  • Nakor

    Lol I have this for the iPad but haven't played it in a while. I saw this post and just had to play it again so I bought it for my phone.

  • brerlappin

    I really hope the sequel isn't freemium, though. Huge bummer if it is after waiting so long.

  • SanguinousRex

    When does it release?