Looks like EA let slip that there's a new Need for Speed game coming to mobile, called Need for Speed: No Limits. So, rally driver Ken Block showed off his new car, a four wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang modified for his upcoming "Gymkhana 7" video. Now, on the front of the car, there's a logo for a Need for Speed: No Limits, which others saw and wondered if it was the next main game in the Need for Speed franchise. Upon finding out about this, EA has confirmed that it's an upcoming mobile game. Good news, perhaps, for mobile gamers, and bad news for console fans of the franchise as the next game has yet to be announced quite yet.

Need for Speed No Limits Car

Certainly, there's little actual details on the game and lots to speculate on. Since the logo's on a car designed for Gymkahana, perhaps the game will focus around that kind of stunt racing? Odds are that it will be free-to-play since EA doesn't really do premium any more, and internet forums are already having their fun with the "no limits to the microtransactions" jokes. But hey, the Need for Speed games on mobile have always been well-made and people love EA's Real Racing 3 [Free], so it might be worth keeping an open mind about this one...whatever it winds up being.

  • Amenbrother


  • DJCubs

    Just imagine if it was a legit follow-up to Most Wanted! But let's not upset ourselves 🙁

  • RomanReigns

    Hope this to be an open world game too....

    • B30

      It'll be an open wallet game, that's for sure.

      • RomanReigns

        Lol what else wud you expect from EA... 😉

      • Kita

        after seeing how much money Real Racing 3 makes, there's no surprise there! Free to try, pay to play more and get more fun! It's the perfect business model that works in many industries...

      • Stormourner

        open your heart, open your mind

      • Julio M.

        and open your wallet...

      • Stormourner

        open your arms

  • one.sixty.four

    I'm personally ok with there not being a NFS console game this year. On the PS4 side there's driveclub, the crew, nfs rivals complete edition, then project cars next year along with the promised new NFS console game in 2015. Plus forza on xone.

  • dancj

    MSG Most Wanted is still the best racing game on iOS IMO. It's just a shame I no longer have any faith in EA to not ruin it with IAPs.

  • RomanReigns

    However,i hope there will Metal Gear Solid 5 like BF4 on iOS in jear future...no crime in dreaming though 😛

  • Poo

    Lol open mind with EA, that's like asking to be disappointed.

  • crapple2011

    "People love Real Racing 3"
    This is must be the definition of sarcasm.

    • Bergtrolletshevn54

      I loved Real Racing 3.... guess what?
      I used cheats -_-


        You modder/hacker.
        Play the game normally you douche.

      • makitango

        Editing your savegame is perfectly legal. If you want to feed eAss with no limit of your perse, go ahead. Give them all the money they want, non-offended citizen.

      • Bergtrolletshevn54

        I wish I could play it normally, but damn, how I could do it if EA scares the hell out to with microtransactions?

        However, I don't play RR3 since the update came out on may 27 because it was crashing continuosly on my Ipod 4 ):

      • Bergtrolletshevn54

        I wish I could play it normally, but damn, how I could do it if EA scares the hell out with microtransactions?

        However, I don't play RR3 since the update came out on may 27 because it was continuosly crashing on my Ipod 4 ):

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Hell yeah! Hope it has Ferraris this time. Never cared for Lambos.

  • islesfan

    Oh good, it being EA, you'll probably get to race for free until the cops catch you, then you have to post bail with IAPs.

    • makitango

      Getting out of digital jail with real-life money - next-gen gaming, made by EA.

  • iValerio1990

    No limit (with iapp)? Yeah Good name..
    Oh no..get arrested? Pay only 89,00€ to a magistrate!

  • spokentruths772

    Hope it takes full advantage of metal and it really doesn't need to be F2P come on EA it's time to step up, your usual gimmicks are getting old now just saying

  • Bergtrolletshevn54

    EA ruins everything it touches.
    "Money" is the only word they know.
    They don't care about their customers, so why we should play their games?
    In other words stay clear from EA until things return like once.

    • one.sixty.four

      Everything on mobile. They make very good console and PC games.


    I think a new real racing should be in mind..

  • Bradley Groot

    I thought Need for Speed: Most Wanted was excellent, frankly Real Racing 3 is a dinosaur, they need a new racing game.

  • FootSoldier

    Hope they made it with IOS METAL API. Would love to see what they can do with it.