With Square Enix's planned streaming games service, Dive In, put on hold, what's a mobile gamer to do to get their Final Fantasy 7 fix? Well, it's not much of a consolation prize, but it looks like Final Fantasy 7 G-Bike is finally ready for release and will be hitting the Japanese App Store this Thursday, October 30th. The game is an expanded version of the motorcycle mini-game that you first play when escaping from Midgar and later can enjoy at your leisure at the Golden Saucer amusement park. Naturally, it's been changed to an endless driving format, with Cloud now able to slide or jump his motorbike to avoid obstacles.

The game will be free to download, with premium currency IAP that can be used to unlock new materia and items. Materia can be fitted to Cloud's bike to enable him to use various types of magic, while the items are probably going to be pretty familiar to endless runner fans. The game apparently features a variety of missions to complete, including battles against familiar bosses and characters. Before you ask, it also appears to include stamina meters and multiple currencies, and will most likely require online check-ins, but that's just speculation until the game is in our hands.

While I haven't had the chance to personally put my hands on G-Bike yet, I have heard good things from those that have. Of course, there's a difference between playing a game like this in a brief show and tell session and actually sitting down to give it a proper run-through. We'll be doing just that when the game releases this Thursday, and will give you some detailed impressions as soon as possible. There's no official word yet on when we can expect this game to release worldwide, so keep watching for further details as they come.

  • borismel

    Chaos rings 3, agito, g-bike, rise of mana and I probably miss others from sqenix... Damn it I still hope they won't stay Japan-only forever. Funny thing will be that they will be all released together in Xmas and will have to chose so I won't pay 100$ in one go.

    • Alibaba035

      Well G-Bike and Agito should be free and SE have insisted that the IAP model won't be necessary to fully enjoy the games, Chaos Rings 3 looks to be another solid release though

  • NOEN

    Ok, now this looks pretty cool!!

  • Speedster117

    That game looks awesome!

  • worldcitizen1919

    Looks terrific!!

  • Dailon Huskey

    Can't wait to jam this one! I agree with another poster when these games from Square finally make it here I'm gonna be spending lots in the App Store. Dragon Quest III, Final Fantasy G-Bike, Rise of Mana are a few I am waiting on!

  • Luciano1084

    Looks pretty awesome I must say

  • Exact-Psience

    Holy crap this looks too cool to pass up on. I read somewhere tis gon have timers though, but im hoping it wont break the game into unplayability.

  • Daniel Kenmar

    So, we're making full-fledged games out of mini-games, are we now? How about fleshing out Blitzball from FFX into its own game? 😀

    • animeADDICT

      Now that would truly be awesome, that was my favourite part of that game.

      • Daniel Kenmar

        I've had the idea for years. Make it a cross-over game like Dissidia where you can play as who you want, make teams from the entire cast, etc.

        Who needs real sports games?

      • EvilAbdy

        SSX3 is still my favorite "un sports sports game" I'd love for an HD version of that one.
        NFL Blitz 2000 is a close second.

      • Daniel Kenmar

        Oh, NFL Blitz... Still have my N64 cartridge of that.

  • Morgan01

    Exploit the Final Fantasy name as much as possible!!! Boy, Square Enix does have much else, do they. Juice FF for all you can....

    • nini

      When I have the goose that's laying most of my wealth i'm not going to kill it because I got bored of gold.

      • Morgan01

        Agreed, but they keep rehashing 20 year old games and making games out of mini-games. It would be nice to see epic games like they use to make. Chaos Rings is great and all but it is like they have run out of new ideas.

      • Agkelos

        The upcoming FFXV, formally known as FF vs. XIII for PS4. Enough said.

  • bored2death

    Dafuq when you gonna release chaos rings 3 in the west. Do I have to learn japanese just to play it?

  • Edmilan

    I wonder why they were able to port DQ8 to iOS but they refuse/have difficulty porting FF7

    • Shaun Musgrave

      I have two guesses. First, they no longer have the source models for the backgrounds, so they either use the original prerenders up-scaled (giving a fuzzy look) or remake them from scratch, which would be very expensive.if there's a technical reason, that's likely it. DQ8 was fully 3D, so that wasn't an issue.

      More likely, though, it's a business move. They know it's their biggest gun internationally, so they're shy about using it. Having it as a launch title for their streaming service would have been pretty big had the service not had so many issues that it had to be delayed. If they release a version you can pay once for and play forever, they'll never get you to "rent" it. That's the probable thinking.

    • RainSoul

      They said aonething about the game's size and the data on phones now in days but we have bigger games already out there for ios so...

  • vhelixv

    Never mind G-bike, WHERES THE CHOCOBOO RACING!!!

  • RainSoul

    gonna download it!! Yay!!

    • RainSoul

      I just downloaded the game but I guess the servers aint up ye or something because after I touch the homescreen all get is an option to go the the Gbike website.

  • Agkelos

    Looks very cool. Endless runners was never my thing, but this I'll have to checkout! Hope the IAP system is a reasonable one that won't ruin the game....

  • MickSmik

    Sure this looks fine, but is the normal FF:VII to much to ask for? a complete thing with Weapons and chocobo breeding pretty please

  • primalxconvoy

    The game is completely broken. Almost every Google Play review (in Japanese and English) gives 1-3 stars and cites that the game lags severely on almost every hardware platform. Once downloaded, the game lags even in the menu screens, with a long wait time and a black screen, followed by a "loading" screen that got stuck on "4%" for over 5 minutes, until I uninstalled it's sorry arse.

    I read that it had server problems and would be fixed by the first of November, 2014, but obviously it hasn't. Square haven't even had the decency to remove it from Google Play, even though they know it's completely broken.

  • Dueler

    Is anyone playing? Because it's been working fine for 2 weeks on my 5S 8.1.2 and I've been playing religiously.

    As of yesterday however I've been failing to receive a prize from the end of mission roulette, restarting the game loads me back to the prize roulette but still won't connect to collect the prize. I've tried deleting the whole app and connecting back with bridge but I just come back to the same issue.

    Anyone hitting this issue?