Gameloft's newest release, Spider-Man Unlimited [Free], makes me feel all complicated inside. Regular readers will know that I tend to prefer my running games to be simple and gimmick-free, and this game is anything but that. Of course, regular readers will also know that I can't resist a game based on superhero comics. I expected that to be my struggle with the game, but in a surprise twist, it's not. This is probably the most fun I've had with a gimmick-heavy runner this side of Iron Man 3 [Free]. It has a ton of gameplay variety, a great goal-based structure to accompany its endless running mode, exceptional fan service, and a few ridiculously compelling tricks borrowed from Puzzle & Dragons [Free]-style games. As a huge Spider-Man fan, playing this game is an absolute joy. Unfortunately, leveling up an assortment of collectible characters isn't the only way Spider-Man Unlimited borrowed from that popular genre, and therein lay the proverbial fly, or I suppose spider, in the soup.

Okay, so the story goes that dimensional wormholes have opened up above New York City, and tons of bad guys led by the Sinister Six of multiple realities are spilling out and wrecking things, looking for that ubiquitous Marvel MacGuffin, ISO-8. Nick Fury asks Spider-Man to help take care of the problem, because even Thor gets a day off sometimes, alright? Spidey's feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all until Fury shows him their secret weapon. SHIELD's built their own portal capable of pulling Spider-Men of various dimensions through, as long as you grease the wheels just right. It's actually a pretty great premise, because it allows Gameloft to throw in a ton of character variations and costumes, which is basically what makes Spider-Man fans go weak in the knees. Or maybe just me.

Photo 2014-09-12, 21 30 37The story mode of the game offers a stage by stage approach, with each one tasking you with a certain objective. Once you've achieved that objective, which is usually to smash in the face of a villain, the stage ends, and you're free to move on to the next level. The catch is that each stage requires you to have a Spidey of a certain level. Your Spider-Men level up individually, earning experience with each run. Leveling them up increases their multiplier and gives them access to more stages. Maxing out their levels allows you to promote them, increasing their level cap and sometimes unlocking new special abilities. You can also feed Spider-Men to other Spider-Men for some extra experience points, and if you have a double of the same Spidey, you can fuse him to get a discount on that whole promotion thing. Yes, the Puzzle & Dragons is strong with this one.

Like that game, you can pull Spider-Men using either the regular currency, vials, easily found during play, or the slightly more rare ISO-8 premium currency. Using vials will give you only a small chance of drawing a rare Spidey, while using ISO-8 guarantees one. Gameloft will be adding more Spider-Man variations to the game as they go, but even the starting lineup is awesome. Noir Spidey, Spider-Ben, both Scarlet Spiders, the Bombastic Bag-Man, and more await you. Oh, but if you want to have them all at the same time, there's a little catch, which will be quite familiar to fans of Gameloft's Iron Man 3. You see, you can only have so many Spider-Men at one time. If you want to expand that, you can, but it will cost you. Luckily, it's just the regular currency in this game, but the price escalates quickly, and hanging onto extra cards that you may want to use for fusion later also occupies slots. Still, that's not so bad. I also applaud Gameloft for being pretty generous with the premium currency. There are quite a few opportunities to earn it without having to pay.

On top of the story mode, the game also has an endless mode where you can grind experience points and vials until your skill or luck gives out, and an event mode where you can challenge your score against other players to win some cool prizes. You can even send your extra characters out on missions that will keep them occupied for a set amount of time in exchange for experience and vials. Plus, the story mode itself has a lot of optional missions, some of which will require you to use a particular variation of Spidey. There's a lot to do here, more than in most runners, that's for sure. The story mode itself will keep you busy for quite a while, even if a fair bit of that is grinding so that you can simply accept the next mission.

Photo 2014-09-12, 21 31 18The gameplay itself is a real blast. Of course, you have your usual behind-the-back running sections, where you swipe to move from lane-to-lane, jump, or slide, but you'll also occasionally enter web-slinging mode where you have to use controlled swings to collect goodies and avoid hazards, a wall-crawling mode where you have to tilt your device to avoid falling debris and fire, and a freefall mode where you once again must tilt to scoop up vials and dodge incoming threats. You'll also change areas every so often, starting from the rooftops but eventually ending up in Oscorp, on enemy ships, and more. The sheer variety both in play and cosmetics puts most other runners to shame. I was honestly very skeptical of the idea of a Spider-Man runner when I first heard of this game, because come on, Spidey shouldn't be running everywhere, but Gameloft has actually delivered something that fits him just right.

That extends to the presentation, as well. The game is done up in a rich comic book style, with plenty of thick black lines and popping colors. Spidey and his foes animate nicely, and Gameloft has surprisingly put together a voice cast that sounds good instead of annoying. Spidey has a number of quips, and after a while, some of them do repeat a bit too much, but it's not nearly as irritating as you might expect. The writing in the cut-scenes between story segments is also good for a laugh or two. The music is doing the usual skirting around Danny Elfman's score from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies that we typically hear in Spidey games, but if it fits, it fits. I would absolutely swoon if Gameloft threw in the 60s theme somewhere, though.

The game does suffer from a few problems beyond the biggest one, which I'm saving for a surprise in the next paragraph. First, there are occasional issues with the controls. I've had a couple of swipes that weren't recognized, which gets you killed in a hurry in a runner. Next, the art style does sometimes hinder the gameplay. It's hard at times to get a good feeling for where ledges end and start, which can be a fatal miscalculation. Also, everything is so bold and bright that you'll sometimes completely miss seeing the next obstacle behind the current one before it's almost too late to do anything about it. Your eyes are so busy feasting that they become fat and complacent, leading poor ol' Spidey into his doom. Oh, and of course, there are a lot of somewhat shifty grabs for your premium currency. The continue screen is pretty obnoxious, putting the button to use a precious ISO-8 right where your finger would probably be during play. I do give them credit for capping continues at a maximum of three, however, meaning you can't strictly pay your way to the top.

Photo 2014-09-12, 21 30 59A lot of these issues are magnified by the biggest point of controversy in Spider-Man Unlimited. The game uses a stamina meter, giving you five plays, win or lose, before you'll need to feed it some premium currency or take a ten minute time-out. This is a really brazen move for a running game, in my opinion. Part of what makes the sometimes-unfair nature of runners acceptable is knowing that you can get right back up again and take another try. No such luck here, and they don't even do you the courtesy of topping off your stamina when you level up. There isn't even a system like the one found in the original version of Iron Man 3, where there was a cooldown timer on armor repairs, but you could take another armor out in the meantime. It's disappointing, especially with all of the stuff to do in the game. There are timed events and bonus missions, and you have to choose between taking a fun little endless run, tackling a story mission, or working on that timed goal before it expires.

It's a real hose to an otherwise great game, especially if you make a couple of early-run mistakes. The stamina slips away too fast and restores too slowly. Throw in a few seemingly unfair deaths from swipes not registering or not properly judging where the next roof starts, and you can probably see how an exciting entry into a usually all-too-predictable genre still ends up feeling a bit sour. As I said earlier, I really like this game, and when I'm playing it, I can't imagine a better take on the character within the constraints of this particular genre. Even all the random draw stuff is pretty fun, because I know I can't just whip out my wallet and get the Spidey I want. It's just that stamina meter that gets in the way, and there's no way I can get around it short of feeding it my currency I'm saving to try to pull a rare Captain Universe Spidey.

I think Spidey fans and runner fans should definitely check out Spider-Man Unlimited simply because it does so much right. If you treat it like a King game, pulling it out here and there during your day, you'll probably really enjoy yourself and not rub against the stamina meter too badly. I like to imagine the alternate universe where I don't have to do that, though. Maybe I can catch a dimensional hole to Earth-8311. I heard they don't have stamina meters there. Until I can find out for sure which one leads there and not to the Marvel Zombies universe, though, I guess I'm stuck playing this cool game as often as it lets me.

TouchArcade Rating

  • shdwstar2417

    Enjoying the game so far . Can anyone buy ISO-8 from inapp ? I keep getting not available ?

  • Amenbrother

    I definitely am enjoying it so far.

  • kevin8977

    I usually hate Gameloft and thier f2p's but I gotta admit, there not bad at doing runners. Both this game and "Despicable Me Minion Rush" are enjoyable runners and aren't that bad with the IAP's.

    • Morgan Leecy

      You must have money to burn. When a character hits level 10, you will see just how 'bad' those IAP's are if you want to play this game properly

    • curtneedsaride

      I thought that about Rival Knights too. For 10 minutes... until my energy was depleted.

  • Lemmonz

    This game really has me torn, I mean, I get to play for about ten minutes, and then makes
    me wait 10 minutes shy of an hour for that ten minutes. Must. Resist. IAP.

    • Morgan Leecy

      Great game.. I deleted it to remove the tempatation as I am done tolerating IAP of this nature

      • JPhilipp

        It's a classical dealer-junkie relationship... what's not to like?

    • Kujo

      Haha, yeah I hear you. In comparison to the nature of other Gameloft games it isn't all that bad, imo... Like, I know you have the option to add people via Facebook, or if you add friends in game (via. the leaderboards) you can request energy to one another which refills your energy without the use of gems~ :3

      And in terms of the iAP... I mean it isn't actually that bad either imo - it could be a hell of a lot worse! I've known games where it's physically impossible to proceed without spending a few quid, at least this game it's possible without.

      If you do the daily challenges (3 gems a day) and do the events you get awarded with gems, both on high score and on effort. (Can be up to like... 7 gems or something I've seen in some events?) And if you get on the leaderboards on high enough rank in the unlimited or any Event you can win quite a lot of gems. Though to purchase gems the pricing is quite expensive it's very much possible to make do without. Plus, the golden enemies give a gem each time you kill em. I've seen at least 3 so far today and I've barely played for an hour.

      And! If you do that (which can be maybe 10-15 gems a day sometimes, depending on events) & every day if you buy the daily deal of the premium spideys for 12 gems rather than 25... which I think pops up randomly? I'm not sure. But yeah, 'sall good! 😀

      The only issue imo would be sometimes like when you web-swing you can't see the obstacles above you. Sooo many times where I've been like wtf did that come from?! xD But yeah, I hope that helped some. It's possible~ :3

  • Speedster117

    I've been really enjoying Goblin sword. I tried this game and I didn't like it, all gameloft free 2 play games suck imo.

    • DAN13LG

      Apart from Asphalt 8

      • DuckyShot

        And Blitz Brigade :3

  • Morgan Leecy

    I honestly wish Touch Arcade would start taking a stand against games with limiting gameplay based on IAP by capping their game rating at 2 stars. By giving this game 4 stars you are driving player towards it as they respect your reviews and supporting offensive and borderline criminal IAP. Free to download is not the same as free to play. I believe in paying for great games, but I will not pay to be able to play for more than 5-10 mins in the hour. Deleted this game within two hours when I sat down and calculated how much it would cost if I wanted to play for an hour after level 10.

    • Andrew Fretz

      Why would a review site intentionally give misinformation about a game? Musgrave gave it a 4 because that was his opinion. If he thought it deserved a 2, it would have gotten a 2. TA would lose that respect people have for it if they started to falsify their scores just to settle a vendetta about how you pay for a game.

    • Mess

      Um no...

      Where would you stop!

      - f2p games; 2 star max
      - 'flappy a likes' 2.5 stars (they can only ever be half as good as the original)
      - ''flappy a like' a likes' 1.25 (half as half as good)
      - ports of console/PC 4 stars (well touch screen controls... you know)

      It would just make no sense:
      Game A has been rated 2/5 stars. But actually it's the best ever game that happens to be f2p (I know this won't happen but you get my point)
      game B game has been rated 2/5 stars because it is just bad.
      So which one is better....

      • Morgan Leecy

        A game is something that you can 'PLAY',

        Scenario. A game is released.. um.. an MMO that crashes for 55 mins out of every hour, but after 10 mins you can play for another 1-2 mins before it crashes again

        Would that get a 4/5 rating?

      • Lightning Storm

        Yes because I'm not a bad player like you. I never have a problem with energy. All my runs last more than ten minutes. So yeah, you're just horrible at the game. Besides, the energy doesn't hinder the fact that its still a good game with a lot of variety AND ITS FUCKING FREE. Most of my men are level 50 or so, and I haven't spent a damn penny on the game. So again, you're playing it wrong.

      • Morgan Leecy

        Merry Xmas to you too!

    • JCman7

      It's a great game I've been having a blast with it and haven't spent a dime. So you have to wait a few minutes who cares go do something productive and then come back and play it's really not a big deal.

      • Morgan Leecy

        Thats is a pointless statement. I spend my entire day being productive and when I am done being productive I want to play a game. OK lets get the tablet out, lets spend some time playing Spiderman Unlimted.. wow.. these runs are going well.. oh damn.. out of time.. let do something else?

        If you enjoy that, good for you, have fun

        As a gamer I like to get into my games. Not let a stupid greedy dev take a popular IP and turn it into a cash cow for people who don't realise you don't NEED to pay every five mins to enjoy a game

      • curtneedsaride

        That's how I see it too. My time is valuable. I could be working at my company, working on my own projects, spending time with family and friends, and when I get moments to play a game for fun I want to dictate the amount of time and how I play. I don't want the "Game" to dictate that for me. But I'm realizing, since I'm in my mid-30's, I'm a generation behind now. And I guess this is what the majority of younger people like and put up with now-a-days. Too bad they don't know the joys of sitting down with Dragon Warrior or Super Mario Brothers 3 and playing for 6 hours straight late into the night. Or even Goldeneye for N64. I mean, I've gamed on dedicated handhelds for 24 years. So games for me are ones that I can pick up and play when, where, and how long I want.

      • Morgan Leecy

        The irony is, once you get to later levels you need the in-app currency to level up.. and the only way to get in-app currency without paying is to get it in game, with a drop rate so low its not even worth mentioning. So you need to play lots to get in-app currency.. but you cant play lots due to energy being deliberately throttled at 5.

        So even casual gamers.. eventually, like a lot are doing on the FB page, will understand this is a blatant 'give us your money suckers' scenario.

        One of the customer service team summed up up quite nicely in response to the question on Facebook 'Is the game free to play' and the answer was 'its free to download'

        Yup.. thats accurate

      • JCman7

        It's a game within a game you just need to manage your time and your resources correctly. I have ranked up a lot of spideys, earned all the rewards in the current event, ranked 7th right now in my group of 500, and completed issue 1.It's really not difficult to have fun with this game.

      • Morgan Leecy

        I had fun, and you are kinda missing the point

      • JCman7

        The point is everyone should stop whining about every game that is freemium, unfortunately it's a way of the AppStore and we have to deal with it. Complaining about it here won't do anything. People will continue to download these apps, spend money on in app currency and developers will keep making more of the same. It's a sad fact but we just have to make the best of it and this game is a solid runner and it shouldn't be thrown out because of the usual freemium mechanics that are in most every free to play game. Hopefully one day the freemium way of things will be no more. However this game deserves praise for what it does and it offers a lot to do even if you have to wait for stamina/energy.

      • Morgan Leecy

        If people don't share your brainwashed opinion, they can 'whine' as much as they want. Accept your sad facts as much as you want, nothing will change as long as you and people like you who settle for being scammed are around still accepting. Also complaining on a game review site so that some person coming here to get an opinion on the game will be well informed is the best place to do it, so you yet again excel in the pointless comment department

      • JCman7

        lol what's pointless is you commenting on everyone's comments about a game you hate! Makes no sense it's wasting just as much of time as it would be to wait for new energy to play the game! I want to share my opinion of the game so people don't just judge it for being free to play. It's much more then that. You get free energy from friends, they have given special offers, new events to earn free ISO. So much is given for free in this game. You obviously have some vendetta against either Gameloft or free to play games. Just don't play them then let others try it out for themselves.

      • Shaun Musgrave

        Keep it civil, folks. Even if our opinions differ, we all love games here, so let's try to be friendly and discuss things in a mutually respectful way. Side A doesn't have to be called brainwashed, Side B doesn't have to be called whiners, and Side C (my personal favorite side) doesn't have to have his competence called into question for choosing a different number than you to quantify his feelings about a game. We can talk about this admittedly contentious topic and still be able to high five each other after.

      • Morgan Leecy

        Who hates it? If I hated it I wouldn't care. You are on fine form. Carry on lol'ing and supporting devs who think gamers should be abused. I on the other hand will warn people about how this fine looking and fun game will suck you in and then hold out a greedy hand so that people are well prepared for the disappointment. And to play your moronic game of drawing stupid conclusions just because I disagree with your opinion, you clearly work for Gameloft for supporting their IAP structuring.

        Your move, and I think on your current pattern you need to now start making it really personal. I am quite short if that give you ammunition, oh and slightly short sighted in my left eye, oh and here is a really good one, I am a Mac user! Go!

      • Shaun Musgrave

        Well, I tried.

      • Morgan Leecy

        Sorry Shaun, I posted before I saw the comment. You are correct, I apologise. Your review was aptly titled and well written.

        I have no vendetta against Gameloft, I think the game captures Spider-Man perfectly, it just my opinion that respected game review sites, with passionate gamers running it is where the fight against this IAP bull needs to start, and whereas the game is easily a 4/5 the fact that it misleads and abuses IAP should be taken into consideration with the scoring.

        sorry if my passion for gaming made me rude JChan. I have no vendetta against good games.

      • Shaun Musgrave

        For what it's worth, Morgan, I did hem and haw quite a bit about how much to dock the game for the ill-fitting stamina meter. I certainly haven't been shy about taking a hard line on games when I feel the publisher has spoiled the game with the monetization stuff. In the end, I decided to dock the game a full star for it. I still enjoy the game a lot, and I did play it a long while before writing the review (100% cleared issue 1 and most of issue 2, multiple Spideys at level 30+), and I spent nothing. I don't like that I have to put it down to wait for an arbitrary timer to refill, but when it's up, I think it's really awesome. That was my rationale.

      • JCman7

        Completely agree Shaun that's how I feel. Thanks for stepping in and nice review!

    • curtneedsaride

      Tired of seeing these F2P apps highlighted as iTunes' Editor's Choices. iTunes must be pushing IAP just as much as these companies. Makes me feel dirty.

      • Stephen Dedalus

        iTunes makes 30% of IAPs.

    • Eseres

      This game lasted for about 10 minutes for me, when I discovered it had a energybar... Didn't quite like it before I saw that bar either, but it was the drop that made me delete it. And I agree with you, dude! Free to download is NOT free to play!!! And for that reason alone, this game shouldn't get more than 2 stars (3 tops). Its kind of like rating a porn movie by the erection instead of the quality. Just because you get it hard, doesn't meen that everybody else will so too from the same movie. To me, it feels like some reviewers are a bit too quick about rating some games, and tends to judge a game by their first impression and not the actual quality of the game. But then again, who am I to judge a reviewer, when I don't get paid for my opinion... I only play the games and call them for what they are. My opinion about this Spider-man game is that it looks cool enough, plays about as okey as these type of games does, but its still a money lich. I'd rather pay for this game once, and be without the energybar and the IAP stuff...

      • Morgan Leecy

        ROFL you have a gift for metaphor =)

        I would also be happy to pay for this game, with IAP that don't throttle your playtime.. like the AWESOME 'One Epic Knight'

      • Eseres

        Thanks LOL! I've made the same statment before about reviewers, and been hated for it too, so I just thought I could compare game ratings with something people could understand 🙂 I had another, better comparison I really wanted to use, but there is kids in these forums, and I didn't want to scare them for life LOL! Im still amazed that the moderators haven't removed my comment yet, hahahaha!

    • Cookies

      Honestly couldn't have said it better. Constantly giving so much slack to these crappy pay-to-play models just validates their miserable existance. It's almost at the point where I'm starting to miss pay-to-win models like Elite and WeRule (don't know why ngmoco come to mind with that model...). The worst part is that the current scale allows these games to appear comparable to premium games where you get actual content when you pay for them. I mean really, if Goblin Sword is a 5, either the rating system must be exponential or grossly inadequate for a game like this to be a 4 in comparison.

  • Mekklesack

    There's way too much content to throttle it all simultaneously with an overarching timer system in this game. But then again, those IAP prices in Asphalt 8 and Zombiewood are mightily expensive. Maybe GL should just have a kickstarter for these games instead. Or sell these games at premium prices. I never minded free to play before, but the inertia of the full stop (that is the drained timer) is giving me whiplash.

    • Morgan Leecy

      You summed it up nicely.. just as you get warmed up.. no more stamina. I think I said it best when I contacted the dev's directly and said 'If you don't actually want me to get into your game, I wont bother'

      • Mekklesack

        Spider-man Unlimited is definitely one game that suffers for it's timer system. They work in a game like Crazy Taxi City Rush because the "map" are not "rad only generated

      • Mekklesack

        ..."randomly generated."

        Stupid post button.

    • TeeDubya1975

      Exactly. I recently picked up the TMNT runner on sale and that, in my opinion is the way to do a "premium" runner. There are still IAP, but the Mutagen you need to continue is thrown around pretty freely. Slap a price tag on a game like that and nobody has a problem. I'll pass on this one for now, but I think all Freemium games should have an IAP to get rid of the energy meters, if you love the game you wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks down to play as much as you want.

  • entik14

    I wish Venom would be here in future updates

  • comicx90

    In terms of the "freemium" & "IAP" I just could not give this a chance. I used to totally accept the whole model but now it is kind of annoying to be honest. There is not so much freedom, unless you spend a dollar. I figured this route isn't for me. I'd rather pay for full games. Just my opinion.

    • comicx90

      Alright. I gave this another go an realised I was being a little harsh. This game is a work out. I haven't been so into a runner like that in a while---Plus, Spidey is my fav' hero.

      Did anybody experience lag? I don't know if it's the power I put in to swipe up, but when I do, its unresponsive.

      • GentlemanRaptor

        On occasion, and it has gotten me killed a few times.

      • comicx90

        Yeah, that was a downer. It was either spend money on those diamonds or wait and try to beat the game without messing up for me, both a challenge, lol.

  • GreedPhantom

    FOTONICA is the best runner i've played in years. And this a premium game. This Spidey is both full of contents and gorgeous. But man, timers in a die and retry game ? Not for me.... (I think this review is not right, but well, it's just me after all)

  • Zeillusion

    If you wanted to play for an hour straight after level 10 it would coast 100$. That also games into play dying and having to use the respawn. Listen guys, it's 2$ for 10 currency. Are you serious? Do you really think you deserve 2$ for a lousy 4 button presses? ( reviving 4 times ). Do you think you deserve 5$ for a card draw?

    Great game, horrible timers and monetization. Great amount of polish in the game as well. This game will be played by many, so stop being greedy and allow us to at least play the game.

    I need to get warmed up, and usually die a few times before getting on track. I played for 5 minutes, now I have to wait an hour to play again. Do you guys really care about your game? I know some devs treat there game like a child in terms of caring for it. But does Gameloft really care? Knowing that you have to spend 100$'s to play for hours in a row?

    • Morgan Leecy

      From some of the replies on these posts.. people don't get it.. OR and this is the big one, have not reached level 10. UP until getting to level 10 you can play as much as you want.. the second level 10 is reach, BOOM the game laughs at you and dangles a carrot with a price sticker on it.

      • Eseres

        Yeah... How "free" is the game now then? LOL! And thats just a small taste of whats to come later. The next carrot probably costs twice as much, but the game was for free, right??? Kiss my sweet, pale and hairy you-know-what!! "Download our free game! Won't cost you a red cent 🙂 But if you want to pass level 10, it will cost you a small fee of your soul, first born son and whatever else thats yours :)" They should call these games "Fee2Play" instead...

  • Drewskii

    I started a run and was doing well...until my game crashed and used the stamina token.

  • curtneedsaride

    Can't be bothered to download Gameloft games anymore. Just tired of their useless online connection and apps infected with needless IAP. They don't make the model of games I like anymore, so I'm done spending money on their products unfortunately. I really enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man to some degree. Would have really enjoyed Rival Knights if it wasn't online, didn't have an energy system, and didn't make my phone burn my hands. All reasons that I won't even download this one.

    • Eseres

      You didn't miss that much of a game to be honest. The game wasn't all too bad, but it doesn't deserve a 4/5 rating at all. Max 3/5 because of the timer and IAP's. If it had been a endless runner, I would have dropped it further down to a 2/5. The only thing that makes this game better than the usuall endless runners is the variety of moves you can perform in the game.

  • vinci89

    4/5 how?!! I am a mostly console gamer but I pick up a game or two on ipad. Temple run 2 was pretty good. Being a huge spiderman fan I had to download this. This is an example of a game where the publishers have taken a dump on all the hard work of the developers. Why the hell would anyone pay so much in Iap?! I could get 2 AAA games... The currency in game (iso8) is too freaking sparse.

    If this game being given 4/5 then just how bad are mobile games in general?!

    • Morgan Leecy

      If you could play it as much as you wanted, it would easily be a 4/5 as it captures spiderman perfectly.. but yes, as a deliberately hobbled game that you would need to throw regular money at, its a 0 or 1 out of 5 as you cant actually play it beyond level 10

  • scottbailey


    You've published a great game. It's fun, exciting, and dynamic. And it nails Spider-man.

    Let us pay a premium price to unlock unlimited plays. $4.99, $6.99, whatever. There will still be additional IAP opportunities with the Spider-man teams.

    This will extend the game's life on devices significantly. Not many are going to play past level 10. Only a few of us are going to play for long waiting for timers. And betting on a few big spenders for the IAP is a short-term, short-sided strategy.

    I just want to give you my money, and play your game, in a reasonable way.

    Please consider my suggestion.

  • Jake7905

    A very typical runner, with very questionable freemium monetization. If it wasn't a Spider-Man game, it's hard to imagine this getting 4 stars.

  • Zeillusion

    It's sad, someone in the Ether-lords forum admitted to spending 2,000$ already for card packs, like in Spider-Man. That's what happens to people with addictive personalities, I feel bad for them.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Eh, it's hard to criticize people for what they spend their money on because everyone has different income levels and priorities. I've read more than a few pretty fascinating articles on so-called "whales." Most (all?) of them make great money, and just see it as spending money on something they enjoy. It's hard to fault anyone for doing that, I'm sure I spend money in ways that dude who spent $2,000 on Etherlords thinks is pretty stupid.

      • Jake7905

        Though I agree with you about critiquing other people's spending habits, I think it's fair to critique developers that design games that push for a never ending flow of cash (IAP) from the user. In my opinion, no developer should expect infinite revenue from an individual user and a single download. And, to me, that's been the key flaw in most freemium games.

      • bilboad

        While I agree with the general principle of respecting everyone's personal preferences about what to spend their money on, I also think it's true that some people have addictive personality traits and poor judgement about what they're getting for their money. I think it's quite fair and reasonable to despise people who intentionally take advantage of those traits, whether it's game developers designing intentionally manipulative F2P strategies, or casinos manipulating patrons into gambling away as much money as possible. I don't think respecting other people's right to choose how to spend their money has to completely trump my ability to see that some people can be manipulated into behaving against their own best interests.

  • tpianca

    "You can also feed spider-men to other spider-men..." Yeah, as The cure once sang, "Spider-man is always hungry!". Good review Shaun, I'm sure going to check it out, hoping that Gameloft might ease on that monetization scheme over time...

  • HUKASFILM LTD. ✩ @ghookahs

    There are just too many other games you can actually play, why on earth would you even bother?

  • Stephen Dedalus

    I wish crap like this wouldn't even get reviewed, or at least got a disclaimer on the score, like: 4/5 (provided you don't mind spending $99.99 per three days of play).

  • daniel schroeder

    Despite some control issues and similar gross F2P elements, I did enjoy Iron Man 3 quite a bit. It's too bad the stamina meter here just stops you from playing (reminds me of that Smash Bandits game), but I might as well give this a shot.

  • MikeWD

    Shattered Dimensions, Ultimate Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2 are among my favourite Spider-Man games. This one is now among them as well, it is that good! This Spidey fan approves!

  • Fortino Gonzalez

    Why does my game say I have to wait 24 hours for my next life ??



  • gandhimonty

    Free + Gameloft =$ 1,000,000,000,000

  • Vince Yim

    This review doesn't address the social media aspects, which are brutal. After leveling up a bunch of characters at once, it repeatedly wanted to post on FB about it. Just about anything you do for the first time is share worthy to the game. I had to cancel each and every time, as I'd really prefer to not spam the newsfeeds of my friends with this.

Spider-Man Unlimited Reviewed by Shaun Musgrave on . Rating: 4