If you remember all of our coverage of Hearthstone [Free] and its Curse of Naxxramas expansion (Here's the review!) you'd remember how much we loved the buy-once-get-everything pricing structure behind it. But, a lot of people didn't. So, if you were among the folks out there who for some reason wish you could endlessly buy packs over just flopping out a $20, I've got some great news.

According to some details from PAX last weekend, the next Hearthstone expansion is going to be "over 100 additional cards" which are going to be sold as their own type of card pack. The writing on the wall has been there for a while with the UI rework that came along with the Curse of Naxxramas update, as the in-game storefront had been totally redone to obviously allow for room for more things.


Not much more is known at this time it seems, but, it's safe to assume you can buy these new packs much like you could buy the old packs with either real-world cash or in-game gold. It also feels reasonable to think you can craft the cards with dust like you can existing Hearthstone cards. Start saving everything!

[via Joystiq]

  • Bruciato

    thanks for the article, i'm gonna start saving my coins again right now 😀

  • Ijipop

    Anyone have any idea when Hearthstone is coming to Iphone???
    Love to play on my PC, but in my back pocket?!? I just can't wait!
    They said second half of 2014...

    • ste86uk

      Yeh I haven't heard anything on it either

    • skubish

      Oh man I can't imagine playing on an iPhone. The UI would have to be redone to make it enjoyable. Maybe when the new bigger screen iPhones are out.

    • kjmathew

      Agreed. I want to not be tied to wifi, and I'm guessing the iPhone version would allow you to use cellular network to stay connected to the game. However, on my iPad at least, whether I'm playing a person or AI, I get kicked out of every game, usually at the end, and half the time in the middle. Idk if it's still ddos attacks, but it made me think: whenever you get spotty cell reception you will probably lose a game, due to being booted out and losing your turn, unless blizzard did a fix that keeps you from losing your turn when the time limit runs out only when you got booted. So I'm thinking iphone only for casual mode.

    • HadToDoItToEm

      You can put it on your phone. Just find the post on reddit with the files and instructions on how to do it.

  • Speedster117

    I just want hearthstone in my pocket, but it's looking like an iphone version is no longer happening.

    • zergslayer69

      With the small 4 inch screen it'll be difficult to get all the detail in there but if the rumored 5.5 inch iphone is coming that will make it a lot easier to resize this game for that screen.

      • 61050

        seriously though, i mean, look how crappy kotor and machinarium turned out. the smaller screens totally killed those and countless others that made the switch to universal after being ipad only. thats ok though, we've still got flappy bird and dungeon keeper.

      • anabolicMike

        I loved kotor on my iPhone

      • anabolicMike

        September ninth the announcement is here

    • loox

      Not true. Ben Brode said in an interview two weeks ago that we will be surprised at just how good they got the UI to look on the iphone. It's on schedule

  • JJE McManus

    Save your dust....or just become a games journalist

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      All Blizzard has ever given me was unlocking Naxx for free. 🙁

      • JJE McManus

        No need to be defensive, Eli. I didn't say you were in their sights.

  • Jake7905

    Though I loved the "pay one price for all" approach taken with the single player expansion, I'm looking forward to this more traditional expansion as well. The main difference to me: spending $20 on the last expansion was an easy decision when I knew exactly what I was getting, but I'm less likely to spend as much real cash on random card packs from the new expansion. Looks like it's time to start saving that gold.

  • RamazUltra

    Sweet. I'm gnna drop $50 for those packs baby

  • anabolicMike

    I tried this out cause I wanted to play mtg something fierce. Well it scratches the itch somewhat. Of course magic has way more cards but I've found I don't like how it translates to tablets or computers. The phases slow ya down large. Also wizards don't and never will include all the cards! They want you to buy the real cards and not just start collecting virtual cards (which isn't the same as holding that sexy mod ruby in your hand anyway). Anyway, best magic program I ever used is one called apprentice. It always gets all the new cards but doesn't actually enforce the rules, it just tells you opponent everything. So you could cheat but your opponent would see you go through your deck and take crap out. So as long as you play someone else who just wants to have fun you can use alllll the cards open source style!

    Anyway, back to hearthstone.... I love it, magic is a better card collecting game because of sheer number of cards, tons of combos, fun art, etc etc etc however as a virtual card collecting game I'd stick with hearthstone anyway. Matches are five minutes or ten max and it's fast and ferocious! Interrupts and instants beat secrets but since there's no software slowing phases the secrets are how it goes! The way blizzard handled the mana thing is brilliant! It keeps the game progressing, no stall out due to lack of mana and etc. it's wild! They did good with it! I kinda think they kinda ripped mtg off a little but who cares? This is much better on tablet! I hope they add 10000s of cards and a whole bunch of cool mana functions hahahaha. Keep up the great work! Yes I bought 40 boosters lol. Great game. I hate touch arcade, I swear I wouldn't have half these games if it wasn't for you boys

  • anabolicMike

    Ok. I'm losing some happiness. Got to play arena free and the only classes it let me pick from is ones I fucking hate hehheh

    • anabolicMike

      And have zero levels. Wait I can't buy gold with real money? But but but they ripped me off...made me pick from my only zero level goofs