Noodlecake and's Joinz, revealed a few short weeks ago, has its price point and release date finally revealed, along with a new trailer showing more off about the game. You can expect this Tetris-meets-Threes! [$2.99] puzzler to hit the App Store on September 18th at a price point of $1.99. That's with no ads, no IAP, no timers or any of that malarkey.

Joinz 4The trailer also shows off a lot more about how the game and its powerup system works. Sliding blocks around will slide them all off to one side as far as they can go without hitting anything, with the goal being to match the shapes shown at the top of the screen, tapping to eliminate compatible matches. New blocks get brought in with each move on the board.

Powerup blocks spawn as matches are made, allowing you to choose from one of multiple effects in order to help clear out the board, with more powerups becoming unlocked as more of the game is played. Making consecutive matches will help get get point multipliers to get high scores, as this is an endless puzzler.

This one hits two Thursdays from now, and given Noodlecake's run of quality titles that they are associated with, this should be worth keeping an eye on.

  • jhamdotme

    I’m sorry, what's this game about? Yeah, I watched the video, but all I could see was an oddly-long alien finger. Creepy.

    • cofunguy

      Yep creepy on the finger even in the 2 pictures in the article!!

  • darnoc703

    I am still a little frustrated at noodle cake for making super stick man golf 2 freemium after release.

    • daniel schroeder

      How many dollars have you sunk into therapy versus the purchase of SSG2? You should try relaxing a bit with some premium Desert Golfing.