Notorious indie auteur Kepa Auwae posted some details on our forums regarding the next update to Rocketcat's latest Real Game™, Wayward Souls [$6.99]. Backing up a bit, if you haven't played Wayward Souls (here's our review) yet, you really should. It's a great permadeath action RPG with just enough roguelike trimmings to make people who get really mad when you refer to something as a roguelike only slightly miffed. There's multiple classes to play as, tons of content to go through, and a really cool power curve that gives purpose to multiple attempts as you slowly unlock character abilities.

The biggest addition to the game is the often requested endless mode. Once the new update hits, you can just go forever, or, as long as you can survive, I guess. The endless mode is also the highest difficulty level, so, you might not go very long. MFi controller support is finally getting added, as is Game Center. There are more hats (of course) and bosses are finally getting health bars so you know just how close you were to killing 'em before you were slain.


A bunch of other minor gameplay tweaks have been made, most of which involve the handling of statue buffs in the game. Now they'll even last between levels, which is cool as it always sucked to find a statue right next to a staircase. Oh, and among other things, there's a "more or less impossible to achieve secret hat added."

Wayward Souls is a ton of fun, and if you don't have it yet, now's the time to get it. Rocketcat never puts their games on sale, and instead, actually makes them $1 more expensive with each update. This has two benefits: You're actually saving money buying it before the update lands, and it brings all sorts of expert indie game pricing strategists out of the woodwork to leave comments about how this pricing method will leave Kepa and his crew out on the streets.

  • speedyph


    • mattreeder

      I believe it will be in the next update.

  • br4nd0n

    Been playing this since launch. Great to see the overall value increased with each update, definitely worth the admission price.

  • Zazzy

    Cool mfi support hopefully i can get further than the first dungeon now 🙂

  • noteatino

    :') Finally endless mode. Nowadays, my favourite iOS game.

  • vectorarchitekt

    I wish he'd put the soundtrack on iTunes.

    • houseofg

      They deleted my link to the soundtrack for some reason, so I'll just tell you that it's on the Band Camp site under Joey Grady, with some bonus Mage Gauntlet music.

  • Rennerd


  • Outrager

    So is this pricing method only for iOS? On the Android version it's on sale for $1.99 on the Amazon Appstore.

  • C. Stubb

    I am slightly miffed.

  • HandsomeLuke

    Endless ? I can't even get to the end, I don't last long...
    Eli's Cock

  • rayray307

    Endless???? I haven't even beat level 2

  • DuckyShot

    Still on the mines .-.

  • Nycteris

    Maybe I will reinstall this..

  • doublezz

    If you go endless mode I guess you will be rewarded by some kind of equipment that you can keep for that character