It's been more than six years in the making, but an iOS version of Ken Levine and 2K's classic first-person shooter Bioshock is finally arriving in the App Store. Currently, it's just available in the New Zealand App Store, but it should work its way across the international time zones and eventually end up in the US App Store at 11EST tonight. If you're curious how Bioshock translates to the iOS platform, check out our lengthy hands-on video from earlier this month which is embedded below.

Back in 2008 when an iOS port of Bioshock was originally announced, that caliber of game was simply mind blowing running on iPhone hardware. We've come a long way since then, so the impact isn't quite as profound, but there's still something magical about the idea of Bioshock in its entirety nestled comfortably in your pocket. Sure there are concessions, and the graphics have been dumbed down and virtual buttons are less than ideal for a game like this. As we've seen in pre-release coverage, how much those concessions will matter is subjective.

Personally, I don't mind the graphical downgrade and I get along just fine with virtual FPS controls, but your mileage may vary. Obviously a PC or console would be the optimum place to play something like Bioshock, but the portability factor and the idea that this game will be exposed to an audience an order of magnitude larger than any it's ever been exposed to before are really exciting prospects. To see how others are getting along with Bioshock on iOS, be sure to check out our forums, and check back later tonight when we'll post when it and all this week's releases hit the US App Store.

International App Store Link: Bioshock, $14.99 (Universal)

  • KingAce34

    Another masterpiece has hit the ios marketplace

  • somedumbgamer

    Nice! Turning out to be a decent week.

    Wave Wave and Impossible Road are on sale too!

    • somedumbgamer

      Forgot about DoDo Master

  • tognesimo

    It can't be! And iPhone 6 presentation?

  • TraderJack

    Too bad FPS with any controller other than mouse is just not my cup of tea πŸ˜›

    • Adams Immersive

      I agree--but a good trackpad (like a MacBook) has the same precision as a mouse. And a good touchscreen aim scheme can be essentially the same as a touchpad. Touch aiming CAN come close to a mouse (and be far superior to indirect joystick + autoaim). It won't equal a mouse because your arm's range of comfortable movement on a desk is greater than a thumb's. But it can come close! The NOVA series comes to mind as one of the first to get it right (although I have issues with their button scheme). Some early iOS FPS games tried do use dual-stick console-style aiming: the worst of all worlds.

      • nomstar

        lol I love the MacBook trackpad, but they are no where near comparable to the precision of a mouse when it comes to an FPS. There's a reason people buy the gaming mice with crazy DPI counts.

      • Adams Immersive

        I would never say a good trackpad equals the best gaming-centric mice in the hands of the kind of serious player that would buy such a thing. (Like me! I love my Razer.) All I would say is that a) a good trackpad is in the same range of precision as mice in general: better than some, not as good as others. It works the same way: direct aiming vs. indirect (console joystick) aiming. And I'd say b) that a good trackpad is much more precise (no need for auto-aim) than a console joystick for aiming. (You have to address your button needs as well--and there are games where I need my Razer's zillion buttons and a trackpad can't match that. But I'm talking specifically about aim precision: the single most important thing that makes an FPS playable for me or not.)

  • pauldavidmerritt

    I need a new iPhone. iPhone 4 is certainly incompatible, old news now.

  • Kenan2000

    Works on iPad 4?!

    • comiclegregblade

      yep read the description it clearly states compatible with ipad 4

  • Ultima12


  • Luciano1084

    Absolutely love this game, hope the controls are decent πŸ™‚

  • Shifaan

    Woah what a surprise!

  • doublezz

    Controller support?

    • Luciano1084

      Yes sir

  • gamerman333

    Can't wait to get it! Got to start saving up. Hopefully borderlands is next!

  • MaqueGenio

    GTA IV next. Believe

  • Pete Osborne

    So all the other games aren't getting a mention at all then?

    • Eli Hodapp


      • caaalrb


      • iRichie

        Are you guys looking at the same website?

  • Lochheart

    Please, iPad mini :'(

    • the_rebel14

      Ipad Mini 1 or 2? 2 will be fine. 1 may have some stutters but should be ok overall.

      • Angel Martinez

        Do you think it'll run on iPad mini 1? I want to be able to play this game!

      • comiclegregblade

        don't take a chance if you haven't noticed the compatible devices all have 1 GB of RAM the ipad mini 1 only has 512 MB so don't do it

      • the_rebel14

        Able to? Probably. Well? I'm not so sure. I hope it works for you though!

  • Luciano1084

    If any of our Aussie/New Zealand friends have the game already can you give the install size?

    • RomanReigns922

      appstore page says,i guess it will take around 3.5gb after installation mate πŸ™‚

      • Luciano1084

        Thank you my friend.. That's hefty, I'll have to delete XCOM to make room for this

      • RomanReigns922

        i already freed abt 10gb on my ipad air...hope it will work flawlessly init πŸ™‚ dont care what the reviews will be but its a game by 2K amd that too a revolutionary game.just waiting for it to hit UK appstore πŸ˜€

    • Echoen

      Sanuku posted 2.58GB in the forum thread.

  • Rubius

    This looks cool and all, but I'm still waiting for Shenmue on iOS. Sega teased an official iOS version at TGS a few years back, and the game still isn't out yet.

    • Bool Zero

      It's been busy looking for sailors...

      • iammane

        I wish I could like this comment ten times lol...

  • blakedaking

    I never got into bio shock so I might pick this up. More than anything, I am excited to see games getting ported over to iOS. I would love to see some nintendo games getting ported.... Metroid, Zelda, and Mario. There is money to be made for Nintendo and we get good games.

  • marcanthony0313


    • mattreeder

      The ipad 3 is too old and can't handle this game.

      • Chris

        My ipad 3 seems to handle it fine. Though I am jailbroken.
        Saves and level loading time is very slow, but seems to play fine, though I have never played it before now.

    • mattreeder

      But if you connect two ipad 3's together with string it will become and ipad 6, and then you become a winner πŸ™‚

  • HarryWarden

    Can't wait. Today's turned out to be a good day: First I find out I got the job I interviewed for and now this.

    • iammane

      Merry Wednesday!!

    • br4nd0n


    • Ultima12


    • swisssk8er1


    • the_rebel14


    • Luciano1084

      Awesome man congrats

    • Zerol3onheart

      Congratulations! That's some sweet news, and Bioshock makes I that much better!

    • klingon666

      Glad you got the job!!!!

    • blakedaking

      Now you can afford a $15 app!!

      • HarryWarden

        Thanks everyone for the kind words! πŸ™‚

  • Mekklesack

    F*ck yeah! (Pardon my French) and also hot sauce! This is not representative of ios8 Metal! It's like Ultra Christmas, but that's like every week anyway on ios so...

    Awesome sauce, with a bit of buddah!!

  • Jetjet

    15 bucks ? That's the price for bioshock 1 and 2 with all their dlc on ps3 !

    • jar0d

      6 years old on PC. 1 day old on iOS πŸ˜‰
      Don't overthink it. It's a great game for a great price.

    • Jake7905

      App Store Pro Tip: If a new game seems too pricey, wait for a sale.

      • Scope_Reflex

        Though titles of this caliber never seem to go on sale. But seriously get this game if you DON'T have a 360 or ps3. You can pay less for the game on those platforms and have an infinitely better experience. Although it is amazing to see this game on iOS.

      • Zerol3onheart

        It might go on sale for Christmas or some anniversary sale, but picking up the game now, from what I've read, shows that there's interest in premium iOS games. I think that was the case for XCOM. I could be wrong though. I predicted that Halo 4 would be related for iOS this year, and you see where that went.

      • hourglass

        I doubt any Halo will ever be released for iOS. Microsoft has three different platforms already available for development; why would they bother building any games for a competitor's OS?

      • Zerol3onheart

        I was kidding and I'd expect to have a snowball fight in hell before MS puts a Halo game on iOS. So yeah, I was just saying I was wrong about most things.

  • surirav

    Take my money!!!

  • Nekkedsnake

    i was gonna install this game then i find out it doesn't work on any (iPhone) devices below 5S, 5C, and 5... "WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES INCLUDING 4S, etc" so i guess i'm outta luck.

  • comiclegregblade

    its not compatible with iPad mini 1 even with ifun box it will probably crash a LOT because apparently the only compatible devices each have 1 GB of RAM while the incompatible devices are 512 mb of RAM or less so i wouldn't purchase it

  • ra51

    Rockin the iPad Air here....oh yeah


    It works on my iPad3 !!!