10482302_632698940179504_7660100241930859754_nThere's a stupid amount of escape the room type games on the App Store. If you haven't played one, they're basically bite sized point and click adventure games with the main goal being, obviously, escaping from a room. Most of the time the solution is very obscure, requiring you to search for objects, combine them, use them on different things to get different objects, and so on.

Well, our fearless leader Arn stumbled across something really awesome on the internet today. It's called Escape The Room NYC and it's these exact kind of games turned in to a real-life puzzle. They've got five different venues, ranging from a creepy apartment to a spy agency themed one, to a Victorian home mystery setting. Each game takes an hour, for between 8 and 12 players depending on the scenario, for $28 a pop. Their Facebook is full of photos of teams who either did (or didn't) solve the puzzles.

I asked Jared what some of the best escape the room type games on the App Store are to include with this, but he brings up a good point: Saying "What's the best escape the room game?" is a lot like asking "What's the best Slender Man game?" There's so many, and everyone has their own favorite, that it's impossible to even tell. I like Factory 96 [Free], but, that's just because its production value are (or were) a little better than the storm of escape the room games that hit the App Store in the early days.

So, if you live in NYC, would you ever go to a real-world escape the room? I think it sounds awesome. Additionally, for people looking to get in to virtual escaping of rooms, leave a comment and let us know your favorite one on the App Store.

  • e6169

    These are in most major cities in the US now. Did a zombie themed one in SF a few weeks ago. Had a great time.

  • Kiltedsheep

    There's been one in Hungary that's been going for a while, I believe. Sounds like a good laugh.

  • Bloodangel

    Also been one in City of Birmingham in uk.. Been here a while now

  • InkyTheGhost

    I've been trying to get friends to do this with me for months.

  • NOEN

    I'd love to do something like that. I need to check if there are any around me. I wonder if there are IAPs. Like another 5 bucks if you need a couple extra mins? 😉

    • the_rebel14

      Or a $1 for 1 hint, $5 for a bundle of 6 hints, and $20 for 30 hints?

  • Cody Ward

    We did the Theater themed Room Escape on our visit to NYC last month. Our trip included all the big tourist spots and a Broadway show, but Escape the Room NYC was BY FAR the highlight of our trip. A MUST DO for anyone who has even the slightest interest

  • Solarclipse

    Yeah I went to one in SF. It was really challenging! We had to take all kinda of things apart, put match this to that and find codes...but the whole thing is that you will run out of time and you are working with other people, so the pressure is sweet.

  • Adams Immersive

    To answer re "the best escape the room games on the App Store": I have to vote for The Room and The Room 2. Really fun puzzles, in the form of literal puzzles (no forcing real world items to be puzzle-like) with spectacular graphics. #2 is better than #1, and is more "escape the room"-like in terms of needing to combine things from different places in a room. But the two go together, and both have plenty of content to justify the price. There's even a hint of story.

  • unexpect3rd

    if anyone is dropping by or around Singapore, there's tonnes of such real life Room Escape ....eh..... stores(?) in various parts of Singapore. They're popping up everywhere here like some fad.

    • Zynaerys

      They literally are tons of such places in Singapore haha each with it's own theme and difficulty level

    • HippoHumper

      Yea, it's called being kidnapped...bazing

  • cthibault

    We have a zombie themed one in Boston as well.

  • orangecan

    One In London too, has been for a while, this isn't exactly a new thing

  • octopus

    We have been having this “escape the room” boom since the beginning of this year in Russia too. There are a lot of those “quests” in Moscow now.