Lucky Frame's The Nightmare Cooperative came out on Steam back in July, and was announced as coming to iOS at around that time as well, but now we know when the company's "kind of a puzzley roguelike is finally hitting, on August 28th, this Thursday. Check out their trailer below for the game's impending mobile release:

The iOS release is particularly intriguing because the game feels particularly attuned to swiping as a control mechanism versus using arrow commands. As well, the game, which is a universal app, will be playable in portrait mode on iPhone for one-handed play, which should be a great fit for the game. As well, the pace of the game should be great for mobile replayability.

The game itself recalls Threes [$2.99] in a small way by having one swipe move every player character on the map: working around this to move characters , attacking and escaping from enemies when necessary is key to survival. Scoring is based off of collecting gold, with chests that offer up gold but also spawn a certain number of enemies, a la 868-HACK [$4.99]. It winds up being an original mixture in and of itself, and I think this might be the rare game that's more fun to play on a touchscreen versus on PC with a keyboard.

  • Jerutix

    I will follow their instructions and buy it. Do we know the price?

    • Lucky Frame

      yup: Tier 4 (aka USD$3.99 or equivalent)

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    I hope its not too "Super Hard" im not very good at roguelikes and i really want this game xD

    • Stormourner

      aaaawww I don't mind about difficult games as long as I'm good at it

    • Lucky Frame

      hey! i helped make this. I'm always a little unsure about whether we should describe the game as "super hard", precisely because we don't want to scare people off πŸ™‚

      it's definitely a challenging game, but we did our best to make it *fair*, which I think is most important. you'll definitely die a lot as you learn the game, but as you learn what the different monsters do you should be able to figure out solutions to nearly every situation.

      so i guess what i'm saying is: it's hard, but also rewarding πŸ˜€

      • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

        Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Really cool to see Devs doing that. Thanks, I'm going to grab the game because it does look fun!

  • Goggles789

    That trailer made me lose interest.

    • anabolicMike

      I know eh.... It was kinda, well horrendous.

    • Themostunclean

      Desperately hipsterish.

      • Lucky Frame


  • RampageDeluxe

    Funny trailer. It looks like the game could go either way, bad or good. If it's not too much, I'll pick it up Wednesday night.

  • Silent Rocco

    Love what I see. And since Sword of Fargoal and 868-Hack are among my fav games ever, I really can't wait to play this.

    • Hypocrypha

      Looks like a knock off, I'm pretty dissapointed and was hoping for their usual unique creative trailblazing style.

  • Killerluffy246

    Ignore my family ? Sory man I love my family so Im not going to buy this game.

  • gmattergames

    Interesting trailer, cool looking game.