The original creator of A Dark Room [$1.99], the minimalist text-adventure hit, has just released their latest game: Gridland. While it's not on the App Store yet, you can still play it on your iPhone or iPad right now via Safari. This is a match-3 game that involves making matches to cultivate resources to build buildings by day – and then fighting off creatures at night by making matches to attack, protect, and more, going back and forth until death.

While it's not available as a native app quite yet, the game works perfectly in Safari – you can swipe between pieces to make matches, this isn't like the clunky browser-based games you've played before. It even saves your game between sessions, and has a game save export code that can be pasted into other versions of the game.

Of course, given the opportunistic nature of many unscrupulous developers, and that the game will be released as open-source (though it isn't right as of this second), unofficial ports are likely on the way.


No word yet on if the creator of the official A Dark Room iOS port, Amirali Rajan, who just released a prequel called The Ensign [$1.99], will be at work on an official App Store port. Hopefully the world decides to hold off on cloning this one.

  • anabolicMike

    I really like this game from the video and stuff. Like what gives these guys ideas? Do they whack a bunch of junk and just prototype shit till the nods puts their head to the floor? Then when they wake up get whatever hooker or hookman they got with me pick the best one?

    • anabolicMike

      With me! I meant with them. Ooooooppps

  • your personal robot

    Wow, this tickles my 10000000 nerve. Amazing so far. Needed a while for the first click. Big problem: my browser keeps crashing. I want a proper app version! Like, now!

    • your personal robot

      Dev told me to turn off sound via adding /?silent to the URL. Worked! Now the game runs perfectly fine! I'm hooked!

  • gmattergames

    Call me pretentious, but it looks brilliant.

    • gmattergames

      Ok, tried it, as expected, great. A visual Darkroom, a concept much more palatable and one that will surely be cloned by the AppStore machine in no time.

  • vectorarchitekt

    Must be popular because it won't load.....looks great!!

  • Truffled

    I'm really enjoying this so far even without a tutorial. Took me a few tries to learn to go slow at night and I'm assuming the star above buildings lets you choose which building to divert resources to? I've gotten to day 16. I can't seem to find where to get the "code" from, and I hope it auto saves as I couldn't find a way to do it manually. But I'm really enjoying it regardless.

  • your personal robot

    Level 29. Still trying to figure out things. Amazing "onion" game again that unfolds as you play. Best match-3 I've played yet.

  • saosijs

    A dark room developer in the digital camera age?

  • lavenders2

    Is it just me or is the game not loading? It is taking forever even on a beefed up PC, so the servers might be getting a tad bombarded...

  • SofaR0cker

    Stuck on night 30.

    Can you control the star?

  • Truffled

    I've gotten to night 25 and things have gotten hard. For the star I just tap a building to set it and tap again to remove it or tap a different building to move it to that building. Only works on buildings that have the bars under them.

    Either I've leveled too fast, or I am just unlucky as I've stopped getting blue shards so whatever was being built after my saw mill hasn't progressed.

  • daniel schroeder

    I don't know what's going on half the time because i'm just trying to find good matches and chains. I like how it's fast and the day/night mechanic is awesome. If they release it as a legit iOS app, I'll gladly get down on it.

  • eatthis

    On Day 66.

    You can control the star by tapping on the building, not above it. It will divert resources to that building first, however, if there are any other resources usable by any other buildings, your character will still drop them there.

    Use the purple shards to fill the circle that appears at the bottom left. It will allow you a few functions to help you in your quest - speed up movement of your character, stop time, change night to day/vice versa, and shuffle pieces around.

    The meta game here is that certain resources become certain monsters, and/or equipment at night time. Wood will become your shield, and metal/ore will become your sword. If you clear your screen and are left with smatterings of wood here and there or metal, with no chance of making a connection, good luck in the later days because you will be hard pressed to defeat your enemies.

    Loving this game, it's helping me get through this pulled trapezius.

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