Force of Habit's Toast Time [$2.99] was well-beloved last year, nabbing a 5-star rating from us. This arena shooter took some notes from Super Crate Box [$1.99] but really stood out as its own original action game. Now, six months after the game's iOS release, Toast Time is getting a new level pack in a free update, releasing on August 27th.

Toast Time Update

The new level pack is called Uncle Martin's Freezer Cabinet, and is an icy affair: all the levels involve trying to protect the clock while slipping around everywhere. There's a total of 9 new levels, each with their own new bits of music. This brings the total number of levels to 54. These levels should prove to be rather challenging, as they're full of enemies that will go right for the clock right away, sothese are best for advanced players. Haven't played Toast Time in a while and lost your save? They're available right away – the levels are to the left of the first set, and are available right away.

The update releases for both the iOS and Android versions of the game on the 27th, and will be a free update. As well, the game is releasing on Steam for those who want to try playing the game with a mouse.

  • Donny K76

    Great news! This game has remained on my device. Highly recommended.

  • mattreeder

    Awesome! This is definitely one of my top five bread related games.