Colin Northway of Incredipede [$3.99] fame has announced his latest title, Deep Under the Sky, releasing this Wednesday on iOS. Created in collaboration with Rich Edwards, creator of Pineapple Smash Crew on PC, this puzzler bosts a gorgeous alien look and single-tap gameplay.

Deep Under the Sky

The game is played entirely with a single tap: doing so launches a baby jellyfish spore which can be eventually be detonated to plant babies, with each nest needing to be planted in order to beat the level. The spores in each level actually have a different sequence of actions in each level, including a jet boost and swinging from hooks, in order to help reach other nests in the level.

Levels track the number of shots and how long it took to beat them, but there's not a penalty for taking hundreds of shots or hours on end to beat a level. There's also stars in each level that can be collected, often out of reach.

The game's look was inspired by Colin Northway's time spent on an island in Panama with his wife Sarah Northway, creator of the Rebuild [$2.99] series, where Colin says "There was this one night with no moon where we went snorkiling in the complete dark and the water rippled with bioluminescence, it was totaly amazing! Snapping your fingers made ripples of green fire sparkle off your fingertips!" The game is scheduled to release on Wednesday, August 20th, for both iOS and Android, with a Steam release coming on Friday as well.

  • subshell001

    Fantastic Contraption, Incredipede, Rebuild, they are all freaking fantastic. Will definitely pick this up.