On Friday, we posted about a vague tweet from Pokemon YouTuber TheJWittz from the Pokemon Championship over the weekend mentioning that Pokemon: The Trading Card Game Online was coming to iPad. Well, that's since been confirmed by Polygon that it's not only real, but then Kotaku got word that it's coming this year.


The rest of the story, so far, is filled with speculation. You've been able to play the Pokemon card game online for quite a while now, and hopefully the game that's being teased is a full cross-platform version of that. It's working for Hearthstone [Free] and I'm super stoked for the possibility with Pokemon- Not because I particularly care about the Pokemon card game, but because I feel like this could potentially light a pretty huge fire under the collective butts at Wizards of the Coast to release an iPad Magic the Gathering Online client… As they surely can't ignore two huge successful digital card games on the platform, right?

Either way, typically speaking when big games like this from huge franchises get teased, it means they're awfully close to being released. Hopefully that's the case here.

  • Stormourner

    I guess I will download it and run away before the storm breaks out *cough*nintendo fans*cough*

    • Daniel Kenmar

      And just what is wrong with Nintendo fans? 😉

      • Holcman

        Not Nintendo fans, nothing wrong with them. Nintendo-Obsessed Fanboys are another story. They only want Nintendo games on Nintendo's hardware.

      • Daniel Kenmar

        I consider myself a Nintendo fanboy, but not one so delusional that I'd never touch another platform. 😛

      • Stormourner

        lol!! I like that reply XD
        I agree with Holcman those aggressive nintendo fanpeople does not accept nintendo games to be on mobile devices, even iwata doesn't want the nintendo games on mobile devices

  • sbnewsom

    I hope this isn't that"something big" reveal regarding Pokemon.

  • Daniel Kenmar

    I just posted this on the other article, but since that one's a few days old, I'll repost it here:

    For those not in the loop on the PTCGO client: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is what Magic Online is to MTG. You get all the same cards as you do in real life and play the same exact game, just through an online digital client instead of with paper cards. The clients automate the rules and progression of the game, so all the players have to worry about is simply playing the game.

    A free account includes a somewhat paltry collection of very basic cards, enough to make an extremely casual deck. You won't be winning many games on the competitive ladder with what you start with. Fortunately, there are ways to earn more cards.

    Playing the game and logging into the game every day will earn you tokens which can be used to buy packs in the game's shop (you can also buy digital equivalents of starter decks, as well as cosmetic items like sleeves). Every few days, logging in will also net you a free booster pack. Keep in mind that any cards earned through these "free to play" packs (as well as the packs themselves) are untradable.

    You can also earn packs online by redeeming the codes included in physical Pokemon TCG boosters. In essence, you're purchasing one pack in paper and one pack online. For the most part, the pack you buy in paper will be from the expansion you get online. (It may be entirely that way now.) If you have no desire to play the paper version, you also have the option to simply buy codes online from Amazon, Troll and Toad, and other retailers. The codes usually average around 50 cents each, much cheaper than Hearthstone's 5-card packs. You can usually pick up a booster box worth of codes (36 packs) for around $18.

    Thankfully, these packs are tradable, as are the cards in them. The packs are typically used as the game's "currency". In other words, people usually trade their cards for packs, not other cards. The newest expansion is typically the most accepted as currency. Once a new expansion hits, you might as well open all your old packs.

    There's not much to do other than play constructed. There are no limited formats at all online (yet, at least). There's just constructed. At least what's there is good and still fun to play.

    I'd suggest anybody to at least get a free account and try the game out. They never ask for a form of payment (because pack codes are basically the only real form they accept). It's still fun, even if it is a bit convoluted from what many of you may remember from the good ol' days of Base Set, Jungle, and Fossil.

    • Spore Productions

      You win at paragraph building.

      • Daniel Kenmar

        Thank you? XD

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  • imuddy

    Though we are getting the annoying unwanted third cousin. I'm not complaning. Maybe this will be the bridge.

    • cofunguy

      Sadly if it took them this long on this franchise, you can just imagine how long the wait might be for the others. I'll let the kids play with this ugly duckling and stick to the more grown up games.

      • Daniel Kenmar

        You'd be surprised just how many "grown ups" play this game.

      • videba

        "Grown up games" ayy lmaooo! Nothing wrong with pokemon buth damn what you talking about. And the games will never come to ios

  • Zosoninja

    This is already available to play for free on pc. Much like hearthstone. But much more depth and fun

  • jForsythe

    Anyone remember the dragon ball z card game I only ever played it on a GBA emu for some reason I loved that game.

    • Daniel Kenmar

      Yes, I also only played the GBA version, but I loved that game. I still to this day don't know the exact formula for solving Physical Attack damage, but I mostly played Black Energy Attack decks or Red Anger decks anyways. 😛

  • XboxOne

    No iPhone 5s, don't care.

    • XboxOne

      No iPhone 5s support, don't care.

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    Very cool!

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    Interesting lead!