Earlier this week we posted about Skylanders: Trap Team and the cool reveal that they were going to offer a kit that features a bluetooth summoning portal and iOS game controller. Towards the end of the story, I speculated that perhaps this Skylanders bundle would be the spark that starts the fire of massive amounts of iOS 7 controller adoption rates. This, of course, was all under the assumption that the included controller was just a normal iOS 7 game controller with some Skylanders branding on top.


…But, it's not. We recently confirmed with Actvision that the Skylanders controller will only work with Skylanders games. Talk about a bummer. Now, instead of dropping $75 to get Trap Team, all the stuff to play it, and a controller to use with other stuff if you wanted… You're basically just buying two more pieces of plastic from the pieces of plastic packed Skylanders universe.

Historically, app-specific iOS gaming hardware hasn't done too well. I'd love to be wrong, but I suspect this Skylanders pack might be a lot like the Gameloft-backed DuoMobile controller which didn't take too long before it was clearanced down to $6 on Amazon from its original $80 asking price.

C'est la vie, I suppose.

  • DannyTheElite

    Anyone who buys this is an idiot

    • nini

      We'll come back to this once it's sold a few million units.

    • Stormourner

      anyone upvotes you is an idiot ;P

  • misfitskater6

    Maybe the jailbreak scene will be able to make it work with other software.

  • Touchdoku

    Ugh.. Well.. That's one way of alienating potential customers..

    • Stormourner

      the skylanders fans will buy it and no one is forces you to buy them so it's your choice

      • Touchdoku

        The skylanders fans will buy it on console and i did not say they was forcing me :p stating an opinion is allowed in this free world is it not?

      • Stormourner

        yup some skylanders fans buy skylanders games on consoles while other skylanders fans will buy both on the consoles and mobiles

  • KosMos005

    Too bad i wanted this now i think il hold my money until i see if its actualy worth it

  • AzureStarline

    the Skylanders Battlegrounds pack from 2 years ago flopped too, especially the ones that didn't include Royal Double Trouble.

  • T-REZ5000

    I was planning on getting this for my kids and using the control for monster hunter. But this news pretty much squashed that plan. Not worth $75 to me anymore.

  • Tommmy

    One word: idiots.

    • Stormourner


      • Holcman

        To stormourner: Double Nooooooope! Anyway, I don't care. Feel free to spend your money on this real-life IAP. They're like toys that you can't play with like normal toys due to the electronics inside. And they cost a lot more. And I would never get a controller that costs more than console controllers for one game. But, if you have money to burn, and want to spend it all on something tangible, rather than IAP in a game, then I guess this is for you...

  • RodrigoCard

    I was planning to buy that.... Not anymore!

  • vid_icarus

    As a big fan of the skylanders series I can say only one thing about this:
    Ok, one other thing:
    Glad I didn't cancel my preorder for trap team on the PS4!

  • jeffyg3

    Damn. I was all set to buy it on day one too. Thought it would be great for my little cousins and nephews and I get an extra controller to boot. This news is so disappointing

  • visualplayer

    The picture makes the controller look oddly like the SteelStratus.

  • mgs2ss

    Why a stupid tablet version and not another PC version? I'd love to play this on my Surface.

    • RetroGamesAnime

      i would love to play this on my PC