Back in early June we learned that Zen Studios had teamed up with Telltale Games to bring a new pinball table based on The Walking Dead adventure game series to their popular iOS pinball app Zen Pinball [Free]. Well Zen has been plenty busy in the two months since that announcement with Comic-Con and tons of Marvel announcements, but we had yet to hear anything on when the Walking Dead table would hit. Until today, as Zen has revealed that starting August 26th the Walking Dead pinball table will be available across digital storefronts.

I say "starting" on August 26th because as has been the case with their digital pinball table releases in the past, it'll likely be a staggered release across platforms. I'd guess something like PlayStation players will get the game on August 26th, with Xbox following the next day, and finally mobile gamers getting the new table that Thursday. But hey, that's just a guess, so it's possible we'll see the table anytime after August 26th comes around. The important thing is that it won't be too much longer to wait now.

The Walking Dead pinball table sounds incredibly interesting, not just because it looks like a neat pinball table but due to the fact that Zen has tried to replicate the choice-driven gameplay from Telltale's series but in pinball form. The table will retell the story of the first season of Walking Dead: The Game and will feature familiar locations like Clementine's treehouse and the pharmacy in Macon. It'll even feature brand new story dialogue from the actual voice actors from the Walking Dead game.

It all sounds really cool, so keep an eye out for the Walking Dead pinball to hit during the week of August 26th. Also check out our brief hands-on with Walking Dead pinball from E3 this past June.

  • Anotherkellydown

    Sounds really cool, Jared. Probably be one of the few tables I actually buy for Zen Pinball. Love Zen, but most of the tables don't interest me. It's hard enough to figure out how to complete goals on the stock table! Having played through the first 3 1/2 episodes on XBOX, I'm stoked to revisit the first one via the new table. Thanks for the news!

  • Hypocrypha

    I so can't wait!!

  • DBrown519

    Yeah me too people. We are also missing PvZ Pinball, come on EA/PopCap port it over soon.