A noted designer returns to the genre that he helped define, and it's difficult not to judge the game against its heritage. Godus [Free] comes from 22cans, an outfit founded by Peter Molyneux, designer of seminal god games, such as Populous and Black & White; it is perhaps unfair to Godus, a crowdfunded free-to-play game, to consider it in such company. The sad reality is that Godus fares little better when judged on its own terms.

As I write this, my iPad sits off to the side with the game running, its timers slowly ticking down. I want to give it a final opportunity to reveal something interesting before this review is completed. Based on my experiences thus far, I can guess that it will give me a new series of timers to watch, and maybe a couple more resources to collect. In other words, it will add more layers of obfuscation designed to muddy my perception of the values of money and time.

Godus 4

Naturally, "gems" are available for real money, and can be converted into various other things, such as belief, which powers godly abilities. Gems can also buy wheat, or can be spent to instantly circumvent various timers; they can be used to build monuments, which offer a variety of bonuses. The most soul-sucking use of gems is the purchase of blind packs of stickers (blind as in you won't know what you're getting until you make the purchase), which in turn gradually unlock cards. Cards tend to introduce new things for which to wait. It goes around and around like this, leaving the player like Tantalus, ever reaching and never satisfied.

As if to mock, purchasable items peek out from the edge of the screen and wave when the game notices that you're running out of some resource or other. In the interest of testing the waters for review purposes, I made a few in-app purchases and was left feeling the emotional equivalent of a wet fart. For instance, a basic package of belief allowed me to sloppily grope the terrain for a few seconds. The interface for shaping the land is an imprecise horror, which is especially frustrating after paying for the privilege. It's also the main activity of the game, as (similarly to Populous) your citizens need a flat expanse of nothingness in order to thrive.

Godus 2

Sadly, this need to ravage the land interferes with one of the great positive qualities of the game, and that is the artfully shaded and stepped natural terrain. Other presentational elements are nice, such as the character animation, sound and weather. There is some admirable work here, but it seems like a waste when it depicts a world with no drama. At this point, conflict with the environment and neighboring civilizations will only lead to more waiting; this is not a compelling risk when "success" leads to the same thing. Maybe if I get a hundred hours (or dollars) into the game, then something radical will occur, but Godus has done nothing to earn my faith.

If I wait a week, I'll be able to play an unfun Lemmings-inspired minigame. I suspect I'll rain meteors on my settlement and call it a day before then.

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  • Maglor

    Godus? It's 'Stopdus'. So much In game currency and Timer. No Thank You Anyway.

  • SoyGreen

    Perfect score to give this game. Couldn't agree more with the review. Had a lot of hope for this game - but it's utter crap.

  • j.e3diu

    Spot-on review.

  • http://futbolox.tumblr.com/ Fnurgh

    I feared this might be another Dungeon Keeper review debacle.... phew.

    • Design by Adrian

      Peter Molyneux is a bloody hypocrite! He spoke against Dungeon Keeper then did the same thing to his "God of God Games".

      • dibdib

        I wish people would stop touting this. Go back and read the interview. He was professionally kind to Dungeon Keeper and stopped short of placing any real judgment on it.

        Gamers are still talking about the guy like he's capable of integrity and making good games. He's been skilled at attaching his name to the talents of other people in the industry, taking credit and being a shill for the biggest companies. He sold out to EA and again to Microsoft because that's what he's best at doing. He has been bullshitting people for years, yet they still act like they're waiting for him to come out with some next big thing. Then they have the nerve to act incredulous, like it's completely unthinkable that something he attached his name to could turn out to be shit.

        This guy is laughing all the way to the bank with those fundraising dollars, and he'll do it again and people will be gullible enough to repeat the process.

      • Design by Adrian

        "I felt myself turning round saying, 'What? This is ridiculous. I just want to make a dungeon. I don't want to schedule it on my alarm clock for six days to come back for a block to be chipped,'" he said.

  • Design by Adrian

    As I went along the game just added more roadblocks instead of opening them up as I progress making me feel more powerful.

    Farming is the best example:

    Hurray! I discovered farming and can now produce items! Then all of a sudden, those items were needed to build regular buildings and I have to either wait for ever to have them produced, or use gems to finish them more quickly.

    BOO! Deleted.

    • Adam

      Yeah, that didn't make any sense. It was kind of a bait and switch in terms of trying to grow your tech tree.

  • Erman Haskan

    Review Sky Pursuit...

  • DillweedLtd

    Molyneux isn't making god games, he's making games whilst referring to himself as god.

    Not really certain this qualifies as a gam though.

    • keshi0

      That's no game... it's a space sta... err... it's a... I don't know what it is.

      • SherlockEB

        It's cr*p

  • Adsinjapan

    Wow, this review was actually a lot fairer than I personally believe it deserves.

    I deleted Godus this morning. I was kind of sickened to look at the app icon on my iPad actually.
    I've renamed the game in my own mind to something else since playing it and realising what a horror it is.

    I call it ConUS these days.

    No matter what future vision Peter Molyneux might have had for the game, it crashed and burned in the first few days of its iOS launch and with good reason.
    I've never experienced an iOS game that so grotesquely forces IAPs down your throat while offering nothing in return.
    You end up feeling financially raped after.

  • keshi0

    Game [geym]

    an amusement or pastime:
    children's games.
    the material or equipment used in playing certain games:
    a store selling toys and games.
    a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the partof two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually fortheir own amusement or for that of spectators.

    A game, it is not.

  • Adams Immersive

    Real-world currency to buy consumables? Check. Timers? Check. I can see why a company would cynically try to push this out.... but getting people to actually crowdfund it? That's Bond Villain territory!

    (Now, if they tried use the winner of the Curiosity Cube as a scapegoat, then they would be truly diabolical!)

    • keshi0

      I honestly think they should be taken to court for scamming their crowd funders/investors. After an admittedly quick scan I can't see an obvious place anywhere they mention it being an IAP based game.

      "We'll use YOUR money to create and build something, then charge YOU and others to 'play' it... keeping ALL the money for ourselves!! MUAHAHAHA"

      It's absolutely criminal. Such a shame, it could have been so good.

      • Dale Broadbent

        You are really going to judge the game based solely on IAP aren't you. If you enjoy playing it you'll be willing to play it without purchasing gems, which is possible. I don't think the game was designed for you to sit down and binge-play it for dozens of hours until your eyes fall out of your head - it was meant for short play sessions and a gameplay style that keeps you coming back for more day after day. That's how I play it and I've had a lot of fun.

        I've said this elsewhere and I'll say it here too - "criminal" would have been investing our money in a ponzi scheme or running some sort of scam with it. Criminal would have been taking the entire office on a vacation to Tahiti. They did none of those things, or anything else you could label criminal - they made the game they said they would. You can dislike how it turned out, but calling it criminal is just ridiculous.

        I do agree with you that it could have been better, though I am enjoying the game as it is. It's all a matter of perspective (isn't everything?)

      • keshi0

        I'm basing it on the fact that it is impossible to 'play' this app. It's not a game because there is no play involved. Just waiting, a couple of taps and no reward. Nothing. No joy.

        I call it criminal because the end product looks nothing like the way it was described to investors.

        They knew exactly what they were doing. They know there is a market of morons out there willing to pay to speed up 'gameplay'. They KNEW this market most definitely weren't the ones who were investing on kickstarter.

        Disagree? The only question you need to ask is this:

        Do you honestly think all of those people would have invested their own money into the game had they known it would end up like this? Only to pay more to 'play' it?

        I doubt it.

      • Dale Broadbent

        2 things I definitely don't know: What other people might have done if they had known various things. And none of us knew how the game would turn out when we donated to the cause. We had lots of pretty pictures (which were pretty close to what we have now actually) and I believe some gameplay. The base gameplay is not much changed from the beta. I recall waiting quite a bit for various things to happen. In fact the overall pacing of the game is pretty much identical since beta - play for a while, put the game down and wait for an hour or so and begin playing again. Or wait longer. I mean you do get tired of playing eventually so the interval between play sessions will probably lengthen. A game like this could take months to play through. Meanwhile you are living life, watching TV, playing sports, going to work or school, etc. and Godus is always there for when you're ready to come back and play. That's really not such a bad arrangement, unless you just don't like the game to begin with - then you simply don't play it.

        If you donated to the game, then I really am sorry because I know you're frustrated it didn't turn out how you wanted it to. But at the end of the day, someone had to make the tough choices otherwise nothing would have happened. And it sounds like 22cans brought in various people to advise them about iOS development best practices, market considerations, business practices, etc., and this guided the direction the game went. This is how games are made these days - there's the content side and the business side and the business side usually wins out (look at who makes the most in game development - it has almost always been the suits).

        If you take away the poor pacing and the gem store, I think you have a really solid game here. It hooked me way back in the beginning and it's managed to hook me again, even when I thought it couldn't do so again. I've actually been pretty surprised at how addicted my wife and I are to it... I think you should give it a better chance. Maybe try it on PC for a better experience before throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

      • Dale Broadbent

        Regarding the market of morons who pay to speed up gameplay, this is actually an industry innovation from the last several years that is in place for good reason. It caters to various age groups like so: Younger people with little cash and lots of time use skill to progress through the game (in this case you do all the boat missions to get belief, wheat, cards etc). Older people with lots of money and little time have no problem whatsoever dropping $100 on a game they really like but don't have the time to put up with the timers and tough boat missions.

        There is a very good reason why this game is the way it is - to cater to the broadest crowd possible. No money? Use your skill. No time to wait + lots of disposable cash? Visit the gem store and get moving. Either way, both types are (theoretically) happy.

        The ones that hate this system - those with little cash or those that think spending $50 on gems is totally stupid. This last category I understand - I don't spend money on Independence Day fireworks, I don't play the lotto, and I don't spend my money on in-game junk. But I still have fun playing Godus 🙂

      • Ultradud


      • YARRRRR

        You stopped making sense at the point where you implied there is skill involved in this game, Maybe even before, I didn't read it all, i check big comments diagonally, if don't see anything ridiculous, i read carefully, if i do, i point it out. Skill. Wow.

      • Dale Broadbent

        Hmph. Whatever.... YARRRRRRRRRR. You obviously have not played the boat challenges. If you can even get past the first mission, then you can come back here and talk about skill or no skill.

      • YARRRRR

        I actually did finish the first boat challenge at the first try before i wrote any of my comments, it was easier than the very first mission of lemmings, the game they sort of ripped off for the sailing part. All the islands are very predictable, and finding the solution takes way less time than watching your people run to the temple trying not to get bored.

        So yea, no skill. Unless what you mean by skill is fighting the touchscreen sculpting controls making it grab exact layer you need.

      • Robert Horning

        I purchased this game (yes, I made the mistake of actually putting money on the table for this piece of garbage) just after the Kickstarter campaign ended. It was recommended by Notch (yes, the creator of Minecraft) and frankly the early prototype showed a whole lot of promise. I really thought, even after playing the game after I bought it that it was basically worth the purchase price.

        And then Peter Molyneux had a brain fart, aneurysm, or I don't know what happened and changed the game so much that it has become unrecognizable. Every update seems to get worse. I could live with basic features missing like say a save game, but now I'm pissed each time the game updates on my computer.

        I feel ripped off, and now I can't even play the game I paid for in the first place (aka the original version that was sort of OK even if unpolished). It most definitely is not the game they said they were going to make, and isn't even the game that it was. Complaints during this early beta period went unanswered including bug reports.

        Seriously, I have never been more disappointed in any software purchase I have ever made.

      • Dale Broadbent

        Dang - /smacks forehead/ You think each update has made the game worse and I think the opposite. Can't we just get along? I mean seriously - you like it back in early alpha when the workers would die within 30 seconds of leaving their homes if they weren't given a job to do? You liked wolves roving the countryside eating villagers? You liked the stupid-primitive sculpting or the insane amount of mouse clicking? It drove me nuts trying to play that game. People raised a huge outcry about those and so many other problems and they responded with improvements. The original settlements were a joke - they didn't look cool and were confusing as heck. Their new settlements are completely awesome - you select a bunch of buildings, click merge and - boom! - you got this crazy-looking mashed up complex, each of which is unique in size and shape - I've never seen the same one twice. The wolves are gone, the sculpting has matured greatly, and you no longer have to click each and every single house to collect belief.

        Which of those updates made the game worse? The only thing that I didn't like about the game, besides the long timers, was the Astari taking huge chunks of my people while I slept at night - and this was just addressed in the latest version released today (8/14). Yay! No more Astari. They were on their last legs anyways, the jerks.

      • Andrew Camilleri

        "I don't think the game was designed for you to sit down and binge-play it for dozens of hours until your eyes fall out of your head - it was meant for short play sessions and a gameplay style that keeps you coming back for more day after day. "

        We pledged on kickstarter for a PC game not a casual tablet game. We were even told the game was being designed to cater for players who wanted to play it for hours on end, you know, like a normal PC game.

  • djstout

    Yeah best review!!! I am so happy that you gave it one start!!! Thank you, I am so sick of those FarmVille games

  • Ax23000

    I think this game has given me Stockholm syndrome. I say this upfront so everyone understands that I know there's something wrong with me 🙂

    I kind of, maybe, like this game. No, I haven't paid a cent for IAP. Yes, there are a ton of stupid design decisions.

    Here's the thing though, I find the game relaxing. I check in on it a few times a day, collect my belief, sculpt some land, set some buildings, collect crops and then I quit. A typical play session is only five minutes or so.

    It's repetitive and there's not much real action. Because of this you may, rightly, wonder what engages me. The answer is that I kind of just like the feeling of watching my little empire slowly develop. I get a silly thrill when I get to a beacon and get to explore more of the beautiful little world. There are a ton of neat little details in the game from the landscape to watching your little people camping out on a mountainside.

    Let me reiterate, the game has massive problems and I know it. Lack of variety, repetition, stickers, stupid AI, anything you can only get with gems, etc. So yeah, spot on review. Send help. I think I need mental evaluation.

    • Ax23000

      Did I mention the bloody stickers? Terrible design. A sane person who quits early may believe belief or wheat are the paywall, but they'd be wrong. Both those things are actually very plentiful as your settlements grow. The five hour timer on the wheat is deceptive, because after you get a couple of farm settlements going you end up with a reasonable amount of wheat...especially if you aren't too concerned with expanding super fast. You can also speed up growth with belief, which is another resource that you end up with a fair bit of as you develop.

      But stickers? At first it just takes a sticker or two to unlock the card you just unlocked (seriously wtf!?!) by the time you get always past farming it takes a TON. Way more than you're finding in the landscape. The only way to get cards faster are the stupid voyages. The ridiculously bad path finding plus the imprecise land sculpting means I avoid these like the plague.

      So yeah, it will be the stickers that drive me to quit this game eventually.

      • Danjal Veskandar

        I'm assuming you did not get the memo that even the iOS version is effectively an alpha version barely representing 50% of their final vision?

        Yea.... Its one of those games...

      • ttyRazor

        And the timers are likely there to draw out what little there is here.

      • Matt Lindquist

        Yup, probably true. I imagine if I actually was willing to dump money into this thing I could be through everything by now. As it is, without spending a cent, I'm already halfway through the available cards.

      • Danjal Veskandar

        As one of the original backers (yes, I have many regrets at this point) I can assure you. The Pit of Doom in the PC version gives you effectively infinite gems and it only took me 4~5 days to burn through all the content currently in the 'game'.

        And thats only because I've played for some short sessions spread across those days, likely if I had set down in a few long sessions I could've done much of the same in 2 days tops.

        They have an awefull lot to fix, even for the mobile release. But as far as i've been able to tell Peter Molyneux has little interest in doing so.
        He seems of the opinion that everyone that doesn't like the game is just misunderstanding it.
        And he's certain of the fact that the game is 'delicious and zen-like' (his words).

      • Matt Lindquist

        You know, I am aware of this fact. I've been watching it on Steam Early Access for a while now. But you'll notice that nowhere in the App Store description does it describe itself as an alpha, or even a beta.

        I'm curious what their final vision will turn out to be, but the current vision is a complete mess. I think there's something engaging buried under all the bizarre systems and premium barriers, but they're really going to need to buckle down and accept that they've made some pretty big mistakes if they want to fix this.

        I hope they do though.

  • GreedPhantom

    Snailus. The perfect slow game.

  • macaaroni

    All these comments and the review are far too harsh. The game is fun! So it gets harder as you go along, um... doesn't every game work that way? Doesn't every sim game have timers and requirements to gain resources? Patience and perseverance are a requirement of this game style, and it's visual design suit this format perfectly. It runs smooth on my iPad 3rd gen too.

    • Stormourner

      unfortunately some people are not patient *shrug*

    • Robert Horning

      Give it some time. Eventually you will join us on the dark side and learn to hate this game. I have never seen a company do more to piss off its fans than what this company has done.

      The comments being made here are far too kind and considerate for the software developers.

  • hamton

    How did Godus get a 4.5 star rating (303 reviews) on the App Store ?

    • Stormourner

      idk maybe those players are new to Godus or maybe the developers' friends and families are doing this

    • keshi0

      Moronic knee jerk reactions from young players enjoying a 'free' game.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Rating the game is part of the tutorial just before it asks you to connect to Facebook. (Not even joking.)

      • blackharon

        I wish you were joking. That'll be the new norm in timer games. Turn off timers till the game is rated or tutorial is completed.

      • iammane

        Lol omg...

      • Design by Adrian

        *cough* just like Dungeon Keeper *cough*

      • hamton

        I wouldn't be surprised Eli.

      • keshi0

        They should put a time barrier in for rating games. No rating until you've played the game for three hours.

      • Dale Broadbent

        My wife and I have been playing the game since early August on the iOS and PC and we are both hooked. Neither of us like the timers (they are much worse on the iOS version) but we also don't need to be playing for hours at a time - 30-90 minutes is a perfectly good play session. The minigames are indeed frustrating at times, but not all the time. Some are very hard and it sucks to lose. But I've said this a few times around the internet - the PC version is much better, no gem store and the timers are greatly reduced. I get my boat refilled for free every hour or so and a wheat field in as little as 45 minutes, which can be sped up with the purity rain. If you just focus on the negatives you will indeed hate this game. But there are a lot of positives as well. I choose to focus on the positive, though I will admit lately that losing my people to the horrid Astari is beginning to be very frustrating.

      • YARRRRR

        Thing is to hardcore gaming community, the practises you offer to ignore are extremely insulting. Basically it is like a really good dinner at a fancy restraunt, and one crazy naked dude running around, vomiting and urinating into everyone's dishes. And you are suggesting us to ignore the dude, because the cuisine and staff and decorations are awesome. It's great that they are awesome, but that dude marks literally everything that is awesome. And the most confusing part — all those wonderful waitresses and all other staff including the chef don not seem to mind The Great Urinator at all.

        Also, as a veteran PC gamer who mostly plays iOS games now (the few good ones obviously) I find his platform-racism very offensive, he admits to PC users that buying gems for money is dirty (exact word), yet he pushes iOS users to do that exact dirty stuff with timers etc.

    • lonewolf2k1

      Pretty simple- they harrass you with leaving a review not even 5 mins into the tutorial, when all is still free and shiny.

    • godofodd

      I gave it 4 stars. To each his/her own. I like it a lot.

      • Dale Broadbent

        Yep, so did I. I'd still give it 4 stars after playing it for days. I do prefer the PC version and I don't think you can rate that.

    • Danjal Veskandar

      Because the game had (has?) an 'click yes to review and get free gems' mechanic build into it.

  • Stormourner

    of course I know we building something and do nothing.........oh well we can play other games until the times are done

    • Intendro

      The thing is, why does the game make you play a different one? Why does it not want to be played? Why does it not let you play it, when a game is meant to be played? Why would I throw money at it to remove it once and then do that over and over? Timers are completely illogical.

      • Stormourner

        it's best not to waste "time" and drink "energy" beverages

      • Juroku

        That's how addiction works. You are left unable to do anything when you want to do more and you wait until you can continue the pleasure.

  • worldcitizen1919

    I loved Black & White. I really wish they made this the same. It would have been fantastic fun for $10-$15 with no IAP. They could have made money on this without the bad press.

  • iammane

    Says the guy named Urine haha

  • Goggles789

    Someone drank too much koolaid.

    • Jake7905

      Or urine.

  • chanandler

    Anyone heard from Molyneux? Normally he is spouting BS all over the place, I'm surprised he hasn't come out swinging in light of all the negative press.

    Mind you, suspiciously there are over 5000 5* reviews against the game in the App Store, weird that most of them were there within 24 hours of the game launching.

    • anabolicMike

      I've heard there's companies in India and China that you can throw a bunch of money to and they will get you these ratings. Some huge Center of people sit there and make multiple accounts on multiple devices (or however) and when that order gets put in, whammmmmmmooooooo. 5000 positive ratings in 24 hours. There were people doing this for websites to generate traffic and raise the site up in the search engines. I think google caught wind of it and if they catch you, and they eventually will, there's a punishment outlined in their service agreement. Same as if your screwing around by tricking, paying or whatever to get people to click google ads on your site. I think not only do they ban you from their search engine all together (which is huge) they add scammer to your email (georgescammer@gmail.com).Then they go to your house, spray paint your dog, key your car and publicly flog you. It's true guys, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

  • Adsinjapan

    In the end (if you check the news section of the 22Cans site) it's actually states that it was planned to rip off iOS gamers at the very beginning.

    It appears that they never had a great opinion of us in the first place that they can give away free Gems in the PC version through numerous activities (because the paid up front after all) and the iOS gamers that get the game for free have to pay absorbent amounts of money to get Gems instead.

    They go on to try and defend that Gems are so much more than currency and micro-transactions, giving you the ability to go at your own pace (again for PC users only) despite still implementing extensive timers in BOTH versions while iOS gamers again have to play in spurts of 5-10 minutes a piece while we line Peter Molyneux's pockets.

    I used to like his games and I didn't care about his wild ideas for the industry, but now I've had enough.
    F**k any game that he comes up with from here on out.

  • B30

    ... and the game studio is called 22Cans, right?

  • Goggles789

    I gave it a spin but 10 minutes in I just got bored. It reminds me of populous only not fun.

  • TrencH

    The only good thing I can say about the game is it looked good and ran smooth.

    The controls were imprecise and that costed resources. To all those people who said there is nothing wrong with this game and it just uses timers I have about 10 of them on my phone. This not a regular timer game here.

    The worst part is what was mentioned above. This was a crowd funded game..... CROWD FUNDED..... and then it's released with not just Iap but Iap that you almost need to play the game or you crawl through it.. and I mean crawl because like I said above you will be wasting resources on plenty of oops and I do not have big fingers and I play plenty of games where you have to move or click small things on screen on a iphone.

    Didn't Peter even talk about games that use Iap too harshly? I really don't think many people will take him seriously the next time he comes out with a game.

  • shdwstar2417

    Godville is the only God game on my IOS I stick with.


      And now we ignore everyone's prayers!

  • beronk

    This game had potencial but was a huge flop

  • unexpect3rd

    "I felt myself turning around saying, 'What? This is ridiculous. I just want to make a dungeon. I don't want to schedule it on my alarm clock for six days to come back for a block to be chipped,'" he told the BBC.

    I just wanted to come here and copy paste that. done. and I'm out

    • Adsinjapan

      A hypocritical, egotistical con-man he is, eh?

      • unexpect3rd

        I'm kind of half expecting some media to question him on his "change of mind", and wanting to hear what excuses he is going to use to climb out of this dung hole that he dug and jumped into

      • Adsinjapan

        He's been particularly distant as of late. There's been no chatter on his Twitter or Facebook account. I'd like to think he's in hiding due to shame, but I doubt it.
        He's most likely putting together a hasty press packet to try to worm out of this PR disaster.

      • YARRRRR

        So far the only name-clearing statement I can think of (if it proves to be true) is that Peter has beek kidnapped and taken prisoner, and his company taken over by Henderson who got driven mad by his Curiosity "victory" that imprinted him with maniacal delusions of greatness.

        Hell, that would be awesome.

      • anabolicMike

        No. He is a scientist. Next year he is going to release a statement saying how much money he made on a game even he wouldn't pay to play. He will say something like "it was an experiment you see, to see how people as a whole think and act. Thank you for your cooperation in proving how dumb society as a whole is and how we need liberal leaders such as Obama and any Canadian politician to control us in every aspect so we don't get ripped off by someone who wants more then just a new Lamborghini and hookers ever Wednesday."


    Go be Peter somewhere else.

  • godofodd

    Damn, that's harsh. I love the game. I've played a ton of it since installing it and I'm really enjoying managing the settlements, maximizing my space, and harvesting wheat, minerals, etc.. I love the graphics and audio. I find the touch interface to be intuitive and smooth, if a bit imprecise at times (but not horribly so). I even enjoy the Lemmings-like mini game.

    The IAP is a bone of contention, with that I can agree. I'm really hoping they tone it down and offer some sort of "premium" single purchase to unlock at least a basic level of features that would otherwise cost money (like terraforming grass). The timers, however, I have no issues with. If anything, they keep me from blowing hours in one sitting on this game.

    • neonblurb

      I pretty much feel the same as you. I think after reading the other comments on this thread, that's perhaps because I'm not as invested, and didn't have such high hopes to start with. I'm annoyed for the Kickstarter backers, who didn't deserve a game which although not strictly required, does nudge you towards the IAP a little too much. A little too much for a regular game, insultingly too much for a Kickstarter-backed game built for the fans. I loved Black & White, but I didn't expect that this would live up to that game, and on the whole, with few expectations in mind, I'm not disappointed. I'll pick it up, play it for 20 mins, put it down and maybe pick it up later and harvest some belief, wheat, etc. and play a little more. It's slow-paced, but that's not too annoying for me personally.

      I would say add an option to pay to unlock some of the more basic abilities like terraforming - I'd pay some nominal amount for that (and obviously waive this for anyone who backed this financially). Make the IAP less intrusive and nagging - if it's going to be a free game, it should be able to stand alone as such. Otherwise in terms of gameplay, I would say maybe it feels a little repetitive and I can't tell if I'm really progressing towards anything, but then maybe I am not far enough into the game.

  • Gegoben

    I would have paid 20.00 for this game with no iap, instead i will spend nothing:( what a shame!

    • Tonk Montana

      I did pay $20 for this game. I am a Kickstarter backer. Not happy.

      Peter announced many months ago that DeNA were going to release this on IOS and there was a collective groan then. He assured everyone that it was for the best and going to be awesome news for the IOS version. What a lie!! So Upsetting.

  • Gegoben

    I wanted to add. If u have a friend u compete with, u can race to see who has the most people, but that is about it.

    Its games like this, that make me insta buy games like monster hunter and ocean horn. Happy to pay for AAA titles. This could have been...

  • Adsinjapan

    Stop me if you've heard this one!

    Did you hear about the guys who did a "Lets Play" of Godus?

    It was only a 5 minute video.

    *badum tshhhh*

  • nreyes

    a very harsh and one-sided review, methinks .....

    how odd, considering it is a good game.

    • chanandler

      Good game my hairy ass! This game sucks more than your sister!

    • ProfessorTenebrae

      Do you know what the term one-sided means? He pointed out its good points, he likes that art style and natural landscape, and saying how the game spoilt if by forcing us to make flat plains. This is a terrible game.

  • nreyes

    perhaps they didn't pay to have it reviewed on here like the other big corporates ("sponsors") do ?

    • Adsinjapan

      It's comments like these that make me believe you won't be missed if you just left.

      TA is by far one of the most impartial and objective reviewers out there.

      The review was fair, and the vast majority have been outspoken and reinforce the views of this reviewer.

  • EvilAbdy

    Didn't play it but people who played it on Steam, and then went to the iOS version seem to feel this way. Mainly due to the IAP hindering progress. Some of the reviews of it on the app store mirror that as well. Bummer as it seemed interesting.


      You can read the reviews of the Steam version on, errr Steam, overwhelming majority with a significant amount of hours played is very negative about their version, even though it does not have IAP.

      • EvilAbdy

        It seems I was mistaken lol

  • BJorn_LuLszic

    I guess you should put 5 stars on Clash of Clans cuz you paid a lot on that game right. Thats so cool with you. Why hate on this game if its the same Freemium app out there with bunch of in-apps stuff.

  • Fireman4200

    I downloaded Godus when it was in soft launch. At the time, it was a great game, had a few problems but was a good game for the most part. On download it gave me like 100-150 gems for free to begin the game. The world release came and I updated the game. I opened the game to get a message saying my game has been deleted but not to worry as ill receive gems for the inconvenience of losing my game. I was really irritated after starting the game to realize I only got 120 gems for losing all my progress. I was kind of curious about what was added and fixed for the updated as it seemed somewhat different. So I began a new game, just to find out that once you unlock things Belief, wheat, ore ect. It then requires it for building/ progressing. That don't make any sense to me!! When you unlock something new in a game shouldn't it make the game more interesting and maybe easier to do certain things?!? Not harder by making you wait 6 hours for wheat just to build a house or two, especially when up to that point you could continuously keep building new house, increasing your populating at a fun and interesting rate cause you didn't need wheat till you unlock it. I really want to like this game cause I've played so much when it was on soft launch, it was actually a good game then. Now it has the potential to be even better then ever but between all the timers, unlocking and how stupid your followers can be, just completely ruins the game! On soft launch the followers seemed smarter, now they just get stuck really easily and even if you ( spending thousands of saved belief just to get a stupid follower unstuck from the mountain/ forest he got him self into) shape the land they still stay stuck, they aren't smart enough to find the stairs you sculpted for them anymore. They ruined a great game!! I was about to put some real money into the game when it was on soft launch because I liked it so much, (and I don't buy IAP much at all) but now I wouldn't dare fund a game like this! This is by far the greediest game I've ever seen!! Don't even count as game anymore as you either have to wait hours just for a couple minutes of gameplay or pay to play which would be very expensive! Why couldn't they have just put it on the App Store as a paid app?!? It could have even been $9.99 and I would have bought it, as long as there wasn't any timers or at least very limited timers ( 1-5 minute timers at max wouldn't be all to bad) so you can actually play the game. I can't even imagine how frustrated the people are that funded Godus through kickstarter! I'm sorry to all those people that got burned by this game! This game was nothing more then a very greedy scam! Even the winner from Curiosity is most likely irritated and very disappointed in how this game/ his prize turned out! We just all need to stop giving Godus anymore publicity then it's already got! Even though the reviews are bad and everything said about this game is bad, it's still publicity and Godus don't deserve anything but removed from the AppStore and forgotten!!!

    • GameTaco

      Bleh... I guess if I ever want to try Godus, I'll have to go with the PC version. :/

      • Goggles789

        Please read the first 20 or so reviews on Steam before you do that to get some good perspective.

  • R Wolf Shipon

    Agree. Good rating. Totally fair. Developer owes everyone an apology especially for crowd funding this utter garbage.

  • cofunguy

    Sorry don't buy the 1 star review. Don't think the reviewer even came into the review with an open mind. I have 750+ people and haven't spent a dime on any purchases. Sure there are a few quirks/issues but what game/app doesn't have them initially?? So when a reviewer doesn't have an open mind, I suspect there will be room for a better review.

    Yes people might be upset with the game design, but if you didn't spend anything, there is a simple solution - delete it. No need to troll about it. I don't see people who hate a genre (rpg for example) go into rpg forums to say how much they hate them.

    • StingsOfDeath

      I totally agree about trolling... However I've drank Molyneux koolade for the last time. He just spent time dogging EA for making a game that you have to wait or pay for things to be built and then put out the same thing? He will never deliver on his promise. Other than that... An ok game. It's just been done before and arguably better...Peter promised more. He promised something never seen before. He should have lost me at Fable 2, but I keep wondering if he will ever deliver on a promise. Lol good points tho.

      • that_smell_is_me

        He's a snake oil salesman. I no longer believe his intentions are good either. The word sociopath comes to mind...

    • that_smell_is_me

      Tell that to the kick starter supporters.

  • StingsOfDeath

    The emotional equivalent of a wet fart? Ha. Made me lol a little. (Spot on btw)

  • DemoEvolved

    Honestly 22 cans should have released this as a$2.99 game and included some free belief and stickers to start you off...

    Then the circle of evil would really be complete

  • anabolicMike

    I think Peter Ms new experiment is to see if anyone is stupid enough to play and pay for this game.


      Has been done in Cow Clicker

  • theorangeipod

    The App Store is full of these IAP timer money drains. Depressing...

  • AlexsIpad

    I think the game is pretty good don't know what you're all complaining about. It's not exactly amazing but 1 star is harsh. It's by far the best of these city building type games that there is.

  • daniel schroeder

    As this is a "game" I think the review is spot-on with pointing out how the actual fun part of the game -- manipulating the land -- isn't very fun when you basically have to pay for the privilege. And even then, it's clumsily implemented.

  • whitemwlee

    I really want to play godus.
    But.... Its impossible to me.

    How can i authorizing ????????????????????...

    • that_smell_is_me


  • AcidicUK

    This review is too harsh. The game is mechanically sound with a great art style and spot on sound effects aswell. Ive been playing since launch and honestly not paid a single penny. The game is getting easier and better to play every time i boot it up due to the amount of followers and farmers i have. As it currently stands i have 800 followers and about 30 crops, if i wait for the crops and the belief to generate i have loads of resources to burn through. Enough to sculpt the land and build things to my hearts content. Ive constantly had around 20k belief for the past couple of days. The timers are a minor annoyance in what is otherwise a very enjoyable experience!

    • tahzblade

      This game is a 2 out of 5 game max. The 1 star review is pretty fair in my opinion.
      This game would have gotten a better review if it wasn't ruined by ridiculous Currency system and unfair timers.

      To top it all off this game was funded by a kick starter so they are basically ripping off the people who payed for the making of this game.

      • tahzblade

        And about the timers and currency- You sir , are very lucky . If only everyone has the same experience as you.

      • AcidicUK

        Its at least a 3 out of 5. Just give it a little bit of time and it really starts opening up. You play it for about 20 minutes and sure it seems like it is all just timers and stuff but honestly keep at it and they stop being the problem. Its a decent game!

      • DranDran

        I agree. Ive played games with worse timers (Clash of Clans) and this is perfectly functional as far as appoimtmemt gaming goes.

        Theres even a workaound on ios for infinite belief... Mess with the ios clock timer on manual, and presto, free belief! They are bound to patch it soon enough though, so make use of it while it lasts. 😛

  • quickfinga

    I really wanted to give it a try and played since start, but yesterday I had to delete it. I played till I got farming, which was way to long if I think about it now.

    And what is going on with the App Store reviews of this game. In Austria it has 4,5 stars out of 499 review and there is text like "most awesome game ever" and
    "it changed my world, I pray to godus everyday". The question is, are this bought reviews or is the world going to stop spinning?! 🙂

  • SofaR0cker

    Wow, feel bad for all the kickstarters. Talk about a bait and switch.

  • http://www.nafna.com/ nadav bar kama

    1 star? viewing the spanish app store, this game V1,2 has 2,253 ratings a majority of them 5 stars. TA, whats going on?


      TA is being accurate, and the reviewers are being either dumb or greedy, care to read the comments for the explanation.

    • Saturate

      They ask you to rate it before you are introduced to the gems system. Right after the tutorial, you get asked to rate, then you have to create a account and BAM - pay to win, or play, or wait.

  • Adsinjapan

    Is there any way to get Apple to investigate paid AppStore rating?

    Failing that, is there any way to claim fraud against a developer?

    • that_smell_is_me

      Its possible but highly unlikely that anything would ever come of it legally. Class action suits get filed but you need to have a number of people with the same complaint in order to even get the ball rolling.

  • light487

    It's not much better for PC unfortunately.. sure you don't have to buy the gems but all the timers, roadblocks and other nonsense is there.. wish I didn't back this but I guess I got caught up in the hype like everyone else.. oh well.

  • mutts

    I reallydon't get why the KS backers are upset?
    They backed the PC version which is by far a better product then the IOS.
    I still get regular crashes to IOS and then the game is unaniem to start.
    This bug has been there since the softlaunch. And then there is the agresive iap that if you don't have the patiente to wait until your followers generate believe, need to buy. For a streep price.

  • NeonGreenKermit

    PM is all about the ideas, and never the execution. Pretty much everything he has ever done since the original Fable has been big on concept, but critically flawed by bugs and overall lack of finish. The end result is always something that feels unfinished, as if the energy and funding ran out 3/4 of the way through. I originally thought The Cube was actually a joke app aimed at poking fun at the symptoms of the modern digital age - but true to form, PM was there spouting metaphysics about the nature of humanity and connectivity. Nevertheless, I downloaded Godus and gave it a go, having not followed any hype. I played the tutorial, pressed home button, and deleted it forever. I think the technical term is 'steaming pile of goat shit'.

  • Cocosoy

    My population is close to 2000 now, never spent a dime. I hate the Voyage mini game and never play it. So although I have a huge population, I am pretty much stuck at stone age (actually I do have mining).

  • derpymcflurry

    The game may suck, but you can't deny the graphics are very charming.


      Does anyone?

  • Andrew Camilleri

    I pity myself too. We got stuck with this farmville crap after shelling out big money.. When it came to Steam they started selling it again and half the price too so that stung too.

  • Andrew Camilleri

    How about you read all the complaints on the steam forum with the usual 2 representatives telling us to wait over and over and then seeing our feedback ignored time and time again?

  • Max Deacy

    Can't compare it to Dunegon Keeper, as that game never even loaded for me .. this game is a step up i suppose, as it loads 10% of the time. The fact this was funded via kickstarter is rather sad.

  • killbill8921

    To be honest, this game is.....awful, I never thought IAPs can be so hideously implemented in this game.......

  • Mark Hedington

    I really tried hard to play Godus again this weekend (I bought it when it was first released on early access), but Godus just seems to be getting worse and worse with every update. I don't care about stupid hats and colour changes, what I do care about is waiting TEN HOURS for wheat to grow!? After playing a game that I have paid for I don't expect to be sitting around waiting for timers like I have to do with Farmville. By the time I closed the game last night I could literally do nothing with my civilization, no gems, no belief, no wheat, the game is filled with roadblocks. I would rather play right through the entire game in half an hour and have a feeling of accomplishment than be forced to sit around waiting for things to finish before I can play, it's bizarre, unsatisfying and extremely unpleasant.

Godus Reviewed by J.D. Cohen on . Rating: 1