tigertigerwoodsyallIt seems that one of the biggest golf icons in history is making his return to the digital links, as today it was announced that Tiger Woods will be starring in a new golf game through a partnership with Zynga, of all people. The yet-to-be-named golfing game is set to release sometime later this year, and is being developed by Zynga Orlando, which is comprised of many former EA employees. As you probably know, Tiger Woods served as the star for EA's PGA Tour golf series for 15 years before they parted ways, and Tiger Woods' name is synonymous with modern golf video games.

In addition to the Tiger Woods golf game, Zynga has announced a partnership with the NFL and the NFL Players Inc. to create a football management simulation game for mobile called NFL Showdown. The game will allow you to assume the roles of coach, general manager and owner of an NFL football team. Again, the world of NFL football has been dominated by EA and its Madden series, so it's very interesting to see Zynga jumping in to put out both NFL and Tiger Woods games.


The push into licensed sports titles is part of a new branch of Zynga called Zynga Sports 365, which the company announced on its blog today. The upcoming football and golf games will likely just be the tip of the iceberg as Zynga will no doubt jump into many other sports categories. Once more news surfaces on both NFL Showdown and the Tiger Woods golf game, we'll let you know.

[Polygon, Image via Biography]

  • http://gamefocus.ca/ Michael Dulson

    That's awesome. Curious to see how Zynga compares to the console versions. I really hope we see a hockey game perhaps. A man can dream lol

  • Anotherkellydown

    Although I spent countless hours with the console Tiger Woods games, what I'd really like to see on iOS is a more arcade-y golf game along the lines of Hot Shots Golf. They would be a perfect fit for touchscreens, with the 3 tap shot mechanic - putting spin on the ball would be sweet. I can picture frantically swiping down for backspin, up for forward spin, and to the sides to add a fade or draw. Still be keeping my eye out for the Zynga games since I absolutely love golf games.

  • NickyNichols

    Any competition for EA's stale sports franchises are good news. But the name Zynga is synonymous with FTP and IAP. Maybe Zynga can carve out a new niche for the company.

    • curtisrshideler

      If Zynga make it F2P with IAP, then I'll continue playing EA's Tiger Woods 2012.

  • Rennerd

    Woo, golfing. :p

  • Cheezburgler

    I would love a good golf sim. But it's Zynga so naturally it's gonna be packed full of timers and IAP...so probably worthless

  • ramon31


  • worldcitizen1919

    As for NFL I want a really playable game not a manager with cards. They're just all rip offs. Just one great NFL game for one price is all a lot of us want. Madden was great but we need a new one with updated rosters and schedules.

    • curtneedsaride

      We've had tons of fully licensed NFL games, haven't we? Before the IAP boom, they were fully premium, right? I'd imagine, with the somewhat success of Pro Strategy Football 2013, that there's a huge place in the market for a fully licensed NFL coach/manager sim. I've been playing the Football Manager Handheld series since getting into "soccer" but I've been surprised that no one has done the same for the NFL. Hopefully they will hire on Kerry Batts, but I doubt it.

  • Goggles789

    I'll hold out for when Zynga releases their new curling app featuring Torger Nergård.

  • JJE McManus

    Agent: Tiger I think your career is over.
    T.W.: What? How?
    Agent: We've put your name on a mobile game from Zynga
    T.W.: Oh no! I've been Shaq'ed

    ...and scene

  • iammane

    Maybe in the Tiger Woods game when you're playing really crappy you can pretend to hurt your back and then head over to the clubhouse. Just sayin...

  • hellscaretaker

    Let me crop some crops on nfl pitch wait 2 hours.....come back but as I was too late I have to start again

  • http://futbolox.tumblr.com/ Fnurgh

    Tiger Woods + Zynga; A match made in heaven.

    Ethically devoid and in terminal decline.

  • surirav

    Btw bye zynga if they released f2p games.

  • rewind

    Very interesting. Zynga must've payed EA and/or the NFL a boatload of money to break their exclusive rights. Nobody has been able to use NFL stadiums, players, etc. in their games since 1993. I can't believe Zynga, of all companies, got the rights before 2K sports or any established sports game developer. Wow. As for Tiger Woods, he's not doing well at all, but the name will sell the game. Overall, good job Zynga!

  • baelnor

    It mentioned the NFL game was out in some regions, anyone got a link or know where to find it? I am a sucker for f2p NFL games