It was just yesterday that we told you the third Act for Joe Dever's Lone Wolf [Free] would be hitting this Thursday, but due to how time zones work and other wackiness, it's actually available as I type this. In addition to that, if you haven't already bought Lone Wolf previously, the first Act which is included with the initial download of the game is now temporarily free to celebrate the arrival of Act 3. In case you missed it, Act 3 is entitled "The Shianti Halls" and you can scope out the trailer for it below.

If you need more information on the first two Acts of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, then check out our review. Ultimately, the game has a few issues mostly due to difficulty balance, but it's still a really incredible digital adaptation of a classic gamebook. Plus, developer Forge Reply has been active in addressing user feedback and updating the game with tweaks and fixes. We'll be updating that review soon with Act 3 content, but for free, there's really no reason not to download and check out the first Act of Lone Wolf and if you're already a fan be sure to check out the new Shianti Halls.

  • spader623

    Dang it. I need more space on my phone. Time to beat wolf among us.

  • DemoEvolved

    Time to scoop up another once paid now free game...

    • spader623

      That's not really the best way to put it. It's more of a taste. There's 4 acts. This one you get free, but the other 3 you still have to buy.

      • hellscaretaker

        I wait for the rest of them to go free

      • Fangbone

        GREAT attitude!! Guess you'll never be playing it then.

    • RichRuzz

      You come off as a huge douchebag... why not support it if you like it?

      • DemoEvolved

        I collect paid apps that go free. They just sit on my device until I have five minutes to waste, play it for five minutes, then never again. App hoarding is the new meta game. It Should please you to no end that I paid full price for bheart legacy.... and played it 5 minutes.

  • lll Anubis lll

    Great game and great developers... Need I say more? Download it Now. Obey!

  • Happy W

    If any Android users are reading this, check out the current Humble Bundle promotion: the bundle includes a "season pass" that gets you all currently available Lone Wolf games *plus* any titles released in the future, along with a bunch of other noteworthy mobile games, including Threes, Duet, and Combo Crew.

    • razorracer83

      Don't forget Mines of Mars, another awesome game. Got the bundle for $4.50. Worth it and a whole lot more, and that's not accounting for the bonus games next week. Double dipped and bought the season pass on my iPad yesterday to support Replay Forge and their awesome game.

    • Onikage725

      Yup, got that as well.