If you've played a Monster and Monster game before, you will probably already be familiar with their ability to turn atmospheric chiptune music and simple yet detailed pixel graphics into a great mood driven experience. Autumn Walk [Free] and Winter Walk [Free] live and breathe on this adorable mood they instill. If you think Deep Loot [Free] is going to give you a similar experience, however, you are going to be in for some surprises at what else the game has in store for you.

Deep Loot is an adventure exploration game that focuses on, funny enough, dredging up loot as an ocean diver. As you dive you will combat sea creatures as well as recover gold and relics. The relics are put on display in your warehouse. They serve as a long term completion goal as well as some nice eye candy. Certain dives might even result in finding a message in a bottle, which kicks off a small story line that develops slowly as you find more bottles.


At first glance, the visuals are blocky even for a pixel art game. As you and your diver both get deeper into the game however, you will find more and more little discoveries that include a greater level of detail than the typical blocks you swim past. The game really draws you into these areas and they make each dive a little more unique.

The game starts off slow. Your first few dives might feel pretty similar without too much to differentiate them. After my first 10 or so dives, I started wondering if my guy was invincible. The fish and crabs I encountered near the surface were weak and easily killed. I decided to grab one of the amazing boosts this game has (more on that later) and took to the depths. Even though the internet told me that he shouldn't live in deep water, the shark I met didn't seem to care and made sure it was a pretty short trip.

As you dive, you will also be tasked with completing quests in a system similar to endless runner games that require you kill X monsters or loot Y amount of gold either cumulatively or in a single run. The air supply you bring on your dive is a mechanism that prevents this game from being a true endless run. In fact the game is much more closely related to roguelikes and this comparison will hit home when you realize that underneath the swimming, a turn based system exists.


This game, however, is fluid and allows you to queue up multiple actions and it definitely feels like an action game because all the turn taking is processed with no down time. The only downside is that sometimes a mid course correction is not as responsive as you might like it to be since the game is processing actions turn by turn and cycling through the npc fish. So while its true that fish only act when you act, and air is only depleted when you act, you can get caught up in the gameplay and forget that there is even a turn based element.

Deep Loot is a free to play game. No, let me revise that. Its a good free to play game. There are no ads. You don't need to be connected to the internet to play. Spending money in this game is 100% optional. (Note: For the purposes of this review, I held off on spending money until after I was done writing it.) There are unobtrusive options to purchase gold for real money as well as a coin doubler. The good news is that this is one of my favorite item shops on a free to play game. The only part I dont like is that some of the descriptions for the ships and boosts are vague. If I am going to spend a bunch of gold on a ship, I want to know how it will benefit my little diver man.

I like that the coin acquisition rate is solid on its own. I like that the available upgrades are functional as well as cosmetic. I love the boosts in this game. They are reasonably priced and they have a solid return on investment, but more than that they provide more variety in gameplay. The super boost and the turbo boost dont have the most clear description, but each one will start your dive off at a different atmosphere granting you the ability to scrounge at depths well beyond any dive you can make from the surface. As the water gets deeper, the loot gets better and the creatures get more dangerous.


Many games that have consumable boosts will price them to be unreasonable or not have much of an effect on gameplay, but this is truly where the game strikes a chord with me. You can tell from the elaborate and very satisfying animations that the boosts were made to be used and enjoyed. Since you can usually get enough gold in one dive to cover the cost of a 3-pack of boosts, you can enjoy those animations pretty much every dive too if you want to.

There are plans on expanding to the android platform in the near future. Monster and Monster have also confirmed on our fourms that bug fixes are in the works and after immediate bug fixes have been addressed, we will be seeing new suits, ships, locations and easter eggs. Have I not mentioned the easter eggs? I wont spoil you but you can be sure to find many pop culture references in this game.

One nice thing about the fact that the game starts slow is that this game has a tremendously wide appeal. This is also helped by the easy to understand and operate controls. Despite the 9+ rating, I have no qualms showing this off to anyone that can hold an iPad. Reading skills would help, but you dont need 'em to enjoy this game. All you really need to have is an appetite for exploration.

I would have liked to see Deep Loot launch with some of its planned updates already deployed, but it has earned a spot on my iPad for a lot of reasons. The chiptunes style music draws me in every time I fire it up. The completionist in me wants to keep diving and burning boosts to go deep and the accountant in me loves the value the boosts hold. I didn't expect this type of game from Monster and Monster, but their brand of charm really translates well. Give Deep Loot a little time to sink in, and I think you will be suprised at what you can bring out of it.

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  • morgawr

    I absolutely love it, bought the gold doubler upgrade as a thank you to the developers..:)

  • Durduhdur

    This one wasn't for me I just couldn't get into it =/

  • kevin8977

    Looove this game!! Killing sharks is awesome and going to the depths of the ocean and finding creepy monsters is sweet. Also so many cool Easter eggs to find! I found a Big Daddy from Bioshock while exploring! Amazing!

    • RiptoR

      I found Spongebob's "street" (his, Patrick's and Squidward's houses). Didn't spot it at first because they are rather small compared to the diver, but I chuckled when I did...

      • kevin8977

        Sweet! I still gotta find that one. I found a destroyed plane in the depths. Malaysia Easter egg? Jk.

      • Tommi Zhihao Yu

        Could be from LOST 🙂

    • TheNoobOfTheCentury

      I found a Super Mario green pipe, but you cant enter it 🙁 lol

  • thiagovscoelho

    Last time I try asking this: am I supposed to get Ikachan vibes here? Seriously, it looks so similar!

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Hi, I can help. From an overall gameplay point of view, this has almost nothing in common with Ikachan. They're both underwater, and that's about it.

      • thiagovscoelho

        they're also both tile-based! but thanks for replying

  • TeeDubya1975

    I never would have even considered this game had it not been for this site/app. One of the most addictive games I've played in a long time. "Just one more" dive usually means at least 5 because I've got one bone left for that damned Pliosaur skeleton... Would buy the doubler but I'm actually enjoying the grind right now. This game is FTP done right. Great review of a great game.

    • VirtualBoyFreak

      You can buy the coin doubler as a thank you to the devs and enjoy "double grinding"...

    • http://feelthebunny.tumblr.com/ feelthebunny

      File Transfer Protocol done right? *cough* I'm too old for this shit.

  • Jake7905

    Really enjoyed it, bought the doubler to transform it into a premium game, and 4 days later I'm getting bored with it. One big reason why: After maxing out the character upgrades, most of the extra suits and ships are cosmetic or useless, with little reason to grind to earn them. Having said that, it is a well made game with an excellent free-to-play design, and I do feel I got my 4 bucks worth. At the same time, this game won't be staying on my device much longer.

    • Andrew Fretz

      Hi Jake! Monster and Monster have stated that they have plans for adding new locations, ships, outfits and easter eggs, so be on the lookout for updates if you do shelve it!

      • Jake7905

        Thanks for the tip. I'll hold on to it a while longer in hopes of added content/overall improvements. After all, the game takes up very little space, and the developers deserve the benefit of the doubt.

    • Ax23000

      This is actually one of the reasons I'm tempted NOT to get the doubler. I think I'll get it eventually, to encourage the developers...but not until I've played without for a while.

  • evilabdy

    Love this game. This was actually the first iap I have ever purchased to support these guys. It's a great game.

  • doublezz

    Really scared with freemium game especially with "coins" IAP as you have to keep paying to progress.

    • Bytebrain

      If you've read the review instead of just skimming it, you'd know that you don't need to buy anything if you want to progress.
      In fact, buying sacks of gold with real money is a sure fire way to basically ruin the fun, as there'd be no reason to explore the game at all.
      You'd have all upgrades and ships way too fast that way.

    • Ax23000

      Don't be scared, the game really doesn't require you to buy coins to enjoy it. At worst you may be tempted to spend the 4 bucks on the coin doubler, which is a one time purchase. It's an amazing and fun game with none of the annoyances that comes with most free to play games.

  • phorte

    Another one here that paid for the doubler as a way of saying thanks. Some issues that I have tho:

    1). My guy randomly freezes. Have plenty of air left but he just stops moving and the surrounding fish stop too. I have to either end the dive or close the app for it to respond.

    2). I just built up another 250,000 to unlock the final drill and when purchasing it, I got the "spend 1,000,000 coin" achievement but the drill didn't mark as being purchased (even tho the 250,000 coins had been subtracted).

    3). Although I have plenty of air left, I randomly find it suddenly drops to 0 and the dive ends. Nothing is attacking me or anything - just suddenly drops.

    • TRB4

      All of those bugs are known and documented by the devs, and they are frantically working on a bug fix patch. Give them time and I am sure that they will get them fixed.

      • phorte

        Great to hear! Happy to have paid for this title.

  • Design by Adrian

    The idea reminds me of a great iOS game in need for a retina upgrade: Dig It!

    • spsummer

      Dig It was awesome, I loved that game.

      • Design by Adrian

        Actually, having played Depp Loot for a while, I find Dig It to be more fun and deeper!

  • Papa Deuce

    I looked at the graphics and dismissed this game out of hand. My bad; the game is pretty good.

  • Mj1ggy

    Love this game, first thing on mobile to hook me in a while. I have to say, though, that the balance in coins is pretty bad; there are a lot of marginal or even useless upgrades that are more expensive than much more useful ones. If the devs want to keep people hooked they will need to rebalance it so that players want to buy every item in the game.

    • Nate

      Yeah, if you read over the suit stats the majority of them have one negative or zero, and only a very few are positive across all three numbers. Only a few of the boats really give you boosts that you need and can use on a regular basis. Those are the only ones I'm interested in buying, at this point.

  • SofaR0cker

    What is the deepest depth?

    • kevin8977

      I got to 500. It let you go deeper but all I had at that depth was stuff to drill through.

  • BattleScarred

    Love this game!

  • wojtekp

    As usuall, the coin doubler is a good thing, since the amount of gathered coins seemed "halfed" without it. Now the balance is perfect.
    One thing though: some locations are really hard to find. After one week, I encountered only 2 oil refinerys. With a mission of "destroying 5", that seems pretty hard.

    All other things have been said. Useless boats, freezes from time to time.

    Awesome, addicting game

    • clintmccool

      Where did you find the oil refineries? Like what depth, approximately... I haven't even found one yet.

  • Papa Deuce

    The bugs in this game might make me stop playing until they get fixed.

    • Papa Deuce

      Boo!i I just spent 250K for the drill, and didn't get it. I think I am done with this game. I guess I got my $4 worth, but all these bugs piss me off.

  • Cactus the Tester

    This is the HANDS DOWN best game I have seen for iOS.

    • Papa Deuce

      Are you brand new to iOS gaming? The game is very buggy. The graphics are just ok. The music is terrible. But the game is still pretty fun. Probably would not make my top 50 list.

  • http://feelthebunny.tumblr.com/ feelthebunny

    It has a lot of similarities to games like Ridiculous Fishing and Mr. Driller.

  • http://feelthebunny.tumblr.com/ feelthebunny

    It's fun but I think the review is a bit easy on the game. There's some serious irritation when interface buttons overlap my loot or dumbass-diver takes a very inefficiënt route. Also, the shopping is great with all the coins but I have to shop a lot, the shopping isn't "fun to do". It's just necessary. And since all boosts are cheap it feels kinda dumb to have to go and get new ones all the time. And the app icon should be in pixel-style! And I love it.

Deep Loot Reviewed by Andrew Fretz on . Rating: 4.5