World Of Tanks Blitz [Free] manages to pull off the difficult task of capturing the essence of its much-loved PC counterpart, allowing you to get into some pretty tense tank battles with players from around the world. While it lacks many of the vehicles and most of the modes of the PC version, it's still quite a deep game for a shooter, with a pace unlike most other games in its genre on iOS. The most important trait it adopted from the PC game is that you can enjoy a great gaming experience without spending a cent. I've been playing it a fair bit since its wide release a few weeks ago so, as usual, I've got some advice for players who are just starting out. Since this is a game which at its core is about teamwork, I've taken the unusual step of calling in a little field support from someone who has logged in countless hours on the PC version without dropping any cash: my son, Juon. We'll be breaking the guide into a few different sections covering various aspects of the game.

Preparation Tips

Know your role. When you first start World of Tanks Blitz, you'll have three tanks at your disposal. They all have relatively light armor, which makes them vulnerable but speedy. It may feel like you can't do much against heavier tanks, but every member of the team has a role to play, and for new recruits, that role is usually scouting. You can also help out by trying to take out the treads on bigger tanks. The reason why it's important to know what role you'll be playing in the preparation phase is so that you know what kind of ammo to bring with you.

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Bring the ammo you'll need to play your role. Using the starting tanks, you're going to be more focused on scouting and using your agility to run around the heavier tanks. Bring plenty of AP bullets and a handful of HE bullets for emergencies. Approximately 50 AP bullets and from 5 to 10 rounds of HE ammo should more than suffice for one round. As you move up to heavier tanks, you'll want to bring more ammo, since you'll likely spend more time in the heat of action.

Keep emergency consumables on hand. If you're bringing along consumables, the best choices are the repair kit, which fixes any damaged equipment, the first aid kit, which heals injured crew members, and the fire extinguisher, which, well, puts out fires. The other consumables are useful, but these three tend to be vital. If you do bring along booster type consumables like cola, keep in mind that since they're automatically used at the start of battle, you'll have to pay every round you bring them along, which can get costly.

Tank Information

Light tanks are speedy, easily damaged, and are best used for scouting. They're represented on the HUD by a solid diamond. All three of the starting tanks are of this type, and the best way you can help out if you're driving one of these is to search out enemy tanks. Once you spot one, it puts that tank on the map for all of your teammates, a valuable service. The other advantage to a light tank is in its maneuverability. You can easily circle around behind heavier tanks and pop them in their rear where their armor is weaker. Once you get past a certain point in the tech tree, you won't see many more light tanks, so they're mostly meant for beginning players.

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Medium tanks are the middle ground in all respects and can fill different roles in a pinch. They're represented on the HUD by a diamond with one slice through it. You'll unlock at least one of these pretty soon after starting, and depending on how you like to play, this might end up being your favorite kind of tank thanks to its versatility. You have to be careful since you can be outmaneuvered by light tanks and outgunned by heavy ones, but that's the nature of the jack-of-all-trades.

Heavy tanks can soak up damage like no one's business, but they are slower than a mule in molasses. Their symbol on the HUD is a diamond with two slices through it. It takes a while before you can unlock your first heavy tank, which is probably a good thing because they can be pretty tricky to use. A heavy tank's job is to protect its teammates by attracting the enemy's shots. This type of tank is very slow, and if someone takes out your treads, it won't be long before they circle around to your weak points, so be careful.

Tank destroyers are exactly what they say on the tin. Their HUD symbol is an inverted triangle. These are a bit difficult to use for a beginner, since they're quite weak in almost every respect. Their specialty comes in the heavy damage their cannon does to regular tanks. It's best to think of these as snipers, and if you're playing one, you should act as such. Hang back and find a safe place to fire from. A well-positioned tank destroyer can turn the tide of a match, but the other team is as aware of that as you will be, so play it very carefully.

Combat Tips

Make good use of cover. No matter what your role is, cover is your best friend. Don't go running out into open areas unless you're trying to attract attention. Move from cover to cover, especially if you're scouting. It's not much good if you're being spotted more than you're actually spotting yourself. You'll know if an enemy can see you if a lightbulb appears in the middle of your screen. If you see that symbol, get behind cover, fast.

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Wait for the right opportunity to fire. If you see the enemy first, find some good cover, zoom in, and wait for a good shot. Depending on which tank you're using and which tank you've targeted, you'll want to aim at a different part of the enemy. Most of the tanks have a reload time long enough that if you miss a shot, you're going to be at risk from retaliation before you can shoot again, so get back behind your cover as soon as you shoot.

Don't go right for the base flag. Yes, this is capture the base, but since there's only one base and both teams will be going for it, it's better to find a good hiding place where you can see the base area. Let the enemy expose themselves and pick them off as best you can from a distance. Heading in there yourself is just asking to be the first victim.

Don't waste shots on the front armor. Virtually every tank is hard to damage in the front, where its armor is thickest. The turret also usually has heavy armor on it, so don't try to do a justice shot where you shoot their cannon. The sides and especially the rear are typically very vulnerable. Use the zoom feature to see which parts of the tank are weak. If a part is solid red, that means you won't be able to penetrate it with your shots. If you're in a light tank, take advantage of your agility. Conversely, be careful of your rear and flanks. Face front when you can, even when retreating.

If you're in a pinch, remember, you don't have to outgun your enemy if you can outrun them. Remember those HE bullets I told you to bring? Well, if you find yourself in a situation where you're being outgunned by a stronger tank and you need to get out of there, change over to your HE rounds and try to take out the enemy's treads. Doing so will cripple their mobility and give you a good chance to escape. Of course, the enemy might be packing a repair kit, so this isn't a surefire plan. Remember not to turn your back to the enemy as you make your escape.

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Stick with a buddy while you learn the ropes. When you're new, there's nothing wrong with sticking near another player so you can watch each other's backs. Be careful you don't get in the way, however. You obviously don't want to block the other player's line of fire, but also be mindful you aren't blocking off their retreat, as well. There's safety in numbers but tanks aren't the most graceful of machines so you really have to pay attention to where your teammates might need to go.

Do not, under any circumstances, open fire on your own team. If you kill a member of your team, you'll earn yourself a nice blue name, which means anyone on the field can attack you without penalty. Moreover, you're likely to earn a ban from Wargaming. Accidents happen, but be careful. The consequences are dire. Similarly, if you see someone with a blue name, they're an open target. Have fun chasing the fox!

If you're killed, feel free to exit out and play using one of your other tanks. Whenever the game ends, you'll still get your reward, so there's no point sitting there watching your toasted tank when you could be getting into the thick of another round. Time is money, as the old saying goes, and it's also experience points in this game.

Tech Tree Tips

Choose a line and specialize. The sooner you open up better tanks, the better, so it's a good idea to choose one line and concentrate on it. American tanks tend to be balanced and a good choice for beginners. Russian tanks tend to be a bit faster but they have weaker armor. German tanks have very accurate guns and nice armor. You'll also want to choose whether you want to focus more on medium or heavy tanks, or tank destroyers. That one is up to you.

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Prioritize upgrades according to your playstyle. Like to play offense? Shore up your guns first. Plan on tanking with your tank? Then you'll want better armor. Doing a lot of scouting? Improve your mobility. Choosing the right upgrades first can help you earn silver and experience at a beter pace, enabling you to move through the tech tree that much more smoothly. You'll eventually want to buy every part for the tanks you like, while tanks you're just using to earn experience can get by with just the parts you need.

There are two types of experience points. You'll earn different types of experience as you play. One type is free, meaning you can apply it to upgrades for any tanks, while the other type can only be used for the tank that earns it. This means that you'll have to buy pretty much every tank along the line you want to pursue, because to reach the next tank, you'll have to earn experience with the one before it. If you max out a tank but still like using it, you do have the option of converting its experience points to free experience at a very unfavorable exchange rate.

That's really just scratching the surface of World of Tanks Blitz, and with more updates to come, there's sure to be a lot more to digest in time. For now, this guide should help you with with what might be the hardest part of the game, which is getting started. It might seem overwhelming at first, but if you stick with it, you can enjoy all the fruits of high level play without ever sinking in a dollar. Good luck!

Contributions to this guide were made by Juon Musgrave.

  • pillzhereish

    I've started to play this game about a week ago, and I have to say that the F2P model in this game is insane.

    At no point do I need to spend real money on it. I play a few battles, gain some XP, research tanks, etc. It's refreshing!
    Even better, and I'm calling on all the big games developers (I'm looking at you EA for Real Racing 3 and Codemasters for F1 Race Stars): the model is so good that I thought "Damn, I WANT to spend a few euros on this, it's so cool". And there are no timers in this game, except when my tank is destroyed and I come back to the garage, I have to wait for the end of the battle to use my tank again, but not only is it logical, but the battles last about 5 minutes max, so it doesn't feel like a timer. I can easily switch to another tank for the time being.

    Incredible, a F2P game that doesn't ask for my money and gets it anyway because it's so awesome.
    Also, I felt the urge to buy the 2800 gold coins pack, because I wanted to reward such a beautiful model.

    • TheGrimCreeper

      Someone is an awesome customer, aren't they?

    • Jason Stone

      This was really refined in WoT on PC and I agree I felt good about spending well over 200 bucks in the game. It never felt forced and never felt like cheating.

      • Gustaf_the_cat

        With Wot there is a point where you can't afford anything if you haven't spent much money, and that point gets very very frustrating, I have maybe 7 tier 8s researched and never played before that I can't play because I can't dam afford them, and you do kinda feel cheated when you buy tier 6 and below premiums, they perform nicely but don't make much more money then non premium tanks, and often less (ARL 44)

      • Khanh Nguyen

        it called balancing lol we dont premium tank to be so powerfull it broke the game lol. did all exp form premium tank are convert to free exp . that it a good way to save money.

      • Gustaf_the_cat

        That's the way to waste real money, the conversion rate is bad, and even if you do convert you won't have money to purchase whatever it is your researching because the mid tier premiums suck at making silver

    • David

      I agree. I bought a beginners pack, then the 2800 with bonus gold. Someone pays the expenses. $25 is not too much for gaming. I pay more than that for netflix and amazon prime..

  • bhornburg

    Great guide for a great game. Please read this guide if you are new to WoT! World of Tanks is extremely punishing to "lone wolf" types of players, so the more team and role based your play is, the more enjoyment (and victories) you will experience.

    Thanks for putting this together TA!

  • !nsomn!ac

    This is the ONLY game that I buy premium content with pleasure. The developers are so freakin awesome and the game is just great. Even if you don't spend money, it doesn't limit your gameplay time. Been playing the PC version then started the beta for Blitz. Im supporting this game as much as I can, hoping it'll get updates to grow and keep the community.

  • austress678

    More people need to read this guide. I usually sit in the back with my Jackson (and recently my t-25 AT) and average about 2500+ damage a game. Yet the entire game I'll have someone getting pissed off that I say in the back the whole time. This guide is perfect because it teaches those "lone wolf" players who charge the enemy with td and in some cases medium tanks how to be effective. The games usually play out as a KV-1 and myself working together and eliminating the other team while my team just absorbs shells. All in all a very good guide for beginners made for an excellent game which I've spent countless hours on just like the pc version.

    Well done

    • TigerBoat

      Send me a friend request if you'd like to platoon:

      IGN= Tigerboat

  • Nicholas Yu

    I usually delete F2P games within the space of a week (or even earlier, depending on when I hit the paywall) after not making any purchases. I've happily kept WoT on my iPad and have made a purchase to support the kind of F2P system that everyone should employ.

  • fathertaylor

    Some great advice in this guide.

    I don't think you stress knowing your role enough. I can't count the number of games where the tank destroyers are forced to move forward because the medium tanks have all run off to one corned to try and snipe.

    Watch what your team is doing. If your heavies are moving up the middle and you're a medium fan right or left to cover they're flanks and spit targets. If your team is working its way down one side, figure out where you belong in the procession and then get there.

    Also, learn the maps. Charging up to the high ground is not always best. Several naps reward the side that holds about halfway up the ridge. Then the opposing teams tanks can be hit by the whole squad when they rush the top. Usually one at a time because of their different speeds.

    You should also pay attention to what your teammates are signaling. SOS can alert you to threats from the side, while the targets the heavies announce can be brought down faster with concentrated fire. Especially if the lighter tanks are knocking off tracks.

    The game rewards teamwork and is way more tense when two tight teams are working against each other.

  • PhantomFlash

    "don't forget to make sure your crew is at full health. It makes a big difference." - Not sure what the author is saying here. This doesn't apply to WOT Blitz, crew health is always at full prior to battle.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Yikes, sorry about that. My son gave me a ton of info, with a lot of based on his PC knowledge. I'll have it fixed. Thanks for pointing it out!

    • robertds47385

      I'd happily cut your face to ribbons.

      • PhantomFlash

        in a minute, i'm almost done with your mom.

      • robertds47385

        wanker. hope you get cancer.

      • PhantomFlash

        still not done with your mom. come back later.

  • wharfrat1979

    the title of this game article was about earning credits without spending real money but there was almost know advice given on this topic. i have over 4,000 games on pc and almost 700 on blitz. if you want to play without spending money here is what you need to do.
    first, As the article briefly mentioned concentrate on one line. make your decision early on which nation and type of tank you want to play. wot blitz only allows you to have so many tanks in the garage before you have to spend cash to open more tanks. i suggest selling off the other two tier one tanks as soon as you run out of slots usually once you get to tier 4-5. the tier 1 tanks can be bought back for free at any time if you want to try the other nations. only keep the tanks you like in your garage. not every line has good tanks all the way through it. i personally hate the m3 lee. the lee will never have a place in my garage. the american t18 tier 2 tank destroyer on the other hand is a must keep.
    second. you will have to concentrate the credits you have to buy your upper tier tanks like tier 6-7. if you spend too much on consumables and equipment on your lower tier tanks you will not have the credits you need to get the upper tier tanks. tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 tanks do not really need any equipment like gun rammers and cammo nets. if you do buy some equipment for these lower tier tanks limit yourself to one item.
    for those of you that are racing to get your tier 8,9, and 10 tank keep in mind that at these tiers earning credits is nearly impossible without spending some money on a premium account. tier 8 standard shells can cost up to 4,000 credits round and if you are not knowledgable enough to do damage in upper tiers you will not see a return on your investment. actually plan on loosing credits each match. the best money making tiers are tier 5 -7. enjoy your time at 5-7 there are some great tanks at these tiers and you can earn some real credits and experience by playing a lot of games here.
    if you are going to spend some cash on this game. 15 bucks can get you very far. first for 5 bucks you can get a few days premium and 1500 gold. use 1000 of that gold and get yourself 5 tank slots. usually tank slots are 250 a slot however wot blitz gives you a deal buy 4 get one free. next spend you other 10 bucks to get a premium 5-6 tank in the tank shop. the gold tanks are premium credit makers. a tier 5 premium tank will average nearly 25,000 credits per match. for those of you that are curious about the tier 8 premiums for around 30 bucks those tanks can easily pull in 100,000 credits in one match but this is a guide about not spending money.
    last but not least do not buy stuff during the week for your tanks. wait for the sale. wot is awesome about its weekend deals on everything imaginable. if you want it wait the couple of weeks and it will be cheaper. i have spent countless dollars on the pc to watch and see it on sale the next weekend.
    great game if thanks to wargaming. if anyone is interested in platooning with me my in game name is wharfrat1979. send me a friend request no request will be refused.

    • wharfrat1979

      lol i just read the title of the article again. tips for winning without spending money. not tips for earning credits without spending money.

      • Shaun Musgrave

        Those are still some really great tips, though. Thanks for sharing!

      • wharfrat1979

        i feel really bad about going off on what i thought your article was supposed to be saying. your tips are right on if you want to win stay back and know your role. i have seen countless people complaining in the in game chat room that there is nothing you can do against guys that have "bought their way to the tougher tank". this does not happen in world of tanks. the tier 8 premium Lowe tank is no tougher or better than most tier 8 tanks of the same class. the only advantage a premium tank gets over a none premium tank is that it makes credits better. if you find yourself in a tier 5 battle as a tier 3 and you come face to face with a tier 5 kv1 or a t1 heavy you run. do not shoot at it run. go find the other tier 3 tanks that are on the field and kill them. if there is no one else to shoot at but that tier 5 tank and you waste three shoots and all you get is "that one did not go through" then switch to HE. HE rounds will do very little to no damage to the tier 5 tank but it will knock out his tracks or take out modules like his gun or even kill crew members. a tier 5 tank that has had its gunner and gun knocked out is going to have a very hard time shooting you. just don't stand there and let him shoot you. make yourself a moving target.

    • Ville Laitinen

      Yes, read this! Better advice than the article itself!!! I've made my credits by NEVER buying consumables, only using MPR and not separate ones. (No camo, of 'coz;-)

      Basically my point is that if you need more repairs/Fire control than once then you're screwed anyway...

    • Ville Laitinen

      Thanks man! You helped proving my fears: I have been wondering.that "WHY USE PREMIUM TANKS AT ALL?"
      - 'coz you can't make EXP for new tanks with 'em, only credits and crew Exp at normal, meagre pace of 5% !!!

      Because with my JP2 & IS-3 (tier8 both) I get sums from -1000 to 19000 credits per battle. Maxes are about -11000 and 29000.
      More that minus 10k if your tank isn't full-spec:(

    • Lindy Latham

      Damb good advice!

  • Paskalaatikko

    I've played just over 2.000 matches in WoTB (And lots more in Pc) and without spending any money I have reached two IX Tiers with ease. I would suggest new players to try each tank types at least to 3 or 4 tiers to find tank fits their own style of play.

    As the game progress, 3 x "dailies" available, russian tanks are a bit OP, and keeping 2-3 lines open. Fully upgraded 5-7 tier tanks are good moneymakers. And if received any gold, I personnally recommend enlarging your garage. WoTB has too few garage slots.

    Some good tanks are something to aim at. American T29 for example. Once you reached it, it becomes good moneygrinder. And helluva fun to play with! Personal opinions, but everyone should play Hetzer, KV-1, T29, IS-3 😉 IGN: Paskalaatikko_WoT, feel free to ask for tips and platoon (Tier V ->)

    • Ville Laitinen

      Fun-to-play tanks: Hetzer, KV-1, Luchs/Leopard, IS-3 and KV-13. Bit harder to play but fun: KV-1S, Jackson, M4A3E8.

      KV-2 is a blast when you have someone guarding you 'coz almost all meds & lights can do a Spiral-of-death to you and 2 heavies at back or sides means 1 or 2 seconds before boom. ... (In small doses; it's just "fills my heart with joy" to single-shot tier 5s and some tier sixes! ;D
      Average DMG with 152mm is AP 640 & HE 960 (!) 😉

      Warning, many times you are just killed with "extreme prejudice"; all alone 'coz no-one bothered to try help win the match!

      More fun TDs: (I have mostly German for now.) JP & JP2, if you like sniping and a bit of blitz-war! Warning: with both JPs you go often against 2 tiers higher enemies so stock IS NOT FUN, minimum is best cannon, with equipment like optics & rammer & ?...

      I will update this when I find more immersion-inducing tanks! (Takes a while 'coz I refuse to cheat with money. I won't buy gold-rounds, crew EXP etc.
      I DON'T CHEAT, but I would rather "honestly hack" the game than buy victories...

      But I have bought slots and premium-time;-)

  • Adestar

    I am such a noob I had no idea if there was light bulb it ment someone could see me I was like "i think this means go here"

  • BaconTiger

    This guide feels a bit too beginner focused. Not a bad thing, but I already knew all this, so I wasted 15 minutes reading it.

  • Tyler

    I have IS-7, Maus, E100, IS-4, ISU-152, T95, and FV215b.

  • Ville Laitinen

    What do you think of players who cheat using money? (ie. use gold-shells etc.) It kinda makes me laugh when someone screams about "hack" / something when they usually have been cheated by dollars... I, personally, think that hacking is a more honest way of cheating than paying for victory!!!

    Sometimes these gold-occurrencies truly seem magical, as you can also buy crew-experience what results in penetration boost every tenth shot etc.
    I call this phenomenon: "Freemium Troubles." As the game could be sold without game-breaking super ammunition thus preserving balance. At least they should be available in VERY small quantities without gold! (Alas, it's a question of WG trying to maximize profit...)

    In real life they were given to seasoned gunners when available...

    PS. My skill varies between mediocre and good - of course at times I'm a total idiot but who isn't? (About 2800 battles fought.)

    PPS. It's still a good, REAL game! - Even with dumb players!

  • R.D.

    I'm so new to this WOTB. Can someone please help me. How do I switch ammo in the middle of a game?