When we reported that King of Fighters '98 [$2.99] was coming to mobile soon, we were not kidding around, as soon meant "this week" – you can download this classic Neo-Geo fighting game regarded as one of the best in the series right now. The port is done by the usual suspects at DotEmu, who handle most of the King of Fighters and SNK games ports. Much like their other ports, there's gamepad support, including MFi gamepads, though the touchscreen controls have been surprisingly adequate for pulling off the convoluted super moves.

Gameplay-wise, it's similar to King of Fighters '97 [$2.99] – hopefully it's not as brutally difficult. I doubt that, though. Even if you're familiar with the Street Fighter language of fighting games and how to pull off moves, expect to get beaten down by the CPU opponents, even on early difficulty levels.

The series' ongoing storyline was paused in this game to allow characters who died in the story in previous editions, such as Rugal, to return, so there's a diverse character selection here of returning and alternate-version fighters, for those who follow the series. Otherwise, there's a bunch of people with crazy alternate versions beating up each other in teams of 3, for reasons that are not adequately explained. But then again, "King of Talking Things Out" would not be as interesting of a series. And that's why we have many versions of King of Fighters. And that rhythm game too.

  • felipe

    Hope for a 4 inches display version.. SNK fails with its 3.5 ports all along 🙁

  • Kane

    Works really nice on iPhone 5s, no issues.

  • Luciano1084

    Anybody playing this on an iPad mini? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the controls 🙂 thanks

    • Zerol3onheart

      I'm about to download it. I'm using iPad mini with retina. I'll edit in a few.

      • Zerol3onheart

        I don't know how to edit a post on the app, so forgive my idiot.

        The controls, like someone said below aren't the best, but it's playable. I'm happy it looks so good. I was a burned by my other favorite fighting game, MvC 2, which looked like a pixelated mess. I've been having fun with it and when a good iPad mini controller comes out, it'll be worth the $4 easily.

        I hope that's helpful!

  • Blodia

    Lucky Glauber is back and blacker than ever! Go US Sports Team!

  • doublezz

    ok I purchased this game and played a few rounds.

    Overall the menu and control seems better than KOF97, but they reduce the screen size with big margin in the left and right. Why you doing this? Otherwise this game is pretty solid.

  • Irvin

    Not as good as KOFi 2012, They haven't tweak the controls enough to make it viable on a touch screen.

    It's playable don't get me wrong, but not a joy to play like in KOFi were, where combos can be done smoothly and the control is second nature.

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