saleThere's nothing better than getting some great games for a great price. In the world of iOS, sales are a common thing, and it almost feels pointless trying to highlight all the deals that happen on a daily basis. Pretty much everything goes on sale at some point. iOS games are generally cheap anyway, but if you're a thrifty shopper then simply having some patience can save you a little scratch.

With that said, there's some pretty good sales going on for some high profile games right now, so we've gone ahead and compiled a little list in case any of these sales weren't on your radar. As with everything to do with the App Store, prices can change on a dime, so if you see a sale that strikes your fancy you'll want to act quickly as the sale could end before you know it.

  • ImJPaul

    Cool clash was so cool. Just not cool enough to keep on my device. I think there is only 4 fighters? I don't remember but it's a great game....if only it had more.

    • Lemmonz

      At least it lived up to its name.

      • lenamshields

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  • Fangbone

    Frozen Synapse it is!

  • Edwin Ramirez

    Wow, Frozen synapse costs 10 dollars? Way too much for a game that boring. At least I got it in a humble bundle.
    Same with Star Command. So much promise, so little delivered

    • Eseres

      There is a reason why something is on sale, you know 😀 Namely too little or no sales at all 😛 The way I see it, is that stuff that doesn't seem to sell good enough always end up on sale. Its obviously better to earn close to nothing on something, than not earning anything at all. When was the last time you saw something popular being on sale at a very low cost? Imagine how cheap a Xbox One or a PS4 would be if nobody bought them?

      • Anotherkellydown

        I wish the XBOX One was unpopular and I could snag one for a hundred bucks.

      • Anotherkellydown

        Back on subject, I'd grab Stealth Inc. for .99 while you can...

  • Lemmonz


    • the_rebel14

      Achieve your destiny!

  • FrehleyzComet

    I'll pass. Nothing of interest here for me.

    • Brown Cow

      Thanks for the update. We've all been wondering what your decision was gonna be.

  • DiMarco

    Grabbed frozen synapse and played a few skirmish and one mission. Seems like a pretty good one. Cyberpunk fans and xcom like strategy lovers should get it! And it has online!

  • Foghorn Irrascible

    You'd have to pay me to waste any more of my valuable time with Star Command, what a load of crap that was when it came out. I think this place gave it a glowing review as well, but of course they did.

    • nini

      Didn't think much more of The Spatials which was just am empty slow grindfest.

  • moon_frogger

    Star command can suck it. Those Devs promised tons of updates when the game launched barebones and they have done little to nothing to fufill their promises. Not even worth 90 cents

  • Glorkbot

    Is the Star Command sale over already?

  • Jak Constantine

    Dungelot not free yet or is it over?