Panic Art Studios' Hero Siege [$2.99] is a frantic dual-stick shooter that released late last year. That initial version was fun, but certainly rough around the edges. Panic Art worked diligently to iron out its issues with many updates over the course of the last six months or so, and what we ended up with was a dual-stick shooter that we enjoyed very much, but felt that there was "tons of potential for Hero Siege to be more than what it is." Well, according to a post from Panic Art in our forums, some of that potential will be realized with a beefy update heading to the game adding tons of new stuff, chief among them cross-platform multiplayer. Here's a recent trailer dishing out all the details of the new update.

Hero Siege is currently available on Steam and PlayStation Network in addition to iOS and Android, and once the update hits, the online multiplayer will work cross-platform between all versions. The update is dubbed Karp of Doom and should be available in the Steam version of the game later this week, with mobile and PSN getting the update sometime in the near future. Also, some of the performance issues that have plagued the game since its release as a result of being made in the Game Maker Studio software have been fixed up, so it should be an even more solid release once the update hits. When we get word on when Karp of Doom will be hitting the iOS version of Hero Siege, we'll let you know.

  • RamazUltra

    YES YES YES. one of the most under rated game on Ouch Arcade getting a 3.5/5.... When imo it deserves a 5/5. The game is just freaking epic and addicting!

    • Lisa R. Johnson

      All sorts of crashes that make it unplayable. Such a great game and great concept all spoiled by greed and the fact that the devs bit off more than they could chew.

      • lenamshields

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  • ImJPaul

    I'm with the guy above. Easily a 5/5. Such a great game. Can't wait for this!!! Woo!

  • Luciano1084

    Are the IAPs a must?

    • Stormourner

      yup!! XD

      • Luciano1084


      • Stormourner

        of course you don't need to use them as long as they're optional

      • Luciano1084

        Yeah but if I'm at a complete disadvantage that would suck obviously

      • Stormourner

        nah!! just enjoy the game and ignore the IAPs

      • Luciano1084

        You had me at "nah" 😉

  • Zeillusion

    I agree, a 5/5. I played this game countless hours when it first came out.

    • Luciano1084

      Your thoughts on the IAPs.. Are they necessary to be competitive?

      • Exact-Psience

        No they're not. Best IAP choices to get are the character unlocks. Permanent purchases that you can restore. 😉

      • Luciano1084

        I love you

  • Durduhdur

    This game is pretty awesome. I put many hours into it. It's sad though how incredibly greedy this dev is. The IAP's are terrible.(nickel and dime you for every character) Not to mention this game has been littered with bugs from day one and still is. All sorts of crashes that make it unplayable. Such a great game and great concept all spoiled by greed and the fact that the devs bit off more than they could chew.

  • Rawk GWJ

    I loved this game until it became unplayable due to bugs. Maybe I'll try again when it gets this update. I'm not excited about all my progress being lost though.

  • Ultima12

    That's awesome. I'm liking the fact that this cross platform stuff seems to be happening more and more often. Albion Online will really be interesting when it drops!!

  • Design by Adrian

    It costs money AND has IAPs? That would be OK if you paid for more acts...

  • diegohostettler

    Agree this s a 5/5 game. Played it for hours and hours;)

  • Luciano1084

    Multiplayer update can't get here soon enough