Google's internal Niantic Labs team has been working on a game called Ingress [Free] for a while now, but it's been an Android-only affair for almost two years. Well, after many players on the dark side have tested the game and fleshed out its world, iOS players can at last give this geolocation-focused game a shot. But to do so, you may have to venture in that scary place with the really bright thing in the sky: outside. Like, in the real world.

Ingress 4 Ingress 2

The game is about exploring the real world, traveling to landmarks, and capturing them for the faction you'e chosen at the start of the game. You can hack them to get items, and attack enemy portals to try and strengthen your faction. The game works on iPads as well as iPhones, but you'll need a cellular one or be tethered to a hotspot in order to play.

Ingress 3Ingress 1

iOS players are of course, jumping into a game that's been established for almost two years now, so if you live in an urban area, or just a place where filthy Android users are around you, then there should already be plenty of portals to attack. It solves the big problem of location-based games: having no one around to play. Thankfully, there's an established community of users to chat with and play against. Just have to go outside to do so. At least the game's free – and with no in-app purchases, either.

  • RamazUltra

    Sounds sick AF

    • Lisa R. Johnson

      Oh, that's right, you don't test, you let the public do that for you... and then don't even bother reading bug reports.

      • lenamshields

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  • Nekku

    Oh well, the house where I live in is a portal. >.>

  • Mess

    Always wanted to try this game. I have a feeling I won't have any portals near me though!

    • NukesKnight

      I thought that too, but I gave it a shot and I have a portal about a half mile away.

      • rewind

        My Church is a portal. Lol 😀

  • nicoper

    Sounds like Turf, with power-ups and abilities and whatnot, will probably try it

  • vid_icarus

    I got way into shadow cities so I was jazzed to hear this was coming out on iOS. Super happy it's finally here! From what I have played the GPS mechanic in this works much better than in SC. Go Enlightened Achitects!

  • poohzombie

    Yes!! I've been waiting for this!

  • rewind

    This is a very cool game. My two favorite things are the real world and video games. Ingress brings both of these together in a very interesting way. There's a ton of XM around my house, and portals at my church and a water tower, so I've got a lot in my area. I'm stoked!

  • surirav

    And i vet this run better on ios than android devices like always.

    • Design by Adrian

      It doesn't. It's incredibly laggy and buggy.

    • Pyroknight

      What? It's been out on android for way longer, how would it possibly run better on iOS?

      • surirav

        Ios is allways smoother than android that is for sure.

  • ErikVeland

    Needs a G+ account. Non-starter.

    • Wizard of Odyssey

      Only if you don't like fun. What's to stop you from making a dummy account?

    • bloodapthy

      You don't need a g+ account. That's optional I though

    • rewind

      Just a regular google account. But still, that'll stop a lot of people from playing.

      • nicoper

        What you call "regular" Google account is a G+ account, Google decided that it seems like a great idea to transform every account to a master account for all services, including G+, even though its optional to use G+ everyone with a Google account has G+

  • surirav

    Looks like watch dogs

    • bloodapthy

      Only in the real world where the graphics are much better lol.

  • Dubdubdubdub


  • Design by Adrian

    It's impossible to get anywhere with all Android users levelling up the portals... Also it has an incredible lag... nothing happens when I try to attack a portal, and I also found a stash of keys, picked them up, but still don't own them...

    • bloodapthy

      It is a steep learning curve. Took me a couple of weeks and some friendly players to get my head around it on the dark side. So glad it's out on iOS

  • fredfnord

    Don't be too happy. Just like all of Google's iOS apps that don't directly make them money, this will be neglected and work poorly and lack functional parity with their Android version. Like Google Maps until Apple forced their hand. Like Google Wallet. Like Google Voice.

    I have already crashed Ingress once. Good job testing, guys. Oh, that's right, you don't test, you let the public do that for you... and then don't even bother reading bug reports.

  • Goggles789

    When I saw "your location will be collected and shared with other players" I deleted the app. That sounds like it would invite all sorts of trouble.

    • jamesgecko

      Yep, when you claim a portal, other people can see that you claimed it and move in to assist with or attack the portal. Your actual real time location isn't shared, though.

      • Design by Adrian

        Google does, however, use the Ingress data to i enhance Google Maps.

    • nicoper

      I just thought something like "Gah, what the heck, Google already knows where most people are from their ip adresses and whatnot so this wont really matter"

  • Emile'sGhost

    Always amazed at how vast the stupidity of Apple fanboys really is.