Yesterday while going through my email I got a note about the new Leo's Fortune [$4.99] trailer, and kind of wrote it off. I mean, we've covered the game extensively between preview and review coverage, and there's not a whole else left to say about it other than it's good and you should download it. Well, for whatever reason I found myself on the YouTube most watched videos on my Apple TV last night, and look what I found:

The new Leo's Fortune Rube Goldberg machine trailer is absolutely blowing up on YouTube. It's already over 350,000 views in a little over two days, which is pretty much unheard of for a game trailer. I've got no idea how they're doing or, or what kind of black majiks they're using, but, hey, whatever.

And, I'll give it to 'em, it is a pretty damn cool trailer.

  • melocoman

    Rube Goldberg machines are always popular

  • oscar123967

    Probably the most creative trailer I've seen

    • zazzer

      Thanks for speaking highly!

    • genevajjones

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  • spader623

    If I hadn't already gotten it, this Definitely would have tempted me. It's clear they spent some time on it, and it just looks so cool. I loved the way that when Leo got coins, they fell and it just worked. It's an awesome trailer.

    • zazzer

      68 takes over 15 hours of filming to get this right - not including the time it took to build the set

  • Wizard_Mike

    I must say, that trailer has me wanting to get the game now.

    • DuckyShot

      Leo's mustache is a pretty good reason too.

      • zazzer

        The gameplay isn't too shabby, either

      • Spencer

        Come for the mustache, stay for the gameplay 🙂

      • Spencer

        Come for the mustache , stay for the gameplay : )

    • CooleTeeps

      Me too. I've been avoiding this game since it came out and thought it was overrated but the trailer (especially the end with the brief gameplay) makes me want to buy it.

  • iAjent

    Brilliant trailer. Truly creative.

    • zazzer

      We had a lot of fun bringing Leo to life.

  • mzinn

    The game was fantastic. I loved it. Awesome trailer as well.

    • zazzer

      Thanks for the kind words

  • DuckyShot

    When I saw this on the "Popular" page I thought I was actually on the Gaming section. This is awesome, not just as an ad but as a video in general. But why is there like 160 dislikes?

    • zazzer

      We're wondering the same :-/

    • Wizard_Mike

      There are always those who respond negatively to stuff. Some are just cranky, some are just going against the crowd, some just think it's amusing, etc. The more popular something is, the more of those negative nellies come out to play.

      • Goggles789

        It's simple. Not everyone has to like everything that comes out.

      • Jake7905

        Even if the trailer isn't to your particular tastes, you have to give them an A for effort.

      • Wizard_Mike

        True, not everyone has to like everything that comes out. But there is a difference between not liking something and moving on to something else versus clicking that thumbs down button.

        It used to be that kids were taught, "If you don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything at all." If a bunch of people were standing around applauding a juggler or something and someone who wasn't impressed walked by, he wouldn't walk into the group and say so. He would simply continue on with his day.

        Apply that analogy to down-voting a popular youtube video. What makes it an different? The anonymity? If the people who dislike the Leo's Fortune trailer saw the contraption setup in public, would they go over and let those who were running it know their dislike?

        Just some food for thought. Simply saying, "not everyone likes everything," doesn't fully explain why people down-vote popular videos.

      • Goggles789

        Yep! Ease of use!

    • Pray For Death

      The fact that it's a mobile game will automatically attract a bunch of dislikes from 'real gamers'

  • metalcasket

    Yep, easily the coolest video game trailer since that Tiny Wings 2.0 update trailer.

    • zazzer

      Thanks! That was a really neat one, too.

  • Infinity89

    You guys totally nailed it!

  • EvilAbdy

    yeah that was awesome

  • sakara214ever

    Truly anazing trailer. Really well done!!!!

  • PaleTunaPls

    I love this trailer, and the game. It's just so beautifull and the gameplay is awesome.

  • ImJPaul

    This is a wonderful way to bring your video game back to relevancy. This is clever because you also don't have to demean it by putting it on sale. Very cool!

    • thiagovscoelho

      Now, do you lose more money making this or putting it on sale?

  • rich_952000

    Leo's Fortune is a very worthy game, in and of itself, to warrant the five bucks I spent on it. Hopefully 1337+Senri can manage to port this game up to other devices and systems. I would love to play this beautifully designed game on my WiiU.

    To the above poster who said they'd avoided the game because they thought it was a bunch of hype: the game actually didn't receive quite the amount of hype that it deserves. This is, IMO the pinnacle of where visuals and gameplay should be on iOS. Kudos to the devs on any and all success thus far achieved and all future "Fortunes" as well 😉


  • curtneedsaride

    Man, I would've loved to film that.

    • loophole

      I bet it was infuriating trying to get everything perfect. That cinematographer is amazing! This trailer makes me want the game now

  • Goggles789

    That was pretty boring for a trailer, but ridiculous in terms of basic engineering and physics.

  • Jake7905

    If you found the physics and engineering to be "ridiculous", then the trailer couldn't have been that boring.

  • Luciano1084

    Awesome trailer

  • Spencer

    Leo's Fortune is one of the best platform games I've played on any platform and I'm glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves. BTW, Have you considered a Mac/PC port? I'd love to see those beautiful graphics on a bigger screen.

  • GetFiquette

    Wow, wish we had one of them 🙁
    Awesome trailer!!!!

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