Now that the Flappy phenomenon is (mostly) behind us, we can get back to looking at games like this and being like "Oh hey, that looks like a neat cave flyer!" right? Well, whatever, that's exactly what I said when I saw this trailer:

It's from Laser Dog, the creators of PUK [$0.99], another arcade action game, and is due to be released next month. I dig the simple art style, and always seem to have fun paying fast cave flyers like this, even though they can be one trick ponies.

  • nadav bar kama

    Cave flyer? You meant to say a well done fast pace mix of flappy bird and badland, witch is a good thing! Both are cool games, and this seams to be great casual fun in itself! Im probably not ALONE waiting for this one ...

  • Rennerd

    I love how fast it is, flappy bird was much too slow.

  • TouchMint

    Yea looks pretty cool. I like the visuals and the music for sure.

  • Pray For Death

    It has a strong Canabalt vibe, and that's a great thing

  • raquelsegal

    I tried this one in beta test, and it's really cool!! Pretty hard too.

  • Anotherkellydown

    Evil Catbug

  • Rick Payne

    I've had a play of this at a few Indie game dev events. Very much a 'Just one more try' game. Super fast and responsive.