I'm not sure quite yet why a bunch of great games have gone on sale at once, but who am I to complain. Another highlight of this mad sale is Monument Valley [$3.99] from ustwo, their Escher-inspired puzzle game full of twisty-turny worlds.

This is yet another 2014 Apple Design Award winner that has gone on sale, and it's clear to see why it won: the game is absolutely gorgeous in motion, and pretty much demands a Retina iPad to appreciate properly. The game is a bit on the short side, but for $1.99, that complaint falls on deaf ears.

Thankfully, unlike some of the other Apple Design Award winners and other games that have gone on sale, Monument Valley is a bit harder to clone. Back to Bed looks cool, but also seems to be quite different beyond the shared MC Escher influence. Actually, I'd be curious to see what the 2048 of Monument Valley would be like. I don't recommend cloning, but just functionally...I'd be curious to see someone try.

Monument Valley 1 Monument Valley 2
Along with the Threes [$2.99] sale, this is another game that should be bought right now if you haven't done so yet.

  • speedyph


    • Chq

      I still wait for 89ct pricedrop.

      • dancj

        Insert "tight-ass" comment here.

  • chimSIMA

    UUUUUPPPPDATE Is around the corner

  • http://exlibris.aldr.in/ aldrin

    It's probably in celebration of the App Store's sixth anniversary, which is tomorrow.

  • StealthDawg

    I'm gonna wait for a price increase

  • galaxy124

    I wait when it's free.

    • spokentruths772

      Well I why don't you support the developer instead? I mean the game is worth alot more than the original price a dollar won't hurt you

      • nini

        True but it's remarkably easy to troll gamers who'll argue consistently to charge ever higher prices for their fun even if their buck goes further now than it has ever done since the days of the coin-ops. Console gaming made $40-60 for one game the norm, I think some gamers miss that level of devotion in mobile gaming.

    • somedumbgamer

      This comment reminds me of a duche

      • somedumbgamer

        The free comment, that is