The iOS MMORPG market is mostly dominated by Gameloft's Order & Chaos [Free] and a few other titles that all have varying degrees of World of Warcraft-y-ness. Well, a new game popped up on our radar called Dawn of the Immortals by Perfect World Entertainment that is currently soft launched in Mexico and looks pretty sweet. Like most MMO's, it's hard to really judge the game until it goes live and gets an active playerbase, but, it's showing promise so far.

A few people with Mexican iTunes accounts are posting in our forums about the game, oscar123967 offering some great first impressions. It's free to play, with gems as the IAP currency which in his opinion seems to be more of a pay to progress quicker system rather than pay to win. He's enjoying the bosses, and mentions that there's a good amount of dungeons to crawl through. Additionally, if you don't have a party to play with, the game will pair you up with some AI bots to make it through dungeons.

He also mentions the world isn't as immersive as Order & Chaos, and the quest lines are quite linear... But, it seems far friendlier on the battery. Either way, the feature list seems neat, particularly when it comes to the pet system with "evolutions and skill customization." I'll certainly give it a shot whenever the soft launch period is over and it goes worldwide.

If you've got a Mexican iTunes account, you can check it out now with the link below.

Mexican iTunes Link: Dawn of the Immortals, Free

  • PresidentZer0

    Since when was wow top down?

  • TrencH

    It looks pretty good. It does have that WoW feel with the weapons and loot. Actually reminded me of both Diablo and WoW.

    Thanks for showing us this game and bringing it to our attention. I am putting it on my watch list. =]

  • makitango

    So Mexico is now the new NZ!

  • Ultima12

    Awesome! I'm in need of a new mmo. Albion Online is too far away yet.

  • TouchMint

    Is there world pvp?

    • oscar123967

      There are battleground type events. Haven't been able to test it due to the low player count though. As for open world PvP, I haven't been able to find a location with that yet.

  • oscar123967

    Ooo I am some what special >:0

  • DefineTheLine

    It looks bad to me

    • YugiEmo

      same here!