It's a big day for gorgeous games gone cheap. One person points out that today's the 6th birthday of the App Store, so until a feature goes live, it's as good a reason to have a sale as any. There's a few real standouts that have gone sale which we've written about, including Threes [$2.99], Monument Valley [$3.99], and Blek [$2.99]. They're not the only games on sale today, though – there's a bunch of other great titles that are cheap as well. Here's a list of ones that are especially of note among recent sales:

That's a solid list of games to pick up for cheap as dirt. So refill that iTunes account and get to it. Let us know in the comments what you're buying.

  • Holcman

    Some great games on sale!

  • oscar123967

    They're really emphasizing on premium

  • Jerutix

    Picked up The Room 2, Tengami, and Blek. Already had 5 of the other ones, or I'd have bought them as well!

  • dancj

    Grabbed The Room Two and Tengami. I already have Threes.

    Slightly annoyed that I accidentally broke my principled stand against games that are at the $1/£1 tier that punishes non-Americans with The Room Two. That's what I get for trusting AppShopper and then not paying attention to the actual price in the App Store.

    • dancj

      Oops. I lie. I got Kiwanuka not Tengami

  • nini

    And just before new release night too... I don't really like money that much anyway.

  • clompah

    Wait July 10s the app stores birthday? That's my birthday also.

    • the_rebel14

      Happy birthday!

      • clompah

        Thank you. No one in my family remembers it. I haven't had a birthday present in two years...

      • spokentruths772

        Awww I know how you feel! It sucks But it'll get better with your family have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY go crazy eat tons of cake have lots of fun but be SAFE have a good one!

      • spokentruths772

        Not too crazy tho

  • Stormourner

    resident evil 4's merchant: got some rare apps on sale, strangers

  • the_rebel14

    Also for July 10th: Minecraft PE update 0.9.0.

    • codemonkey85

      Any idea when it's supposed to go live?

      • the_rebel14

        It's out now in the US. 😛

  • Gamer1st

    Does it mean I have a gaming problem?
    I have every one of these already.
    I think it might.

  • skatter

    Love the article, but I'd love not getting a notification about it every five minutes!

    • Eli Hodapp

      If our app is giving you push notifications every five minutes you should email and we can figure out what's going wrong.

      • wolfgirl

        I think it happened to others like me too! it's just for this particular article.

  • Arcite

    Bought Out There, nice one!

  • Adams Immersive

    For fans The Room (which should be played first to begin the somewhat limited story), The Room Two is bigger and better--a really nice title, not just more of the same. Probably the best-looking graphics I've seen on iOS, too.

    • Jacob Gehman

      Agreed. I love both games. Well worth the money.

  • DiMarco

    Just picked up out there and room 2. Can't wait to take them for a spin. Would have gotten tengami but it seems like a short adventure.

  • Setlist


    I just grabbed every game on this list I didn't already have, and did the same for the 9 app series of game book adventures when toucharcade posted news of their the 67% offsales sale.

    Toucharcade has saved me over $30 this week alone!