Three Legged Egg's Sky Tourist [$1.99] is getting a sequel this Thursday, July 10th, with Sky Tourist: Blitz Trip, a followup that will bring 60 more levels of physics-baced ascent to mobile. The game will seemingly feature similar gameplay as the original, where players move the protagonist Petey on a rope between two rockets, dragging each one up and down to help move him around and to avoid obstacles. The developers are claiming to have taken feedback from the original to heart, claiming that they have "created new levels to best fit the mobile platform," though the original was a mobile-exclusive as well. But hey, if it means a better game – and there's a smaller level count, only 60 this time instead of 75 – then I'm all for it.

This announcement does come as a bit of a surprise as back in March, they announced Badass Trial and said that was coming soon, but there's been no word of that since, and this game has suddenly popped up. The original game was reviewed well, but will this have enough differentiation to stay fresh? And will there be less kicking of friendly natives in the head? We'll find out soon.

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    Cool, alot of new games and updates Thursday