If you read the headline, that's the story. There's no more details right now about the sequel to Reckless Racing [$0.99] and Reckless Racing 2 [$1.99], but it's still rad knowing there's another sequel coming. There's also this work in progress image, which is missing a lot of textures:


The Reckless Racing series is filled with a pair of really run top-down racers and the pseudo-spinoff Wreckless Getaway [$0.99]. We gave Reckless Racing 2 five stars in our review, so the third seems worth getting excited for.

  • Jacob007

    I want a Reckless Getaway 2. That game was fun as hell.

    • workingman

      I agree

    • rogel5

      I don't agree. That game still is fun as hell!

  • CookingPie

    Gosh a game I might actually buy on release, if its 3 dollars or less.
    Oh gosh - I hope it's not free to pay. That would spoil the fun!

  • jar0d