The creators of Bike Baron [$1.99 / Free] Qwiboo Games are finally following up their hit motorbike trials game with a brand new title making its way to iOS this Thursday, July 10th: Beyond Gravity. And just like Bike Baron, it looks gorgeous.

Beyond Gravity 1

This is a procedurally-generated platformer where players control a space explorer who must jump off of rotating planets to get as far as possible through space. Off the cuff, it sounds like Space Chicks and other games that have used such planet rotation, but this one features a double-jump ability, which goes a long way to alleviate the way-too-precise gameplay others provide. As well, there's an upgrade system to jump faster, collect pickups, and even triple-jump. Oh, and assuming the plan is the same as the Android version, there will be no in-app purchases. Gotta earn your way to space glory.

Beyond Gravity 2

The game will be out on iOS on Thursday, but it brings me great pleasure as someone who owns an inconveniently-large Android phone to point out that the game's been out on Android for a few weeks now, making this quite the reversal of fortune for you iOS gamers! But yeah, I can't wait to play this one on my iPad too.

  • octopus


  • Vicente Ragal

    The question is, where's is Bike Baron 2?

  • JCho133

    Damn you Android users!

  • agaetis

    Don't we already have enough of these type of games? Why not a more fleshed out bike baron? Why a rip off? Gah.. Another good iOS dev down the drain.

    • JCho133

      Seriously? Down the drain? That's ridiculous, this game looks fantastic. You realize there's a load of games like Bike Baron, right?

      This game is looking to be the most fleshed out of it's kind.

  • eriihine

    Isn't Bike Baron made by company called Mountainsheep or did they change their name?

  • 61050

    anyone remember mr. ninja? cause this looks a lot like mr. ninja...

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  • Matthew White

    another one of these games, greaaat. Looks like a cop out. Thanks for the shovelware.